Comments for Quick Pluto Saves Child in Cavalcade

pluto with child

Credit: Disneyland Resort


  1. Judi

    Good boy, Pluto!

  2. Tyler

    WoW, great job Pluto!

  3. Nancy

    Dogs are mans best friend.

  4. Great job by a one of the Fab Five! Kudos to Pluto. In addition, we always had a plan if the children became separated from us. Our first stop was the Baby Care Center and our kids were told to find a Cast Member and we would go there too. It never happened but we had a plan!

  5. Mimi Hobbs

    We love Pluto. He is definitely the BEST dog friend anyone could every have! Years ago my daughter and I were eating at Chef Mickey’s with my first grandson (10 months old). He was a very special baby – battling cancer since 4 months old – beautiful bald head and all. Always happy and always smiling. From the moment we met Pluto he (Pluto) took the baby from us and made him “his” for the entire evening. My grandson had the the best time as did we! Beautiful, fun, special memories from that evening. THANK YOU Pluto for always being there for the kids! We love you.

    1. Tonya

      Awesome story, Mimi. Thank you for sharing.

  6. charles lam

    More Disney Magic. Thanks Pluto!

  7. Michael

    “A quick kid slipped off the curb and into the cavalcade?” At about 8 feet away? It sounds more like a mommy was now doing her job. Kids do not slip 8 feet! Sorry.

    1. Jason

      Thank you…I noticed that too “slipped off the curb” and all of a sudden was in a life threatening position…

  8. SingleMaltScotch

    Looks like the “parent” has a cell phone in their hand. I know if my kid was running into traffic, I’d be dropping my phone to have both hands free. Makes you wonder what the “parent” was doing before the incident took place, hmm?

    Anyway, good on the Cast Member!

    1. Jennifer

      One of our kids was like that. He’d be sitting still, you’d be taking a picture with all 3 kids and he’d be gone. He could unbuckle a stroller, wriggle from a leash. At home, at disney, in the mountains, at walmart, we were always a step behind. We were always watching but you would have had to read his mind

  9. Kurt Lohmann

    Thank you ,Great job Pluto

  10. Terri Davis

    I think pluto did a fantastic job on saving the child from a disaster.

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