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  1. Raygirl

    I honestly think Johnny was joking. But whether Jack is gay or not, he’s a great character.

    1. Robert

      And as no offense as far as being a female Pirates of the Caribbean no way I don’t think it’s appropriate I don’t think it be Any much better that’s just my opinion

      1. I agree with you Robert

        1. Rodger K Peden

          Like we did not know that all ready!

          1. Ash Smith

            The problem with the possible sixth installment isn’t the female lead, it’s just that the series has run its course. I mean, according to screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, Elizabeth Swann was the main character in the POTC trilogy, and Jerry Bruckheimer also stated that she had the most developed character ark. In short, the series already had a female lead, so another would still be “appropriate” if the story hadn’t run its course. And besides, the new character wouldn’t be a genderbent Captain Jack Sparrow, she would be her own character. NOTE: I know this is a long comment, but if they modeled her after Esmerelda in the Price of Freedom (POTC prequel novel), they would have a fantastic character.

        2. Martha Black

          Yes, indeed…….. Johnhy Depp is INDEED Capt Jack Sparrow AND always shall be. I would NOT watch anyone else portray the character!

        3. cc


      2. Alaynia

        No one can replace johnny depp as jack sparrow. As for being gay, I think sparrow is to drunk and lost in space to be gay lol

    2. Tess

      Who cares if he is or isn’t? He might be may be bi, he might be anything.. does it matter? No one cared before and no one bothered to ask. All this due to amber h.
      I love Capt Jack Sparrow no matter what gender or no gender or lgbq or fluidity.. but it’s no place for it.
      This is Johnny Depp actually being attacked again in a different fashion and it’s wrong. Can’t we just enjoy the movie???
      Thousands of children idolize Capt Jack Sparrow and so therefore I say he’s wonderful. Leave it alone. People just can’t stop looking for a problem

      1. Al

        I agree with you.
        Maybe the mystery is good enough. He will be something diffrent to everyone.. if you go straight you make the LGBT community upset and vice versa

      2. Jennifer l havili


    3. Unless Johnny Depp is in the Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s better not to make the movie. Pirates without Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow CANNOT

  2. Kristofor Steel

    Do not at all take Johnny Depp out of disney if you do you Will lose a lot of money 💰 and lose a lot of Respect as well fans.
    Bring him Back Being him Back Now………

  3. Ray Ruiz

    What a load of s***, Jack Sparrow was never gay. he was constantly trying to get the affection of Elizabeth and any other woman he would get his eyes on. I might be able to see bisexual but nothing in the movie states that so no he’s straight. He’s quit adding today’s b******* to movies just to alter them to today’s sexual preferences I guess. Frankly gives us a f*** about Jack Sparrow’s sexuality. Quit forcing or adding b******* where it doesn’t fit.

    1. Robert

      I totally go along with Ray Ruiz his comment leaves Jack Sparrow’s sexuality out of the whole movie

    2. WM

      I think Disney should definitely bring Johnny back and yeah. Jack Sparrow is gay or bi. So what?

    3. Duke

      The stupidest thing about all this is that if you know ANYTHING about his role of Jack Sparrow then you know that he modeled his behavior after Keith Richards, Depp stated that from day one.

      1. Lucas Brinkmeyer

        And Keith Richards played Captain Jack Sparrow’s father in POTC: At World’s End.

    4. Sheri

      I think Captain Jack Sparrow is fabulous, fun, and well loved AS HE IS and without him, the movies would never have been so successful! I don’t think Disney should be judging him (something none of us should do) for that or the issues between him and Amber Heard. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors and that’s where it should stay. If POTC replaces Johnny, I will NOT go to see it or buy it!!! Better think twice Disney because YOU will be judged!!! What kind of example are you setting?!?

  4. Robert

    Ideas in his actions did look gay but it doesn’t matter his character is great and I wish they’d bring Captain Jack Sparrow back to Disney starring Johnny Depp

    1. JS

      I could care less about his sexuality. Just bring him back.

    2. No Johnny Depp in Pirates? A woman instead? Iwont watch if it’s Not Johnny Depp. He’s a drunk pirate.hes straight or no & that’s ok. Why make it an issue? No female Pirate.i won’t watch. cher k

      1. Ash Smith

        Cher: No female Pirate.
        Elizabeth Swann: Am I a joke to you?

    3. Kelly

      Jack’s first and only love is the sea though

    4. Johnny plays his roles, his way. What he says, is what he says.
      The world of big money & power are the panderers & s*** stirrers.
      Johnny, go back and do something new, creative, fun and different. You will be appreciated by the true art lovers everywhere 🙂

  5. I think he was pandering crap when he said all his characters were gay. He set out to make them unique, as opposed to putting them what society calls “normal.” I applaud that. And not once did you see him hitting on men but Jack Sparrow sure loved the ladies!
    As for Disney, they are slitting their own throats with #6.

  6. I say “if it’s not Broken than, Don’t try to fix it!“ and as far as Jack Sparrow goes: Gay, Flamboyant, Drunkard or just Confused they all work so, see the statement above.

  7. Hanna

    JD in an interview for POTC was asked if Captain Jack was gay? JD smiling And laughingly said, ” Don’t you know. All of my characters are a little gay.”

    1. I really don’t care if Jack is gay or not I like
      Everybody else insist on just bringing Johnny Depp
      back to the place where HE belongs !!!!!

  8. Chris

    Gay or not, what does it matter what his sexual preference is? Adults get aroused talking about it, apparently.

  9. I think Depp, made Pirates period. Without him it might be called Pirates of The Caribbean but it will never be. As for Jack being gay, that would axplain a lot. Not gay In Whats Eating Gilbert Grape .Don’t think Tonto was gay. BUT AS FOR THE REST,I can see that.

    1. Tameria Jones

      I would not watch pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp whether he is gay or not. He makes awesome unique characters for movies and has a lot of talent. His lifestyle is his own. Let him make movies.

  10. Steve

    All this speculation about sexual orientation and LGBTQ is what’s wrong with Hollyweird. Why are we inserting 21st century sexuality into a pirate movie?

    1. This is not something unique to the 21st century; gays/lesbians/bisexuals have ALWAYS been here. It was just never acknowledged publicly before now. Duh… .

  11. No Johnny-No Pirates!! He’s the Only reason I watched. Woman? No. I am a Woman& I say no to a female Pirate. Gay or whatever,shouldn’t b an issue.Bring back Depp,or don’t make the film. Cher K

  12. AD

    Why does EVERYTHING have to lead back to who a person prefers in the bedroom! Jack was a flirt. But the movie series is NOT about romance and who Jack or whoever is taking to bed. It’s about PIRATES SEEKING A TREASURE!!!!! Why are we sexualizing EVERYTHING! Disney is supposed to be funny witty and for kids and family. Not about drama and who on prefers in the bedroom. It is sickening. The treasure a pirate seeks is NOT another human being. I love the series and they’re just going to ruin it for me. I love Jack Sparrow the way he is.

    1. Jennifer l havili

      Exactly! Leave it alone!

  13. Sherry breshears

    Johnny Depp/captain Jack is what made POTC so damn good. Without him, there is no need in making another movie. I for 1 will not watch it without Johnny!! Who cares about gay vs not gay

  14. Yuri Nate

    Never had the interest to watch even one episode of the Pirates franchise….. The heavy eyeliner was a dead giveaway that Depp was a Kielbasa packer and the ONLY thing that I support about child raping Kielbasa packers is their convictions in a court of law and their immediately following executions!

  15. Sarah

    Either way bring Johnny Depp back as Jack sparrow or end the movies or I am boycotting all of the new ones.

  16. Tess

    Don’t care if he’s gay. He may just be bi or whatever .. why don’t we just enjoy his character. It’s awesome. I love Capt Jack Sparrow

  17. Bring back Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow…. if you don’t you will loose money on the Movie. There is no one who can play the part better than Johnny Depp.

  18. Robert Womack

    I guess no one at Disney saw the female Ghost Busters movie. Do they really want to do that with the Pirates movie.

  19. Angela Barrett

    This is crazy but I truly believe that he was joking. I also think that it’s BS to not keep him in these movies because truth be told he’s the real reason they’ve made as much as they have. Besides why does everyone worry about him losing a lawsuit? That certainly doesn’t make him a bad actor al of a sudden!! Like many Depp fans I believe that he’s deserving of keeping the roles that have made him the star he is. Screw what some judge may think. Besides there’s only 3 people who really know what happened between him & Amber Heard & it’s them & God. So yeah before Disney screws up another film/films (like with Star Wars) they just need to let Johnny do what he does & entertain the world. Besides I’m sure (& yes I am 1 of them) there’s lots of people who are gonna love Johnny Depp regardless of whether he plays this role or that role. Because to us it doesn’t matter because after all he is Johnny Depp 💜

    1. Swim2sea

      A most excellent response. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow and what he does behind closed doors has nothing to do with his ability to act. I won’t be watching a girl pirate. Disney, stop ruining everything trying to “ fit in” with today’s morals. You are supposed to no fun and family entertainment. Walt is turning over in his grave.

  20. Buk lau

    Gay pirates just makes no sense, he said that just to appease the gay community

    1. Um….same-sex activity was quite common among both sailors as well as pirates, it’s a known fact. Doesn’t mean they’re gay, they’re just doing what they need to survive, much like prison inmates.

      1. Duke

        No it’s not a “known fact”, it’s a narrative that you’re implying because you obviously have an agenda.

    2. Marsha

      Agreed. It’s time to stand up and say enough is enough!

  21. I never really thought about Jack being gay. However, it is a relatively well-known fact (within anthropological circles, anyway) that there was very often same-sex activity/relationships/marriage among pirates, so this is really not that much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that Jack is gay. Think about it: a large group of guys by themselves on the high seas, stuck together in a ship for weeks and months on end….this sort of thing is pretty much inevitable, much like it is within prisons, for example. Also, it is a relatively well-known fact that sexual contact between sailors in the U.S. Navy, for instance, is pretty commonplace, although perhaps never spoken about publicly by these men. This type of sexual activity in no way means that any of these guys are gay, however; I believe most are actually heterosexual who just make do with the situation they find themselves in. That said, of course you’re going to find gay and bisexual people, men as well as women, everywhere you go; that’s just a fact, and in any case, there’s nothing wrong with it anyway…it’s just yet another natural phenomenon among both mammalian and just about every other animal species.

  22. Marsha Buchanan

    Mr. Depp is the most versatile actor that lived. There will only be ONE Captain Jack Sparrow. There will only be ONE Johnny Depp. Do not ruin a good thing Disney!

  23. Em

    Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. You can’t separate the two.

    1. Theresa

      First, Depp makes the movie what it has become..second, if everyone dissed an actor for some “allegation ” or another, there would be no actors in movies.

  24. Melissa Campa

    Who knows, who cares!!! Depp’s portrayal of Sparrow was spot on.. Johnny Depp was being Johnny when he heard such a stupid question. Sarcasm at it’s best.
    You never know maybe he loved the goat the best!!! LMAO!!!

  25. Tad

    In the Golden Age of Piracy, from the 1650s to the 1730s, where the Pirates franchise is set, Captains on navy and merchant ships accepted, if not engaged in, gay sex. It may even have been useful to them, reducing tensions and resentment and increasing the bond between men. Pirates often recruited their crews from the merchant and military ships they attacked, where sailors would already be having sex with each other. So it is not so far fetched from a historical perspective to believe that Jack (Johnny) would in fact be gay or bi.

  26. Norma Deen Juracsik en

    If Jack is gay , how come he flirts with or is with women in all the pirate films?

  27. Orinda-Lou Martinez

    Who cares. NOBODY!
    We need to get away from labels.
    I’m 1/2 native american. I have been called a half breed heathern bastard my whole life. I was asked in the first grade what nationality I was. I proudly said half breed heathern bastard. Of course the principal called my dad. I’ve never labeled a person.
    I think we all need to love one another as we’re all human.
    The movies are entertaining.
    Big deal. Let’s not label the characters.
    That’s obscene to do that.

    1. Swim2sea

      Amen. You are spot on.

  28. Mary Wade

    Bring Johnny Back!
    Honestly Captain Jack is whatever you feel at that moment! Drunk? Probably. Gay? No Bi? Probably.
    Don’t replace him!

  29. Theresa

    First, Depp makes the movie what it has become..second, if everyone dissed an actor for some “allegation ” or another, there would be no actors in movies.

  30. Heather

    No way I’d watch a Pirates movie without him. I signed the petition, so that says it all in my mind. Don’t care what his sexuality is in the movies. I love that character & think it’s brilliant. No need to change anything about it.

  31. Wanda

    Jack Sparrow was Always Joking..It Don’t matter what he Was! Is !! Isn’t !! He’s the only One That Can Play Jack Sparrow..A Gay Female Pirate !!?? NO ! I Will Be Done With Pirates & My Family & Friends Will Also..You Will lose Money Without Depp..❤❤u J.D.😉

  32. Joyce

    I think you’re gay!

  33. TF

    If any POTC fan recalls. In Curse of the Black Pearl, Mr Gibbs points out the lore that it’s “bad luck to have a woman aboard a ship” when they first bring the young Elizabeth Swann on board. Which was a superstition held by many a sailor of that time period.
    No offense ladies. Just quoting a line from the film that pointed out the way it was back then.

    And JD pointed out to the director that he walked the way he did, with his arms out and a bit of sway because he figured after being on a ship for weeks to months, and having your “sea legs”, when you do get back on land, your balance still thinks it needs to compensate for the constant movement of the ship, causing you to sway as you move until you readjust to solid ground.

  34. Kay

    I would’ve thought it was rum 😂😂

  35. Kantona

    Huh? 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. adela

    Actually, while that comment was most likely a joke, Johnny did actually say he read a book about homosexuality among pirates and that he wanted Jack to be ambiguous and believed him to be open to sexual relations with men. the original article was probably deleted but this is what he said in 2006 when he was promoting the second movie,

    /Johnny Depp says he was so intrigued by a book about homosexuality amongst pirates in the Caribbean in the 17th century, that he tried to incorporate some of those ideas into his character for the upcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest’. After reading ‘Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition’, Depp said:

    “I liked the idea of [Jack] being ambiguous. Because women were thought to be bad luck on ships. And these pirates would go out for years at a time. So, you know, there is a possibility that one thing might lead to another. You’re lonely. You have an extra ration of rum … ‘Cabin boy!'”/

    maybe you could write about that to clear it up 🙂

  37. Robyn

    My $$$ goes where Johnny Depp goes.
    So if he’s out of Pirates, so am I.

  38. Jonathan Louis Davis

    Apart – placed or kept separately or to one side for a particular purpose, reason, etc; aside (esp in the phrases set or put apart) separate in time, place, or position; at a distancehe stood apart from the group; two points three feet apart. not being taken into account; asidethese difficulties apart, the project ran smoothly.

  39. Tomas

    In the movies, Jack Sparrow flirts with women. So….

  40. Carol Tennyson

    Of course Jack Sparrow is gay! And if they do any film it better have Johnny Depp in it or I am done with the pirates of the Caribbean

  41. Who. Effing. Cares. Just watch or don’t watch ffs. Why tf do we care about someone’s sexuality? Get a gd life.

  42. Ann

    Lolol…Depp is too funny! Can’t wait to see him again since he is one of my CA neighbors. ( tho he owns several properties)

  43. Arrrrr

    A real pirate probably wouldn’t care. Any port in a storm. As Jack said, “time and tide love”

  44. MzBish

    All of this controversy over ONE comment made by Johnny in reguards to ‘all’ of his characters being ‘gay’… yet critics don’t seem to be so intensely hung up on any of the other billions of things Johnny has previously said! It appears as if they are trying to use his own words against him in order to ‘justify’ their own actions of alienating him from the franchise. Captain Jack Sparrow is by far one of the best (if not THE best) characters to emerge from within Johnny’s mind! I have been a devoted fan since Johnny made his debut in Nightmare On Elm Street as Nancy’s boyfriend, who tragically gets sucked into the depths of his own waterbed. After the 21 Jumpstreet series, Johnny’s character roles began to show traits that made them stand out from all others due to how unique they were… and even today, no one could ever portray those characters better than Johnny!!! His talent on screen is undeniable, reguardless of what has happened in his personal life. Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow, no matter what sexual preference our beloved pirate has… the only thing that matters is, like he always says, “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!” 💜Johnny Depp💜

  45. Catch2260611

    Interesting, if an adventure story is well written and entertaining, no one asks what the character’s sexuality is.

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