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cara dune

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. Sam Zimmerman

    Good riddance.

    1. Erik

      you can say that again smh
      bye, Felicia

      1. HGG

        Cancel culture strikes again. Disney can hire and fire who they want but it’s my choice not to watch Mandalorian again. Today it’s her. Tomorrow it may be you.

        1. Criostoir Kade Sausler

          I’m all for free speech, but Disney is a business, and when someone’s speech starts involving racism, transphobia and other abhorrent elements, they have every right – and some would say, duty – to distance themselves from that person. I hope this move causes her to pause and take a good look at her beliefs. “Everyone is entitled to their opinion”, can not apply when that opinion is harmful and we will only truly succeed as a society if we all stand on the side of love and empathy.

        2. Daddy Piranha

          Let’s be clear, she was not fired (or more accurately not given more work) for her political speech. No matter how much conservative snowflakes want to insist otherwise.
          Several months ago, Disney contacted her agents and told them that she was bringing unwanted negative attention to their brand. She said she would knock it off. But she didn’t.
          She was warned 4 times, including once in person. And she couldn’t stop being provocative and tarnishing the Disney brand (in the eyes of a certain small to large population). She was told either she could continue to get attention on social media or she could continue working for Disney. She chose the former so Disney enforced the latter.
          She wasn’t fired because she’s a member of the Republican party. She wasn’t fired because for whom she voted. She wasn’t fired for advocating Republican ideals (even assuming those values don’t include trans-phobia, anti-mask, pro-virus, anti-science values). She was fired because she refused to follow her boss’ very lenient requests and multiple warnings to stop making them look like ass-hats. Republicans demanded free market solutions and personal accountability using the cancel culture of the majority. Now they’re just bitter because over the last decade the new majority wants to apply Republicans own rules to Republicans now.

      2. Rik

        Play stupid games win stupid prizes…there are many disturbed people who support her maybe they will help her with her bills now that she’s unemployed.

    2. Erik

      of course this decision will be very controversial and will ignite passions on both sides… but at the end of the day, I still question how and why she was cast in the role in the first place? Because I’m sorry, but regardless of the content on her Twitter feed she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag! So her removal may ignite the political passions of some, but it’s certainly not going to detract from the overall quality of the show. Quite the opposite in fact.

      1. Jamie Feeser

        What is bologna about this is that everything has been completely 1 sided for months now. How come everyone kept their jobs & no consequences when athletes, actors, & musicians were telling rioters & looters to burn it down & destroy everything to make a stand. True colors of Disney & Lucasfilms even after the cast & director defended her. Plus, it was reported that they wanted an apology & reportedly she did that even though she shouldn’t have. Ridiculous.

      2. Robin

        Hi Erik,

        I was also wondering if maybe her acting was great somewhere else and I missed it. Just wasn’t sure what all the hooplah was about to keep her. As long as we have different parties unfortunately we will continue to have division when people categorize an entire group of people. When she made the comment to compare the entire Republican party to the horrors experienced during the Holocaust, I could only think of the following proverb for her: It is better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. Yes, we have freedom of speech but with that freedom comes responsibility.

  2. Matt

    There is free speech, but if you are employed by someone, and you spout craziness, then your boss has every right to fire you if they do not believe in the public statements you are making…

    Unfortunately this usually makes the person even louder and more obnoxious.

    1. Paul McCann

      Actually political speach is protected by california law so long as you are not at work when you do it. Gina was not at work. I’m looking forward to seeing Gina sue the hell out of them for abuse, loss of wages, emotional damages and slander.

  3. EricJ

    “Holocaust”, Gina? Really??
    Ah, you can always count on a Republican to go that little extra mile of tastelessness whenever they feel “persecuted”.

    1. Jeff

      excuse me? you better be looking on both sides of the fence! this is not just a Republican issue. Open your eyes to everything not just what one side wants you to see.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        LOL, Jeff. Are you going to call him “sheeple” and tell him to “do your research” next? Because I’ve almost got Snowflake Republican bingo here!

      2. Double standard much

        Hey eric
        Do you wand Pedro pascal fired
        I mean he compared the concentration camps to the cages he blamed trump for despite it being built by Obama or how he compared trump supporters to nazis
        I would like to mention that he is a liberal so whats the standard here

    2. Harold

      You can count on democrats to try to “cancel” everything they don’t agree with. This younger generation of whiny, spoiled brats are going to get a rude awakening when real life hits them across the face. Disney better be careful, because conservatives may stop going to their theme parks and that’s about half of the country!

  4. Confused

    With Gina gone, what will insidethemagic do with the lack of content that the majority of their articles are based off of???

    1. EricJ

      Probably what they always do:
      “Op-Ed: Why WDW Should Turn Cinderella’s Castle into Stark Tower” 😉

    2. CH

      They will simply start posting whatever is trending on twitter. Oh wait…

  5. Michelle

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be watching for a petition to bring her back. If no one else starts one, I will.

    1. do it

      ill sign

      1. Michelle

        Just found a well-written petition at Change.org titled “Disney: Rehire Gina Carano.” I signed it and left a comment.

    2. TeeHeeHee

      Cool, ya, petitions totally help! Keep wasting your time, crazies…

    3. Christopher Martin White

      Do it! I’ll sign it too.

  6. Kate

    Wow, reading the so called public reaction to this is sobering.

    I guess Padme had it right, democracy really does die with applause.

    1. Michelle

      I won’t stop fighting for free speech. This Disney song is for EVERYONE –

      Here comes a wave
      Meant to wash me away
      A tide that is taking me under
      Swallowing sand
      Left with nothing to say
      My voice drowned out in the thunder

      But I won’t cry
      And I won’t start to crumble
      Whenever they try
      To shut me or cut me down

      I won’t be silenced
      You can’t keep me quiet
      Won’t tremble when you try it
      All I know is I won’t go speechless

      ‘Cause I’ll breathe
      When they try to suffocate me
      Don’t you underestimate me
      ‘Cause I know that I won’t go speechless

      Written in stone
      Every rule, every word
      Centuries-old and unbending
      “Stay in your place”
      “Better seen and not heard”
      Well, now that story is ending

      ‘Cause I
      I cannot start to crumble
      So come on and try
      Try to shut me and cut me down

      I won’t be silenced
      You can’t keep me quiet
      Won’t tremble when you try it
      All I know is I won’t go speechless

      Let the storm in
      I cannot be broken
      No, I won’t live unspoken
      ‘Cause I know that I won’t go speechless

      Try to lock me in this cage
      I won’t just lay me down and die
      I will take these broken wings
      And watch me burn across the sky
      Hear the echo saying I…

      Won’t be silenced
      Though you wanna see me tremble when you try it
      All I know is I won’t go speechless

      ‘Cause I’ll breathe
      When they try to suffocate me
      Don’t you underestimate me
      ‘Cause I know that I won’t go speechless
      All I know is I won’t go speechless

      1. Margo

        Free speech means the government can’t persecute you, it doesn’t mean you can’t face consequences for your actions.

        She said things that brought the company into disrepute and faced the consequences, free speech has nothing to do with it.

        Hell if I was caught slagging off someone’s wife and then got punched I wouldn’t start whining about “free speech”.

    2. Daddy Piranha

      Yeah, the applause of those traitors last month storming the capitol to overthrow democracy is still ringing in my ears. But that’s what Republicans wanted and are still making excuses for today…

  7. Rroe

    How Ironic that Disney had no issue with filming part of Mulan in China and using and actress who supports the Communist govts genocide against the Muslims over there

    1. Sgt_jmack

      Because that is part of their narrative. Poor Walt, spinning in his grave right now as his company is full of commies that he hated.

  8. Daryl

    Couldn’t agree more. Why cant they all just have in their contracts to shut up whilst employed.

  9. Manuel DeMello

    Since Disney has thrown it’s full support behind “cancel culture”…I am cancelling any and everything from Disney especially my hard earned dollars. They decided to submit to a twisted false narrative with no amount of reasoning and logic nor facts to a minority of leftist agenda–ists so let them start accepting EBT cards in lieu of actual cash for subscriptions. They will never get another penny from me.

    1. Rik

      Lol…who cares if you cancel your subscription

    2. Bren

      LOL. Who’s the “cancel culture” now?

  10. Sgt_jmack

    I guess people really can’t have free speech in thenU.S. anymore, further proving her point. Speak out and tyrants put their boot on your neck.

    1. Mark Kaplan

      ?Because in all of the whole human race Mrs. Lovett, there are only two kinds of men only two.

      There’s tge one staying put in his proper place,
      And one with his foot in the other one’s face.

      Look at me, Mrs. Lovett, look at you.?

      Still relevant today.

    2. Paul

      Constitutional protected free speech is only relevant in regards to the government. Businesses can set their own rules. No guns. Restricted speech. Restricted freedom to gather (unless as a union member). What you can post on a wall or put on your desk. Even what you wear. On and on.

      Outside of the government, there’s no guarantee of free speech. You can say what you want but there can be consequences. Even with Constitutionally supported free speech there are limits, as has been repeated ruled by SCOTUS.

      So, no one guarantees someone a platform to say what they want, and no one is protected from saying what they want when it comes to contract law and companies.

  11. Mickeba

    An entertainment company can’t tell people to have no opinion and shut up, no company can. The companies we work for can’t. You have rights, but you have responsibilities for good judgment. Gina had terrible judgment. Jon Favreau already went to bat to save her once. She was going to get her own show. Then she says this ridiculous and insulting garbage. These are the consequences. This is life.

  12. Sgt_jmack

    So, by Disney firing her for free speech is exactly what she is talking about. In the beginning, the Jewish ppl were persecuted simply becaise of their beliefs. Today, Republicans and Christians are being persecuted, simply becaise of their beliefs. Disney is jumping on the band wagon and persecuting Gina as well as all of her fans and anyone else that wants to speak up about simply having opposing views. Shame on Disney.

    1. Facts my dude. Remember Disney rehired James Gunn after all of the way worse and more disgusting stuff he said on Twitter. But he’s a liberal so it’s fine. Disney is just digging it’s own grave at this point.

  13. J.

    This has really disturbing ramifications for free speech. (or the lack thereof)

  14. Robin

    I understand that something matters to everyone and you have to do what makes you happy. I hope that the same individuals that wish to take time to save this individual’s job also take time to help the underserved (e.g., homeless, abused women and children, etc.). I also hope that the people that jump so quickly to say ‘Republicans this’ or ‘Democrats that’ take a step back and really think about what they’re saying that just keeps the country divided. Not all people in a particular group think the same but I’m seeing that many have convinced themselves that they do. What is really important in 2021?

    1. LM

      The First Ammendment only guarantees that Congress cannot limit speech unless that speech calls for an immediate threat of violence or imminent public danger. If a corporation feels an employee is harming their brand by their public statements, there is no law that states they cannot fire them. Many states allow businesses to fire people at will for no cause at all. It’s part of the free market system.

      You may or may not like it or agree with it, but it’s how it is. You of course are free to boycott Lucas or petition another company to hire her, but Lucas was within their rights.

  15. Christopher P Candee

    I hope she sues Disney and wins. Something has got to stop this discrimination against free speech. She caused no measurable damage by expressing her feelings through her words. (if she burned a store, or stormed the Capitol that’s different). If she hurt someone’s feelings doesn’t matter because feelings are not a basic right protected. So unless there is something in her contract she was fired unjustly.

    1. Rik


  16. Jim Sommerer


    1. k Q.Guerrero

      She JUST couldn’t keep her Opinion to herself. No coerced her to say the THINGS she said.. I hope Ms.Carano can REALLY get a Grip On Her Profuse statements that Are Clearly NOT What has been Historical and Emblazoned Globally in people’s minds for Decades Past. Do Not DISREPECT !! YOU Have Made Your Bed and THROUGHOUT Hollywood… I Think You Might NOT Find work In That Town Ever Again.SHAME!!

  17. Rik


  18. Rik

    Will lgbtq lobby for her?…. Hmmm ?
    …it gets more complicated every day. On the one hand they lobby for the rights of lgbtq but what happens when one of their members denigrate others for what and who they are?

  19. Carl Clements

    Good, I can add Disney to the long list of companies i no longer spend any money on. Just goes to show again that diversity of opinion isn’t allowed. Not surprising from anti semetic Disney.

    1. Huh?

      you do realize she was fired for her own anti-Semitic comments right? So how can that make Disney anti-Semitic?

    2. LM

      The First Ammendment only guarantees that Congress cannot limit speech unless that speech calls for an immediate threat of violence or imminent public danger. If a corporation feels an employee is harming their brand by their public statements, there is no law that states they cannot fire them. Many states allow businesses to fire people at will for no cause at all. It’s part of the free market system.

      You may or may not like it or agree with it, but it’s how it is. You of course are free to boycott Lucas or petition another company to hire her, but Lucas was within their rights.

  20. Ellen

    The post she shared describes how the Nazis got neighbors to turn on neighbors, to report them to authorities, to harass and commit violence against them, and how that led to the genocide of the Holocaust.

    That is exactly the behavior we are seeing today. The Holocaust did not start with Jews being rounded up onto train cars, and being sent to the camps. It started with hateful little people who believed the lies of the propaganda machine, who then turned their hate against their neighbors.

    Just like so many people are doing now, aka the “Cancel Culture.”

    What happened to “Never forget” and “Never again”???

  21. Ellen

    She did not post anything anti-Semitic or denigrating to anyone’s religion or culture. Those are the lies you have been told to believe, and she is the person you have been told to hate.

    Good obedient little comrade.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      I dunno. I can certainly see the argument that denying that racism exists is pretty racist. She certainly minimized the Holocaust, but I’m not sure if that is anti-Semitic. Oh well. It is Disney’s choice. I guess I’m just a bigger supporter of the free market and capitalism than you.

    2. Matt

      It just sounded like she was whining about Republicans being the victims on the same level as Jewish persecution, which is nutzo! Republicans always throw out “snowflake” but they have been pretty whinny the last few months… I am over it!

      And maybe if she didnt tweet something dumb several times a week, then maybe she would still have her job. If she wants to spout out her beliefs and complain about how much of a victim she is, just get a podcast! Get that sweet MyPillows ad money

  22. KenR

    The Disney double standard is alive and well. I recall Ariana Grande being vulgar to a donut shop worker saying “What the F%#K is that”? when a tray of donuts was brought out. She then commenced licking the donuts while pronouncing “I hate Americans. I hate America”. Yet she ends up getting paid by Disney to perform at their Christmas celebrations in front of Cinderella Castle. Disney’s hypocrisy and their distain for conservatives/republicans is well documented.

  23. Nadia Pasquinelli

    So so sad and messed up. I stand with her 100%!!!!

    1. Shocker

      I guess you won’t be hired as her replacement then.

  24. Koridawn

    Dear America,
    You can’t be pissed about the firing of Gina Carano, if you think that NFL was justified in their treatment of Colin Kaepernick. #realtalk

    1. Two Way Street

      Dear Koridawn,
      You can’t be okay with the treatment of Colin Kaepernick if you are upset about the firing of Gina Carano. #FYI

  25. Daddy Piranha

    This is so awful that she was cancelled like this by One Million Moms!
    Wait, what’s that? Not them?
    Then it was Newsmax silencing her like they did with Mike Lindell.
    It had to have been all those true Americans who boycotted Nike until their least favorite football player was cancelled.
    Really? None of those conservative groups were the ones organizing Gina’s cancel?
    Huh. That’s weird. With all the cancel culture among conservatives I was sure it was them. Oh well. That’s too bad for her. Whatever she said must’ve been really bad to get fired. Like worse than her acting.

  26. Christopher Martin White

    Freedom of speech as long as you agree with me. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Faithless communists have infiltrated the schools and the universities and as a result are the heads of major companies. You want to get back to the constitution and a moral society? Pull your kids out of public school as fast as you can and stop having the government and these type raise your kids. Do with less, live below your means, and raise your own kids with Godly morals and values. Love dignity and respect for all yes! Being “forced or pressured” to champion the causes and lifestyle choices of all no. Tolerance has to be a two-way street. Freedom of speech guarantees that you’ll be offended sometimes and that’s healthy. Other countries haul you off the jail for speaking your opinion. The Our rights come from God not mankind that way people cannot take them away. The constitution is inconvenient for these types, which is why they’re always trying to tear it apart and create a Godless society. They do this at their own peril but they don’t recognize it. They worship at the altar of government and humanism but those are false idols which cannot save but will ultimately lead to destruction.

  27. Bob

    She is absolutely right about being a epublican now days. Her comparison was a bit ” heavy:” but correct. Freedom of speech is gone today for conservstives. The USA is dying. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire is coming.

  28. Jc

    Cancel culture means cancel accountablility? Please!!! She, as do others who feel that they can say what they want without accountability, can go do their “thing” somewhere else.

  29. RA

    First world problems! It usually comes when white people feel their privilege is in danger. All sides “cancel” and then throw up their fingers pointing to the other sides use of cancel culture. Stand up for something real. She had the opportunity to back off of using her high-paid public persona to “have an opinion” (influence others). She chose to double down. The fame and perceived power went to her head. Disney won’t miss you boycotters, and the rest of us won’t miss having to interact with you at the Parks.

  30. Wow Disney firing someone for stating their own opinion…. What is this world coming to.

  31. Pat

    The censorship, cancel culture that disney is adoption is unbelievably racist , biggoted and highly illegal in an employment system. Another dissatisfied disney Customer

  32. Mr. Fox

    I have cancelled my Disney+ subscription. This idiotic nonsense is hypocritical and decisive. This was a political maneuver by a company run by an idiot supporting cancel culture that has no tolerance for the mainstream majority view that she and the minority like her so feebly strive to demonize with false narrative and Totalitarian propaganda.

    I wish Gina a lifetime of happiness, good health, liberty and freedom our Constitution grants to all Americans. The woke nutjobs get to enjoy the same freedom and liberty.

  33. Tired of hypocrites

    Funny reading about “cancel culture” and snowflakes, then in the same statement saying you will now “cancel” your Disney + and boycott Disney. Okay, so it’s okay when the other side uses “cancel culture” to get their way, but if the other side does the same thing, they’re in the wrong???? So it was okay to want to ban Muslims, call anyone supporting the BLM movement anarchists, Collin Kapernick ring a bell???? So some are standing up for human rights while others claim “patriotism” and who obviously have not read what “Freedom of Speech” actually is in the Constitution. Sorry you are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical wanna be bullies. Glad you won’t be anywhere near Disney or their products! I won’t miss you a bit!

  34. Free speech
    Freedom to hire and fire without any cause
    Don’t judge any Country or person by the worst thing they did in the past and have now corrected the wrong
    Americans are the only people on this earth that had a war to end slavery, to promote thought that Every man and woman are created equally and to have laws instead of absolute power and control from a king or a single ruler.
    “Out of many, one people”
    In liberty, Justice , unity and Peace to all

  35. Bxmamipr

    Society in general is way, way too PC. Who hasn’t used the word nazi, like the soup nazi or other phrases? If she can’t post her views on her private Twitter account, then the company is ridiculous. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, which is why I don’t get involved in politics. I read what she actually wrote, and it really wasn’t that serious.

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