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  1. Jeremy Oneail

    Why so folks become price blind when it comes to disney? Transportation used to be free but sure ill pay it now. Evening extra magic hours free? Sure ill pay extra to do that again. Listen, im a disney fan but at some point you have to tell disney that enough is enough!

    1. John Hausler

      How could you say that the Disney Express is free… either you pay for it with your hotel costs or you pay for Disney Vacation Club dues. You must work for Disney to believe this.. There should be a petition sent around to have the new president of Disney resign ….For even introducing this..

      1. Eileen

        I’m sure the cost of the Magical Express is built into your Disney package
        the train sounds nice but you still have to get to your hotel from Disney Springs
        I would pay
        Disney for airport transportation if reasonable

      2. Dave C

        More nickle n dime moves by Corporate. One more move in making Disney less magical.

    2. Happy2012

      Actually to be exact Magical Express did not start until 2005 and it was originally only to be around for the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Disney world was celebrating “The Happiest Celebration on earth”
      That being said I am Thankful for it being around for us.

  2. Mary Loss

    Been going for decades, so I’m used to Disney adding and stopping different perks. We used to take Mears (sp?) and I believe it may have been partnering with Disney. Magical Express used to be great, but more recently (pre-pandemic) has not been so good. Almost made us late for the airport the last time, and stood outside in the heat with my elderly mom for over an hour AFTER the scheduled time. Then had to rush with her through the airport. Not a great ending to what was otherwise a great trip. Other times, I’ve flown into Sanford and took a “limo.” It was perfect both ways. I agree that Disney raising prices while stopping perks is problematic, but I am excited about the train!

    1. Linda Smith

      Yes I will pay whatever it costs to take Disney rides to the hotels. I hope they will do that.

      1. Michigan girl

        Removing the airport bus service is disappointing. As a single mom getting by I count all extra expenses and likes that the service was built into the total cost and not having to find another source of transportation. With 2 young kids in tow it’s overwhelming to add more! I don’t like having to deal with a 3rd party a resort the size of Disney should have this type of service after all they do make quite a profit pre pandemic. I’m sorry to see it go, we counted on that service. Why would I want to go to Disney springs before my hotel to drop off my luggage? Seems backwards to me.

  3. For us, many factors come into play. If we rent a car, we have to pay $25/day to park it at the hotel. I must tell you that the free Disney Express was disappointing on December 29, 2020. We landed at 1:30pm, and we got on the bus at 3pm. Then we had to ride 40 minutes to the Caribbean Beach Resort. When fellow riders saw the long line and “wait times” for the bus, they turned around and went to a rental car counter. Let’s say you are agreeable with riding the train (when it is available). You have to carry your luggage and they drop you off at Disney Springs. Then you have to drag your kids and luggage to a bus stop to your resort. As for me, I will consider all my options carefully.

  4. Tom

    The Disney Magical Express motorcoach service is operated by Mears Transportation as are the Disney Cruise Line service.

  5. My family has always used Magical Express for our Disney vacation. Love the perk. You don’t have to worry with luggage. Get check in and you can go enjoy the parks. Disappointed that are doing away with it. Kind of takes away from trip if you ask me. For us our vacation started the moment we got on the bus . They charge you to park your car at the resort per night you are there. If they have option to use Disney owned buses, Would we pay sure if they were reasonable. But also curious how this train is going to work out sounds like a good idea. But I can also see a lot of frustrated parents with little ones. Trying to jungle them plus their luggage also. Going to be interesting.

  6. Megan Jones

    I think with all the covid and everything going on..why share cabs and cars all of a sudden… and make us pay now… I like the magic express and its great for the kids to be on and have fun….

  7. LG

    Disney is really taking all the perks out of staying at one of their hotels. One of my favorite things was not having to bring car seats or tow our own luggage through the airports with kids. Without any of the convenience factor or free perks, we will likely be looking a lot more at Swan and Dolphin which has way better rates, same remaining perks and at least we can get benefits with the Bonvoy loyalty program. I’ve always thought Disney should do a hotel loyalty program with perks at tiers. That would help get us back to our usual Beach Club reservations.

  8. B

    This could simply be a parting of the ways between Disney and Mears and therefore the current service being shut down. It’s quite possible a similar service under another name either owned directly by Disney or operated by another third party is in the works, but hasn’t been announced yet due to ongoing negotiations.

  9. Larry

    I usually stay at a non-Disney resort that happens to be on WDW so I’m used to arranging (paying) for my own transportation. Stayed at Coronado Springs on one visit and yes, we used Magic Express but were disappointed with the luggage service – delivered to our room at 2:00 A.M. It’s a convenience and one you expect for the resort fees you’re paying. I’m sure something new is in the works. Maybe a combination of bus/train to DS while your luggage gets sent directly to your resort. You see how that work? Puts you in the shopping area with no luggage to tow. Your first inclination will be to visit the shops or crab a bite to eat.

  10. Michele Blackford

    I would hope it would charge round trip rather than per trip.I don’t like the idea of having to pay for what was free but if I could still get to the resort from the airport and return to the airport when it was time to return home.

  11. Courtney

    If the cost wasn’t unreasonable, I’d opt to pay for Disney transportation. Unfortunately, due to covid, I think Disney is searching for ways to make up for lost revenue and this might be one them. Magical express does not take care of your luggage at this time anyway due to safety reasons. Worst case scenario, old school airport shuttle.

  12. James

    The fact is as resort guests we already pay for the “free” magical express. You don’t really think that $200 a night for Disney’s “Day’s Inn” doesn’t already include this cost? With the loss of the luggage service, the magic bands, the extra magic hours, and soon the magical express, where are the equal cuts in prices. As a major Disney fan, its Universal Studios for me next trip to Orlando, plus many other trips elsewhere, so very disappointed.

    1. Dave C

      I’ve been going to WDW since ’86. Always had a great magical experience. But the last couple of years with trimming back on perks, adding fees and now this its become less magical. Walt would be p*ssed. Getting to the point of why bother? There are other places around the country worth seeing.

  13. Erik

    Of course people will pay, in fact if I had guests coming in I would pay. One cannot compare pre-pandemic to current pandemic Disney. You are still coming to a state in with new strains in the middle of a pandemic. Sensing a theme here? We love our tourists, we need our tourists, but tourist need to cut us a little slack here. If I had it my way I would ask you all to stay home and come visit when it is safe. The state government of Florida would like you to know that you should come, ignore common sense, because we need your money. I ask that you please remember 2008 when the entire country and the world was in a recession, you chose to stay home. Please stay home in a pandemic too. We miss you, but it is too soon.
    Disney has to make tough decisions. Nobody likes it. The free ride to your hotel is the last thing to worry about, most Disney hotels are not even operating. It is not all footloose and fancyfree here. People are still dying everyday.
    I have been over to the parks twice science reopening with the explicit expectation that things would not be quite normal. Is magic lost, not for me, it is magic that these hard working men and women continue to put a smile on their faces, not to mention make you smile too.

  14. Mark H

    First I will assume there is a plan for a replacement to the Magical Express,,, Uber, Lyfts, etc I’d do not think could possibly be ramped up in time to accommodate the normal Disney traffic..and what would that do to the traffic in and around Orlando airport!! OMG…I would pay a fee to get this service…especially the luggage handling aspect…

  15. Sherrie

    I don’t necessarily mind paying, but if I’m gonna have to pay, bring back the Minnie Vans. At $25/per person (what Mears charges for their airport bus service) a family of 3 is $75 each way!! Is rather just pay for a private car.
    Also the kids off magical express disproportionately hurts handicapped people. They can’t use Uber or Lyft.
    Accessible car rental are crazy expensive.There are not many accessible taxis, and they are both expensive and unreliable.
    This is a huge factor for us, and I honestly don’t have any plans to visit Disney after 2021 until I see how this shakes out.
    And, that’s no small chunk of change when you consider this is our third trip in a year and a half coming up.

    1. Sara

      Thank you for acknowledging the difficulties for those with disabilities. Traveling with my son and his chair can be tricky. ME was a huge perk for us. I’ve looked into renting accessible wheelchair van…looking at 800-1000 for a week. On top of paying for Disney? Lordy that gets super pricey. And we have been in a taxi when ME was running late. It was not a good experience. Rear entry vans leave no space for luggage. It was an incredibly non magical experience and rather disappointing that there is no better accessible travel available.

  16. Heather

    I’m in the I wouldn’t pay camp. It’s another loss of benefits to staying on site. If it came down to it I’m more likely to rent my own car, and if I do that, I’m going to be spending a LOT more time outside the Disney bubble than I do now when we exclusively use Disney transportation.

  17. Sam

    We don’t go to Disney often, but the convenience of the magical express is awesome and helps make the trip more Disney. I would more than likely pay for a Disney option if they provided after magical express is gone.

  18. Lola

    The writing was on the wall when Disney started charging guests to park at their hotels. Just one more way they will find a way to squeeze more money out of their guests. So expensive to start with.

  19. My wife and I are DVC members and if they again offer Annual Pass we will also purchase that. We are at DWD at least once a year and sometimes more and our stays are 2 weeks or longer. The Magical Express is an integral part of our trip planning. Since we stay for a long period of time we rent a vehicle to go off property for shopping, golf, visit friends, religious services, etc. We never considered the money we have invested into Disney as a hardship. We have really bought into the Magic of Disney. However, this decision and all it’s implications have us reviewing our wellingness to add more financial commitment to Disney. We will always love to go to Disney but do we need to pay for the opportunity to go anytime and stay any length and freely go inside the parks when they keep adding to the fees and inconvienence?????

  20. Jerry

    Just takes people voting with their vacation dollars. If people would stop blindly handing disney their cash things would change back.

    I believe universal is a better value for my vacation dollar. Plus they have more than half a dozen real amusement rides per park.

    In a recent visit we rode everything that was open at animal kingdom before noon. all that for the low low price of $120 per person per day.

  21. Billbodoggins

    The Disney Magical Express service isn’t owned by Disney. It is owned by Mears and contracted through Disney. I have no idea what price Disney pays Mears for the service. I know at the last big WDW anniversary (25 year – 1996) I went on my honeymoon there and I had to pay Mears for the service because Magical Express didn’t exist. My guess is that Disney will continue to use Mears and perhaps even leave the buses with a similar paint job. It just won’t be a complimentary service. It will be an add-on price when you book your trip. I think (but really don’t know and have no inside information) that they will make it easy and you’ll be able to choose transportation from/to the airport while you’re booking your trip on the WDW website, it will just come with an additional fee. Obviously Disney needs the transportation to be convenient for guests. They want people to come to the resort and they know a lot of people fly, they’re just looking for ways to make a little more money when the economy is down. Who knows, maybe they will change their minds and bring the service back if it’s not panning out. I’m sure they’ll do whatever works out best financially for them. We shall see.

  22. I would most certainly be willing to pay a reasonable fee providing they pick up our luggage. That’s the best part of the service! The Brightline will only go as far as Disney Springs so we would still have to arrange transportation from there to the resort and more than likely deal with our luggage. I can’t imagine the chaotic crowds of the hundreds of families each week arriving at the Disney Springs station and the back up of lines of Lyft and Uber or whatever other shuttle services waiting to take them to and from the resorts. The traffic pattern is already crazy! Nice idea but take me to the front door please!

  23. Brian

    It all depends on the price. I would hope Disney would keep a service available at a low price ($25/person each way is reasonable to me) but more would start to be an issue. I could see it being lower as a way for Disney to incentivize people not to have a car on site (just like the parking fees). The more they can do to keep people in the WDW bubble the more they will make in the long term.

  24. Isaac Sanders

    Disney Magical Express was probably the biggest perk! No car rental, no baggage, & go straight to your resort then to a park!! Yes i would pay if theydid the exact same & charged for it. But what i think might happen is the train. Offer the same perks for the luggage, take you to Dismey Springs as a “central hub” type thing, & then go to a park/resort from there. Now that we can check in on our app….it almost seems like thats what might happen. Just my opinion!

  25. No I would not pay Disney more money for transptortation. For years now Disney has constantly charged more while eliminating amenities. Mears has run the Magical Express and has stated that they will still run shuttles. If I have to start taking care of my luggage, and finding my own transportation then I think I will start spreading my money to our companies, and maybe even start staying off property. I have loved going to Disney for many years but now they seem to care more about the upper officers paychecks then they do about their customers.

  26. Diane Hunziker

    Heck yes I would pay as long as they would also handle the luggage. The magical express was all about the Disney experience. I am a dvc owner. Seems like all of our perks ate disappearing. With Disney taking everything away I may go only once every 3 or 4 years..used to go at least twice a year

  27. Welcome to the exciting world of Bob Chapek, where less is more. Where entertainment cast is fired money saved for Bob but not the paying customers. Bobby boy found another up charge, people will opt in because rent a car pay WDW resort parking, you know they worked the number making pay for the bus vs car rental or 3rd party transport. Sick of the up charges I’ll visit my daughter in CA. and head to Disneyland it’s much better then WDW.

  28. It was not free, the author needs to do their research. When you book a vacay you had an option to book the magical express for a reasonable fee (cheaper than a taxi). You could also book the Minnie cabs they started a few years ago but they are more expensive. Either option was better than renting a car and paying for parking at the resort.

    I am sure Disney has a replacement plan in place.

  29. Craig Sheldon

    I will definitely miss the bus meeting us at airport and at the hotel. It’s one less thing to worry about arranging. We went in January and we did miss the luggage pickup. I’d gladly pay an extra fee for the magic express.

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