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Credit: Hasbro


  1. William Noetling

    There’s still TONS Of these figures out on the market already, including at least one deco variant that is currently warming pegs and clearanced at Target.

  2. Meg

    Heck no, we want her! They made a big mistake.

    1. Dude

      No. No we don’t. Screw her political views (she is from Texas after all), she is just a downright awful actress!!!

      1. Dave Young

        Could you be any more biased. Her acting was spot on. You just don’t like her politics because the mob told you too.

    2. No. No, they didn’t.

      1. Todd Jumper

        Yes you are just following along mob mentality. She is a great screws who has the balls to speak her mind.

      2. E Rodriguez

        Everyone should keep an eye out on these figures.

        If they officially cancel it.

        It will definitely become a rare item worth a lot more.

        Gina is unintentionally making history

  3. Pantaleon

    Bye bye

  4. Nana

    Yes bring her back!!!!

  5. I’ll always laugh at her playing a democratic rebel when she’s really a boot licking fascist. One too many kicks to the head?

    1. Fascist???
      Please study this word
      It is not a talking point

  6. Free Speech
    Free Thought
    Love your neighbor as yourself
    Right to disagree without hatred
    Words do not harm people, hate in one’s heart causes people to physical abuse and harm to others.
    Cancel Culture breeds contempt, hate and is completely unacceptable

  7. Paul

    She’s free to have whatever opinions she wants, and to express them in whatever way she wants.

    The rest of the world is free to respond to her expressed opinions in whatever way they want.

    Want free speech? Along with that comes accountability.

  8. Shaking my head

    I love how no one seems to reciprocate against the people who are so easily angered and offended by another person’s views and opinions. The hypocrisy of all this is just mind-numbing! This is entertainment and toys for crying out loud! It’s not even real or reality! Crazy! The day will come when the script flips and those who try to cancel others will be the new agenda. I guess those who are so easily offended and challenged by others who don’t see things their way aren’t smart enough to just turn the channel, turn down the volume, not buy a product, or just avoid clicking that link. Makes it obvious who the smart side is in all this. As for Gina, yeah her acting is not the greatest in my opinion, but it works for the character role she plays. When on screen, I don’t see or hear anything but what was scripted for her to say and do. I could care less about her background or interests, just what she delivers to me as a viewer of a TV show. My kids like the toys, and they don’t give two shits about the actor’s background or political opinions when they are reenacting scenes and playing with their friends. My real question, here is why is it that those who complain and demand action because they are offended seem to get their way? It’s just their opinion, right? Why is it more powerful? Why is it deemed to be more important than say, Gina’s opinion? What this country, hell, world needs is maturity. I don’t see much of it anymore. Sorry for the rant. I’m sure I managed to offend someone reading this, and it will likely get deleted.

  9. Jamie Feeser

    Ridiculous. This cancel culture crap is killing this country. Insulting & shutting over half the country up will just make everyone come back stronger. Funny how much she was right. Even Shapiro hired her & he’s Jewish. Maybe these cancel culture people should learn history & not fake history Liberals want you to learn.

    1. VioletSwan

      What “fake history” do “libs” want you to learn, Skippy?

  10. Will

    She’s entitled to her opinion. No one is stopping her. Disney is free to let her go as her social media platform is seen by potentially millions of people. Passing off bad info or just flat out disinformation is dangerous left unchecked. She found another job anyway.

  11. Michelle

    Pedro Pascal (Mando) compared Trump supporters to confederates and Nazis = free pass. Jack Morrissey (produced live action Beauty and the Beast) tweets about wanting to see Covington High School kids go screaming into a woodchipper = free pass. Free passes = Gaslighting 101.

  12. VioletSwan

    She’s entitled to her opinions. She is not entitled to a platform from which to spout those opinions. Period.

    1. Cara Dune

      Written like a true facist-so saying Nazis are bad gets you fired? She was using her PERSONAL account, not acting out her opinions in character-but believe what you want. Others in Hollywood have said/expressed way worse things, yet because of your double standard, are still employed

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