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Universal Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts

Credit: Universal


  1. Dan

    Doesn’t take much to amuse small minds!

    1. JustJessee

      It’s that attention seeking, no respect for security or rules that later in makes headlines for getting injured on rides. All it takes is one clout seeker trying to do something cute on a ride, thinking it’s not a big dealllll… they get seriously injured or causes someone else to get injured and we all have to live with the consequences of their bad choices. No remorse, ban them both for life. It’s a theme park, they obviously don’t need it if they treat it so poorly.

    2. JS

      I wonder when this happened? I was just there on Sunday. Too bad I didn’t see this because I’d probably say something to this disrespectful kid.

    3. Rm

      Fake? Are these people that stupid?That animatronic is the real deal, and costs more then he could probably afford to just replace. Regardless I hope this clown got thrown out, charged, and banned.

  2. Joeybats

    This…this is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. EricJ

    I assume the Gringott’s goblins are pre-recorded, so it doesn’t make much sense to hit a character who isn’t directly live-interactive.

    Now, Donkey from Shrek’s waffle stand, I’d slap silly. 🙂

  4. Darth O'La La

    Animatronic Slapping? …Sounds kinky!

  5. Steve German

    I tried to email this article and the Recap changes made me verify I wasn’t a robot.

  6. JMH

    They probably just made it harder for the rest of us to get an unobstructed view and photograph of the animatronics.

  7. PhilO

    I’ve worked on a few productions at Universal Hollywood and we have been warned we could be banned for life from working for NBCUniversal if we violate any rules on the studio lot the theme park.

  8. Sandra Schwartz

    I remember my daughter, about 10, seeing a few kids walking up to those teller guys and touching the props
    my goodness she said, where are their parents!!

    1. Peter

      Smart child you have there! 🙂

      1. Gustavo

        Que pena que haya gente que valore el esfuerzo y profesionalismo de Universal Studios para divertir y hacer feliz a grandes y chicos.

  9. Avylol08

    This is ridiculous, the kid didn’t even get kicked out, if you go to the videos comments he’s bragging about it 🙄 I hope he gets reported and sued for breaking rules or something. So sick of idiots getting away with destructive behavior

    1. Chrissy Trevizo

      I agree. If they are dumb enough to post on social media, then why are they not being reprimanded?

      1. Janelle

        They should both be banned

    2. K.C. Cooper

      He can’t be sued, but he can be trespassed.

  10. Stephen Duguid

    Attention seeking prick

  11. Why would someone do that ? The fans of the franchise does not like people trying to be cute that way. Be cute by taking pics with your family or a simple pic of Gringotts . This is offensive even to the creative team that worked on the movies and took the time to come here to build it . I think there should be a huge appoligy .

    1. Jan Locher


  12. JustJessee

    Trespass both involved for life, the one who slapped the animatronic and the goading video taker. Do something cute, get cute consequences.

  13. Nikko Venturini

    I think you everyone is overreacting and you all need to calm down and get laid because this was harmless. Slap on the wrist at the most.

    1. Sammie the Dog

      So being disrespectful and selfish is acceptable? We live in a society of narcissistic social media whores and millennials who demand respect while never earning it. Society is destined to collapse. This is the fall of Rome all over again due to the “woke” and “look at me” crowd ruining everything for everyone.

      1. Sockimus

        Sh!t for brains, do us a favor: stop blaming Millennials. Millennials are 30 something year olds now, you fukking moron. Get your eyes checked and maybe you’ll be more WOKE and see the proper age group on these people, you dopey fukking BOOMER.

  14. Barbara Hoye

    What a f)(*ing loser. Why cone to a THEME PARK if you just want to ruin the very reason you came to begin with? Go to an amusement park. They have much less to offer…but whatever.

  15. Li

    It would’ve been unacceptable even from teens, but the fact this isn’t a teen says everything.

    1. Nick

      It’s not cute or cool. It’s not acceptable behavior from anyone.
      Ban them.
      And, advertise it heavily to illustrate that there are consequences for poor behavior.

  16. JSV

    Wow! What kind of “adult” goes around slapping and probably attempting to break an amusement park figure. He must have never been told “no” as a child. Shame on him. I hope Universal Studios bands him asap. Maybe he will learn from his behavior if band from park.

    1. First of man I’m 15, second I have no parents.So jerkoff ya coc sucking faggot and stop a karen ya boomer.

  17. Trent

    News sites like this dont help when they post the video of the person who wanted attention in the first place.

  18. Jessica

    Is trespass the correct word? Aren’t we saying he was banned from the park?! I hope so. Little punk.

  19. Katy

    I’m actually disappointed, that wasn’t a slap that was a bop on the the head. Everybody calm down, no one was hurt or died. Well actually I’m a little hurt I didn’t get a laugh out of this, could’ve been funnier guys. 🤭

  20. Karen

    What a giant A-hole… POS

  21. Tamara Dowd

    Simple, you don’t follow the rules you get thrown out .

    1. Heather Weber

      Problem is you don’t follow the rules and don’t get thrown out and that is what’s wrong with young people. They are not used to consequences. Excuses are made for everyone. No one teaches respect anymore. It’s the ME generation.

  22. CR45H 0V3RR1DE

    Typical zoomer, only thinking about themselves. It’s posted on TikTok, need I say more?

  23. Cindy

    There are, and will always be, attention seeking idiots in our society. Some grow to feel shame for their insolence, others doomed to continue down the societal rabbit hole of etenal stupidity.

  24. Dewey whatley

    That person is nothing more than a dumbo jumbo both of them

  25. The Gator

    Over reacting to possibly doing damage to an expensive animatronic? No, this isn’t over reacting. As a former Disney Cast member I would have suggested this guy and his videographer be trespassed for life of ALL universal property. This type behavior is extremely disrespectful to the universal company AND the people who live the franchise. It’s not funny, it’s not cute. It’s a dumb, stupid thing to do! I have had people removed from Disney for cutting in line and crossing rope into restricted areas before and this definitely would be grounds for it. People need to start respecting others property. As well as companies needing to step up and make examples of these people.

  26. Darth O'La La

    Once again, Cancel Culture wants to take away this guy’s right to slap an animatronic.

    All the Snowflakes are now like, call it trespassing, ban him! Hey, if this guy wants to walk up to a robot and smack it, that’s his prerogative!

    And this guy’s just a tourist! How about an employee who works there and hates this machine? You have a problem with an employee doing the slapping too?

    1. Thank u so much for having so much more sense than all of these other trifling trolls.I glad u support my video.U r now my most favorite person on the internet!!

  27. WillyT

    IF the animatronic had fallen on this idiot and killed him the family would have sued; although, it would have made for a better instructional video of what not to do to other people’s property.

  28. Tom

    This kid will get punished because his friend was to happy to make a video and post it. You got to love friends who don’t think

  29. Rm

    If you find this acceptable you are an unresponsive immature adult. Its really quite sad.

  30. Deborah

    I wish the goblin would have smacked him back.How old are you? From now on he should need adult supervision to be able to ride on rides like the child his is.

  31. Nonya

    Yeah Btw that was me
    I was not seeking attention or being direspectful,I wuz just doing a simple dare that even the employees do when the park closes. But it’s people like u that have no sense of humor to take a stupid joke like this and on top of that u had the audacity to try to say it was wrong. It’s not my fault u have no friends to do these type of things with. I would say u would understand if u r friends asked u something like this,but u onviously did not have a good childhood with good freinds. So next time u see someone do a funny,non-direspectful video like this, I DARE YOU to talk crap about it.

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