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  1. Ann

    I started watching because of the child

    Most of my friends get together to talk about him I probably will lose interest without him

    1. James

      Yeah whenever I see articles about leaving baby yoda behind, it sounds stupid. It sounds like trying to justify an imaginary plot line that no one woulda ever wanted to see before the finale that put the option on the table.

      I liked the finale! But it never crossed my mind that baby yoda was out of the picture.

      And Mando always had him on the sidelines, not just in S2. There was nothing wrong with that, it played fine.

    2. Carmine Crincoli


  2. Ed

    I doubt that would happen. He and mando should always be the main character sof this series. Not anyone else if disney is smart. If they do they are stupid and their show would crumble in ratings. Make other shows if you want but mando and grogu are the main characters here.

  3. Janet Kaemmerling

    I think John Favreau should continue to solve the problem of Mando finding a new ship; and solving the dilemma, whether through combat or Creed, of what to do with the Dark Saber. There is going to be some kind of inevitable clash with Bo-Kataan over the Dark Saber, so that should be explored. Also, what are they going to do with Moff Gideon? Cara Dune said he’s wanted by the New Republic, so will Mando help her deliver the Moff to them? There’s a lot more character development of Mando needed, and we’ve already seen him start to bend a little in following his Creed mandate of not showing his face, so the question to explore is, will he remain a bounty hunter, or”aspire to a higher purpose”, that is, either rebuilding Mandalore, or helping Bo-Kataan rebuild Mandalore? Mundane as it may sound, even if he pursued this, there are still a lot of obstacles he has to confront and decisions to be made, and his actions could greatly influence the outcomes of Cara Dune, Greef Karga, Bo-Kataan, and even Mandalore, which could add to the story arcs.


    OMG I LOVE THE SHOW I LOVE THE CHILD BUT it was sad when the child had to go i cry

    1. Jean K

      The Mandalorian seemed to have lived a very austere and lonely life. From what we saw of it, he had no friends, no family(only memories of his family) and only work. Having Grogu with him seemed to bring him more into the mainstream of life. Because of Grogu he met and made friends and his life did not seem so lonely.
      If Grogu is removed entirely and the show becomes a shooting action show, it seems as if will have lost much of what made it interesting.

  5. Betty Morse

    No Grogu/ AKA Baby Yoda, much less interest… we all fell in love with “The Child”, we talk about him, we collect him… he is the glue that holds the show together.

  6. Darren

    Grogu is a merchandise machine. I would see him getting his own show if he is off the mandlorian.

  7. Becky

    I too started watching because of the child… its the only thing I watch on Disney +.. so if he doesn’t come back Disney can forget me subscribing anymore

  8. Judy

    I see alot of ratings going down. Grogu is the star of the show. Without him I lose interest in the show, along with alot of other people. BIG mistake removing him from the series.

  9. Ren

    We started watching it purely because of baby yoda. The show is actually dry without the thought of the child. It would be a shame if the change the series to be independent of the child. It would be better to do a spin off if they want to change the series.

  10. Ren

    This is just sad. Baby yoda is what makes this series thrive. If they don’t like the child they should do a spin off.

  11. Jeannie Atkinson

    If there is no Grogu, I literally will cancel me Disney + channel. There won’t be a decent Mando with no Grogu

  12. Jeannie

    No Grogu no Disnry+

  13. I subscribed Disney+ only for the Mandalorian
    I am a big fan of Mando and surely Grogu
    Pedro Pascal who is a great actor, brings warmth to his character even if he looks as a man of steel
    If Grogu dissappears from the Mandalorian, I cancel my subscription

  14. Steve

    Cent believe everyone is crying because of Grogu potentially not being on the show for a while. The show is called THE MANDALORIAN, not The Baby Yoda Show. I watch the show because of the Mandalorian, I like Din, it’s sad that everyone here only cares for Grogu & cent see how great the show truly is. Season 3 will be epic even without Grogu, Din will be able to focus on saving Mandalore & being a feared bounty hunter again. Open up your eyes & your minds & just enjoy the show, this is Star Wars at some of its best.

  15. William Reid

    Only Kathleen Kennedy would think this makes sense. News flash, we want force users. Otherwise its Firefly. Force users are what the entire SW universe is built upon. Being back Grogu!!!!! Oh, and more Luke please.

  16. Vicki Agnew

    I will lose interest without Groju also! I will cancel my subscription for Disney + without seeing baby Yoda in season3….please put him in season 3 and future!!!! Please!!!!! He makes the show!!!!

  17. SG

    I think we can trust that Disney, an expert in story telling, will continue to captivate us. I look forward to see new story lines and fantastic cameos.

  18. RoJack

    It would be easy enough to weave the Grogu/Luke arc into the show and have everyone meet up towards the end when Grogu has some Jedi skills to help in a key battle. He doesn’t have to travel with Din all the time to be involved in the show. He won’t be off the show, he is a merch magnet for Disney and a joy to watch

  19. Christina M. Lewis

    Wow!!! Grogu is my favorite character. He is what got me into this Star Wars Universe. I don’t know! The Mandalorian without Grogu (baby Yoda) is like Laurel without Hardy, or Lucy without Ricky!! I will try, but I it will not be the same!!!

  20. Kay

    I would like to see Din on his own for most of the season. There are some very interesting & complicated situations to be developed & solved. I would love to see the episodes expanded to an hour. In this way, plots & characters could be developed better. The Ahsoka Tano episode with all the action was one of my favorites. Heck, all the action scenes were great, minus the spiders, and would love to see more!! Grogu needs to develop more, learn to talk, curb his childish bouts of anger. Perhaps one episode that jumps back & forth with both characters learning lessons would satisfy.

  21. Rachel

    Well then I may not need to watch it then! Would definitely be a bad move to remove their money maker! I figure they would loose a lot of Disney + subscribers and viewers!

  22. Christine keplinger

    Gogro should definitely Be In The next madalorian
    We Love Grogo

  23. Carmine Crincoli

    Having the adorable little alien Grogu would be a total disappointment for me!

  24. Nate

    There is no way they leave baby yoda out of mando season 3. He needs to come back! He and mando work perfectly together and the show was so good with them two in it! Lucasfilm and the directors better keep mando and grogu together in season 3.

  25. Jessica

    I don’t know much about Star Wars and Luke Skywalker as a character but we do know that Grogu is stubborn and the Jedi mantra against fear and a ger doesn’t sit well with raising a child. Mando would have to be a parent to Grogu when Luke could only be a teacher.

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