Comments for Potato Head Brand Goes Gender Neutral, ‘Toy Story’ Does Not

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Credit: Pixar (left) Hasbro (right)


  1. Andre D

    I love the change and love that there is a potato family set where kids can build a potato family that represents them. Here’s hoping they will create additional parts to represent different cultures.

    1. Rroe

      Yes, now your little girl can become a little boy and vice versa. Enjoy more of the Cancel Culture I’m sure they’ll ruin some more.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Why are you trying to cancel Potato Head?

  2. James

    So they rebrand the toy by dropping “Mr. & Mrs.” but at the bottom of the box they are identified as “Mr. or Mrs.” To their credit though, it looks like the same-sex Potato Head couple have adopted a sweet potato. Sorry Hasbro, you have to go all the way on this rebranding.

    1. I have to hand it to the potato head manufacturers. This is the 1st company that has got it right. You are keeping the traditional, yet expanding to a life choice style. Which will allow adults to bring up their child the way they see fit instead of the government or influencers telling them how to. I wish more organisations would do this instead of just counselling out the traditional gender styles.

  3. Leah


  4. Gencha

    Can’t fix STUPID. Indeed this is stupid.

  5. Jamie

    Completely nuts. Maybe they should’ve just put the face pieces on the the opposite sex. There is only 2 genders. Hasbro has 2 strikes against them now. Good luck selling the China made cancel culture crap

  6. CarolineRN

    Absurd. Why change what’s been around and loved for a “zillion” years?
    You can make whatever Potato head you want with all the extra lips ha ha noses, eyebrows etc.
    no need to even go there with some new form.
    I guess any publicity is good publicity.

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