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gina carano ben shapiro show interview

Credit: The Ben Shapiro Show


  1. Nate

    Hard pass.

    1. Jeff

      What is this country coming to?!?! A star(or anyone) can’t express their opinion about anything!! What happened to free speech??? Any group is out to criticize something someone says…transgender, gay or lesbians, women, black people…sick and tired of seeing it in this country!!!! Even comedians!!! At times wish i was living in another country!!! Those who criticize need to grow up!!!!

      1. Msndo

        Free speech is just that, free speech. Not free from consequences for violating the terms of your contract with your employer.

      2. Mark B

        So you want to be able to criticize LGBTQ, athletes who take the knee, Jews, blacks, immigrants, and yet when the left criticizes, that’s Cancel Culture?

  2. Andrew

    This all sounds like anyone with a personal opinion isn’t allowed to speak any more, just in case they upset someone.

    1. Jay

      Pretty much, thats the cancel culture that has been pushed so hard and thats why its sickening. Id never heard of this woman before the outrage. But now i am going to support whatever she does, out of SPITE

      1. Jeff

        Good for you!!! I know who she is and she has a good character. Next thing you know they’re going to arrest people for expressing their opinions!!! Is the U.S. the “new Iraq”?? I think a lot of it has to do with millennials who don’t accomplish anything and think they’re owed something “the sensitive generation”.

  3. Jay

    Pretty much, thats the cancel culture that has been pushed so hard and thats why its sickening. Id never heard of this woman before the outrage. But now i am going to support whatever she does, out of SPITE

    1. Jyu

      Welcome to Capitalism.

      1. Alex

        Cancel culture is not part of a Capitalist ideology, but in fact one more Socialist as it ‘gives people a voice’. She’s Conservative and supports Capitalism. Welcome to bias and stupidity, really

        1. Harry

          Like socialism move to canada

      2. AverageCitizen

        I mean, in communism/socialism/fascism, you get to wait for supplies, have a genocidal government or ruling families/class, encourage racism, and kill or disappear anyone who disagrees, so…sounds like you should have said welcome to China…

    2. Backcountry164

      As long as Kathleen Kennedy is in charge of Lucasfilm she’ll make sure that anything Star Wars is garbage. But the IP will outlive her so I have no doubt that eventually everything she touched will be retconned into something that will actually make money. Everyone I know is done with SW so long as she has anything to do with it. The sooner she’s gone the better…

  4. Jeff

    I agree with Andrew!!! What happened to freedom of speech??? I guess it doesn’t exist anymore!!! ALL groups are “offended” about what someone says: transgender, gay and lesbian, black people, women!!! People need to grow up…sometimes i wish i lived in another country because of it!!! Even comedians have to watch not to offend anyone!!! It’s stupid as hell…

  5. Disney is becoming the cancel culture too. Sad to see this happening. Once Disney starts firing people for having an opinion and they happen to be conservative…it now shows that disney prefers a political side. What about controversial comments that were said on ESPN…they never get fired. They are your company too! We see the biased in Disney now. Stop doing that. That is why Disney has stood through the test of time for never doing that. And now you have stupid complainers and you bend to their needs. Stop it! You need to bring our beloved Cara Dune….stop trying to make everyone happy….you will fail doing that. I love Disney…..please take note. Conservatives love and support Disney. Remember who your audience is….ITS EVERYONE….not just the liberals!

    1. backcountry164

      They aren’t going to change if people like you will continue to support them even if they don’t. They will only start listening to conservatives when enough of them speak out with their credit cards. They don’t want your opinion, only your money. Only when you stop giving them the later will they at least pretend to start caring about the former…

  6. Gerard Sal

    Cancel Culture works both ways! If you work for a company and make racist remarks, you will probably be fired. When Trump didn’t like what some staffers were saying, he fired them! What’s the difference? Everyone has consequences for what they do or say.

  7. David C

    Disney fired the wrong woman. Kathleen Kennedy screwed up Star Wars. Now she’s hell bent on screwing up The Mandalorian!! Gina Spoke her mind. The Cancel Culture boneheads went after her. Disney kissed their butts! Probably not a one of them even watched the Mandalorian! Firing her will hurt viewership far more than keeping her would. Really getting tired of this Leftist crap!!

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