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Gina Carano in The Mandalorian Season 1

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Gamer

    Please don’t reproduce…

  2. Daddy Piranha

    Hey, Disney brought James Gunn back many months later after petitions got some traction, so anything is possible! Go for it!
    I wish her supporters the best of luck even though I hope they aren’t successful. It isn’t about speech for me, although I disagree with the things she says. Gunn is a talented professional with a unique eye that is a huge benefit to any production. Gina… isn’t.

    1. Jonathan

      The things that Gunn said were orders of magnitude more vile than anything Carano has said (most of which was not actually that out of line for most rational people).

  3. Derschauthin

    Without Gina forget the Mandalorian me and friends will no longer watch it! So no new Mandalorian episodes necessary

  4. John Phelan

    Cancellation over free speech. Things would be different if conservatives had power to cancel shows because it hurts feelings. The point is this is America full of different opinions and personalities. We shouldn’t cancel it we should encourage it. Freedom the best gift anyone could have.

    1. CODenney

      I can’t believe that a bunch of spineless cowards hiding behind their computer can sway a bunch of spineless executives. There are more real people fighting for free speech than pukes trying to disrupt the system. Disney wake up.

  5. Jorge

    We are Mandalorian’s group will no longer support the show if Carano is not brought back..Has Disney become politically communist ?

  6. Nate Herrick

    We watched Mandalorian, as a family–looking forward to it every week. We love Star Wars–we go on Disney vacation–no more. The Disney Plus is cancelled. I am signing petitions–and sending real letters to Lucas film. I am a cosplay guy, a collector–I have met Ben Burt and Carrie Fisher–but this is the last straw. Rehire Gina–or we are done–and I have four boys–I have shared article with them–and allowed them to think for themselves–but they agreed to cancel Disney. Please–speak up–if you agree. I am sending a letter to Mr. Lucas. Speak up.

  7. Beaver

    Being a “strong woman” does not necessarily mean agreeing with liberals. The libs want free speech, but not at the expense of disagreeing with them. Without knowing every specific comment that could have upset the executives in charge, I have heard plenty of what Gina Carano has to say, and it is typically thoughtful and rational, if not the libs’ line of nonsense. The double standard is not just this woman is being treated differently than men are, but also this conservative is being treated different than liberals. My watching a Star wars project does not hinge on Gina Carano, but I do find her to be a real plus to any show, and would very much like to see her returned to her former role.

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