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Credit: Dwayne Johnson via Instagram (left) Disney (right)


  1. EricJ

    Let’s learn the lesson of our last two celebrity amateurs , though, and give him a Constitutional test first.
    If he can even name all ten Bill of Rights, he’s already ahead.

  2. Chris

    Let’s have him run for governor of California first, he can’t be any worse than Newsom and if he turns out to be a good governor, then he can run for President. Either way, it gets Newsom out and that is a win for everyone in the country.

    1. EricJ

      Most would-be celebrity California governors with presidential bids tend to start small and work their way tip from president of the politically-outspoken Screen Actors Guild first…Much like the star of Bedtime for Bonzo did.
      It’s the ambitious actors who do, and we had our worries about Ed Asner for a while in the 80’s.

    2. Daddy Piranha

      I say he run for governor of Texas. At the very least, The Rock has electricity. So he’s already ahead of their current governor.

  3. Thomas in Orange

    Thanks for an intriguing article. People should have to have held previous elected positions before becoming president. It is tempting to want an “outsider” to shake things up but, being president one needs to understand how government functions. When actors become governors or presidents I am fearful that their big donors are really pulling the strings…

  4. Daddy Piranha

    I don’t know a thing about Johnson’s politics, but I honestly feel he would do what he thinks is morally right. More than almost any other modern politician I believe he is a good person and that is more important than agreeing with all of his policies. I don’t think he could be bought and I hope his previous scandals are already known and behind him.
    He’d have my vote regardless of the party he ran under.

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