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c3po and luke skywalker on muppets set with miss piggy

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  1. Robert Cload

    Luke’s outfit was a bit of a spoiler ( not too important) but suggesting that the Gonzo bit while he was in the Vaderesque outfit hinted at Vader’s real identity is a bit of a stretch. I doubt anyone involved in The Muppet Show production were aware of the closely guarded secret.

    1. Darth Oswin

      Thank you. Yes. I was thinking the exact same thing. I actually read the breakdown of the “spoiler” twice because I thought I missed something.

      Glad I’m not alone.

      May the Force be with you.

      1. So it didn’t actually spoil anything then.🤷‍♂️

  2. Bardo

    I don’t think anything here was a spoiler. Reread the article twice and couldn’t find a thing.

    1. Sand People

      Boy are we stretching to find something to write about. For someone who claims to be a fan, depth and relevance in your articles is somewhere in a galaxy far far VERY FAR away.

  3. J T

    Mark Hamill was not “filmed,” either. The Muppet Show was shot in NTSC video.

  4. Benjamin Kreis

    “To casual fans, George Lucas’s Star Wars and Jim Henson’s The Muppets probably seem to have very little in common.” Being a casual fan means you haven’t seen return of the Jedi.

    1. P. Rowley

      Star Wars: ANH was ALWAYS Episode IV. The crawl in the beginning of the movie identified it as “EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE”. That crawl”s verbiage has never changed since the original version that hit the theaters.

      1. C.perkins

        Actually, the original release of Star Wars didn’t have an episode# and was not called A New Hope. It was simply Star Wars. The Episode IV: A New Hope was added in the re-release.

      2. Det McClane

        See the reply below. He is correct. The reason you are under that impression is because it is very difficult to find the original version of this movie. George Lucas destroyed the original VHS tapes as they were traded out for the new ones from the video rental stores at the time.

  5. Jamie Wallace

    Kathleen Kennedy should be removed for her mishandling of the Star Wars franchise. She is not a fan and has politicized Star Wars to fit her vision. Disney+ will lose another customer if she is not terminated from her position.

    1. Paul

      Go live your life you idiot 🤣 and shut up. Disney or anyone else doesn’t care about losing a turd like you.

  6. PickyGuy

    By the way, Star Wars was also not called “A New Hope” until much later. Us older nerds who saw it in theaters when it was originally released remember that. Just saying…

  7. Jason Dunlap

    ‘The only new Star Wars material between ’77 and ’80’ How about ‘No’. I can recall an entire Marvel comic line, a few novels, a newspaper strip, and a radio program to boot. Try again.

    1. Abosultey nothing I this article is true except for the fact there was a Star Wars themed episode of the show.

      None of the spoilers mentioned were actual spoilers at all. Luke’s outfit had been seen before The Muppets episode in the trailer for the movie, the toy line and even promo material.

      Star Wars was just called Star Wars, not Star Wars: A New Hope.

      Whoever wrote this really should quit.

  8. Det McClane

    A little history for the author. The original title of the movie was “Star Wars”. No “A new hope”. No “Episode IV”. Just “Star Wars”. All changes/additions/alterations came later.

  9. Charles Price

    No such animal called “The Muppets Show”.

  10. gmossii

    This whole article is BS and deep down, the author knows it. Here’s a tidbit the author missed, the Empire toys were already hitting the shelves by March, so even the “outfit” wasn’t a spoiler. And the whole Gonzo aspect is only a spoiler AFTER you see the movie and attempt the weak Sherlock work the author attempted

  11. A. Greg

    On April 10, 1981, roughly a year after The Empire Strikes Back was released in theaters, 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm re-released the original film, too. Only this time, George Lucas decided to add “Episode IV” and “A New Hope” to the famous opening title crawl. His motivation was to match the original Star Wars with the opening crawl of Empire, which just a year prior had blown people’s minds by throwing an “Episode V” on the screen when everyone thought they were there to see “Star Wars 2.”

    1. Det McClane

      You are correct. This is all a result of picking an episode in the middle of the saga to make the first movie with. The issue is that they had no idea they would ever make a second one, let alone the entire saga. I’m still more than a little peeved about all of the changes to my favorite childhood movie.

  12. J. Merritt

    I think you an idiot, the muppets didnt spoil anything. Star wars fans are rarely content with what they get. Pick everything apart instead of enjoying it. If any muppet episode has caused you issues you need some serious therapy.

  13. Actually, it wasn’t a spoiler. The trailer came out for the movie in Fall of 1979, which contained scenes of Hamill in the outfit.
    Trivia: Harrison Ford did the voice-over narration for it.

  14. Actually, it wasn’t a spoiler. The trailer for the film came out in the Fall of 1979, and it does include scenes of Mark Hamill in the Bespin City fatigues.
    Trivia: Harrison Ford did the voice-over narration for it.

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