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Disneyland Mickey Funko Pop


  1. Dominic

    The system sucks because they don’t use it to limit attendance. I’m here now and these lines are the longest I have ever experienced. Everything they’ve done has ruined the Disney experience. The atmosphere is flat, the people and employees are total jerks, the policies are absurd, getting food is extremely difficult, everything is insanely priced etc etc etc.
    I’ve been to Disney more times than I can count and this experience was terrible.
    Never again.

    1. Mark Wright

      My visit to Disney in January of 2021 was so abysmal I will NEVER go back. The lines were horribly long and we were unable to ride the new Star Wars ride because the virtual reservation system was a complete failure. We were told the park was at 35% capacity buy still couldn’t ride but 2 rides all day because of the atrociously long lines. Complaining to management was worthless, therefore I am done forever with Disney. This from a 40 year customer.

  2. Kathy

    I hope the Walt funko comes back. Any word on that?

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