Comments for HBO Max ‘Harry Potter’ Series Could Be Based On These Storylines


Credit: Wizarding World


  1. Jimmy daSloth

    Ahhhhh I want a Marauders series soooo bad

    1. GinnyND


    2. Sarah Middleton

      Our family really enjoyed the jaws ride and really sad to hear it’s leaving.

  2. GinnyND

    I definitely want a Marauders series most, but a founders series would be really cool too.

  3. GinnyND

    I definitely want a Marauders show most but a founders show would be really cool too.

  4. Jen

    Marauders for sure!

  5. CS

    We were literally just talking about a Founders movie we wish they would make! So this article feels as if it were part of our conversation. We had a Potterothon yesterday for my birthday(I share with LL) & were discussing this. I ? want to see the Founders. I feel you need more separation of the characters or it may feel off.

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