Comments for Disney’s Missed Opportunity: Pizza Planet in Toy Story Land

pizza planet

Credit: Disney/Pixar


  1. KenG

    Yes! What a great idea. I guess it would be similar to the one in Tomorrowland at Disneyland (with better pizza I would hope!), but the idea of having it as a toy set would be fun.

    1. Linda Smith

      I wish they had a pizza planet similar to the one that was across from Muffet-vision 3D.

  2. They had a Pizza Planet; it is now called Pizza Rizzo. It was there before Toy Story Land. Buzz Lightyear’s box was in the courtyard in front of Pizza Planet. Pizza Planet closed at 4pm, was a big disappointment to my kids. Had to eat at Backlot Express back in the day, Spring 2001. Pizza Rizzo is okay. Not worth $10. Panera Bread is better.

  3. chris

    I am so glad they didn’t, the park pizzas are terrible, honestly the only pizzas that are worse is Chuck E Cheese pizza.

  4. Gordo

    Doesn’t sound like a good idea. A toy… thats a restaurant? And a kid would want that? No. There isnt a toy out there based on a restaurant in our reality.

  5. diamondxp

    It is a huge missed opportunity everybody loves Pizza planet just the fact that the merchandising sales would be through the roof on top of that I think it would be the hottest ticket for lunch and Hollywood studios. Just for the fact that they can step into a fictional location that they’ve only seen in the movie. I don’t understand the fascination with Pizza planet but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If I was involved in the imagining team for this park I would definitely put this on the table because sales would boom. I would also add some kind of shaded structures in this area because there is nowhere to hide from the sun and the umbrellas do not cover enough and provide enough protection.

  6. Nick

    There was a Pizza Planet at DHS, it sucked, so it closed. Then there was Pizza Rizzo, it sucked so it closed. It was brought back and, although better than it had been, is still not good.
    The only way a pizza restaurant in TSL, or anywhere in DHS, or in WDW, is a good idea is if they sold decent pizza.It’ll never be successful otherwise. Period.

  7. Cary San

    Remodel the only pizza planet left. The one at disneyland should be an arcade with pizza sold. Just like the movie. The only good pizza at disneyland is in toontown where they sell individual pizzas. Sell only those. That’s the only thing toddler would eat there when park was opened.

  8. Craig redzensky

    Every time I take my family to Hollywood studios we think the same thing!?! Why isn’t there a pizza planet with all the fun games inside while you wait for a table?!? What a missed opportunity my family thinks

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