Comments for Live Action ‘Lion King’ Causes Kitten to Fall Off TV Cabinet


All images credited to Scott Rezende

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  1. Most kittens adapt their from their human parents and certain family they choose on their own. And of course we loved this one…ancestry??S. I would have loved to have sent the short telephone video of one of our sweeties. I am an avid Wheel of Fortune viewer, Bleu, Lady Bleu, loves it and watches with up close and personal and so much so, she will watch the spin all the way over to stops… her follows it to end and when the camera pulls away she followswatches that too. I cannot figure out to get it out to share with my friends because the camera phone says it’s too long. Well, just saying keep’um coming , cats especially, are more intelligent than we are, which is why I hate to hear using the terminology when we refer to dogs and cats as animals when they more intuned with the universe and beyond than we are. They are our “pets”, we are the “animals”.
    ‘Nuff said,
    Hang in everybody, it’s going to be alright and so our lovable fluff balls.

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