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emma watson as belle

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  1. Stacy Smith

    I’m sorry but who cares

    1. Vanya

      WTF?who cares?seriously? you are so dumb . If you don’t like her so you are jealous of her cause she is the completest person that world have ever seen!

    2. kaori rosales

      Me lols shes my favorite actress so its pretty good to know this ” stacy smith “

  2. Courtney

    I support her relationship with her boyfriend, possibly fiance, but I still ship her with Tom Felton. Attack me if you want, I will never change my opinion about them.

    1. Mia

      I agree with you

  3. eye

    Please, she hasn’t been on a movie set since what? 2018? “dormant” aka she got tired of not getting any juicy offers and is tired of losing roles she auditions for.

  4. Zaeem

    I think dormant means that she is taking a step back from everything to focus on her personal life but sometimes actors and actresses take a break and come back after a while so we will ultimately see in the end to be honest.

  5. JMH

    I heard there was something going on worldwide that has affected the whole entertainment industry. Some virus? It’s kinda hard to tell if her break is deliberate or the result of industry slowdowns/postponement of projects.

  6. Bella

    Hey if she’s got the money to do it, why not?? I hope she’s happy and safe and hope it’s just temporary.

  7. Ant

    I know I should be happy but I’m still sed, I mean come on, Harry Potter was the childhood of literally every kid every since it was created and like she deserves a break but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will return one day.

  8. Not a fan of hers, feel she ruined Beauty and the Beast.

    1. Mario

      You simpleton moronic fool. She DID NOT ruined Beauty and the Beast. In fact, she was the highlight of that movie and it was terrifically splendid.

    2. You Simpleton Weak-minded fool. She DID NOT ruined Beauty and the Beast, as her performance WAS THE BEST PART of that movie.

      1. harry

        Nah way too auto tuned
        They could’ve casted belle better

  9. Mia

    Wait does that mean she is not going to be in the next harry potter they said all the original people are still going to play in it

  10. Stephen

    I saw pictures of her coming out of a hospital and being picked up by Leo, I think something happened to her leg.

  11. Milton Lau

    She’s made her “nesting egg” so it only makes purrrrfectly good sense to pursue her own “life” as she chooses to live it, before she becomes a burnout like other child stars haves done prior to herself.
    If she would be interested in the cultivation of a mutually sustainable healthy relationship I would be interested in having a go with her, but only if she would consider doing so with the babayaga of San Francisco.

  12. Belxais

    She is just so perfect 🖤
    My favourite dazzling Hermione Granger ✨

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