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Disney Characters

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  1. Thomas

    When my brother and I visited WDW in 2016 the ones I loved meeting and had some great interactions were Joy and Sadness from Inside Out, and Mary Poppins was fun, though she did tease me about my dancing after forcing me to dance for her – and I’m a trained dancer! Gideon from Pinocchio was fun, in fact when he spotted me on a different day he ran up to me to make sure I got another hug and picture which was cool. Tarzan and Terk was a good meet too, I didn’t expect Terk to suddenly appear so it was a nice little surprise.

  2. Hugh

    My favorite characters to visit is Ariel and Belle. Although Ariel is my very favorite. I wore a sweater that has her in it and as I watched her on the cavalcade, she noticed the sweater and her reaction was like endearing (bowing, placed her hands on her cheeks, blows a kiss at me), which I was kind of expecting. When I was about to leave, she was waving at me (I’m not sure if she was still focused on me or if she was trying to get my attention again since I was looking at the other princesses afterwards before leaving) and blew a kiss at me again.

    On my second day at the Magic Kingdom, I noticed there were princesses waving after entering. I’ve always wanted to tell Belle a joke (The Grinch took the roast “Beast”) and took the opportunity to do so and she laughed.

    I was originally set to go to WDW in June 2020 but pushed it to December 2020 due to COVID-19. As I waited for updates and it got closer. I decided to go for it.

  3. EricJ

    It’s hard for male face-performers to bring a character off as convincingly as the Princesses, but Epcot Morocco did get some good enthusiastic Aladdins (back when he was still in his Street-rat outfit):

    One time, I was getting a Disney-themed recipe book signed, and he got caught up trying to find an Abu-themed review for monkey bread.
    Another time, one asked, “Say, can I hold your bag while we’re doing the photo?”, and Jasmine was cautiously signing “(Uh, no, say no…)” Duh, it took me a moment or two to figure out why. 🙂

  4. Peter

    Awww, EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY is great at WDW …but that’s just me, I Love everything Disney!!!!

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