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Not So Scary

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  1. People will pay for these special nights; I don’t think there will be a fear of Covid (because Disney hasn’t been reporting cases). Disney World has been more successful than the governor of California. With that being said, I would not pay for a special night if it was full price and half the magic. You think that it isn’t going to matter but it does.
    We paid full price for out last vacation with half the magic, and it did bother me when I got home.

    1. Ruth

      I cannot wait for these events to return, however they would need to bring back meet and greets as well as the parades. SeaWorld had “meet and greets” with Rudolph characters by placing the character behind a plexiglass wall. Granted it takes away hugging or signatures but it allows for “up close and personal” experiences.

  2. Janet Campbell

    We were there last October and loved being in the park, masks and distancing included. Definitely missed MNSSHP though and with all the protocols in place, see no readings why the ticketed events shouldn’t come back. I think attendance would pick up if they were.

  3. Philip

    Word is, Universal is conducting a survey of guests trying to ascertain if people would be willing to enjoy their parks without a mask or if they wouldn’t feel safe doing so. While it is my understanding that this is being done only at their parks at the moment, my guess is, overall, more people would be willing to go without the masks.
    Judging anecdotally from other comments/sources, far more people would be willing to come to Disney if the masks were eliminated, as well as in person meet and greets and fireworks were brought back. At over $300 a ticket, plus travel, plus food, plus lodging, the vast majority quite rightly feel that paying full price for 1/3 of an experience is stupid.
    Science doesn’t support the mass hysteria surrounding COVID, but the government and the media are pimping the fear porn, so it’s going to take a few high profile organizations to effect change. If Universal beats Disney to the punch, they are going to eat Disney’s lunch and deservedly so, because it seems that Universal cares more about the concerns of the majority of their paying customers than Disney does.

  4. KenR

    It’s my feeling that most people who willfully walk into a major theme park are not overly concerned with Covid-19. Not only that but they would gladly dispose of the outdoor mask requirements and social distancing measures too. We’ve gotten to a point where so much of these requirements (mask, cheap plexiglass everywhere, distancing) is nothing but covid-19 theatre. How often have we seen cases rise even with the closures and masks? So many illogical requirements right now. Does it make sense to stand in a crowded line, packed together with other people outside of a store while we wait to be let in? No it doesn’t. It’s a virus and unless you are sealed up alone somewhere, you may get sick with something. Time for people to decide what and how they want to do things. Disney needs to reopen to capacity, drop the silly outdoor mask requirements, and let people assume the risk for themselves. Make them sign a form that states that Disney is not responsible if they find themselves sick. If their employees are afraid to get sick, they can quit and maybe find a “work at home” job that suits their personal situation. I am fairly certain that Disney can find enough people willing to work for them.

  5. Rich

    If you look at the lines for the newer attractions in Hollywood Studios, it’s easy to see why people would pay for a special event ticket. It may be two years before some can get on the Star Wars ride; however, I wouldn’t give two cents for an Epcot special event ticket as that place is in shambles and looks like a war torn place as you walk in.

  6. Leah Firestone

    Instead of ticketed events, just extend the now limited park hours to normal hours. The parks are closing too early. 6 and 7pm is too early to close.

  7. Chris

    I think a lot of things should open back up. I hate to say this but the mouse has gotten greedy. You get half of the experience and the prices keep rising. Staff is not friendly anymore. I was there in October the last week in 2020. Staff was very rude especially in Disney Springs. I was going to go make reservations this year but now I’m not until things are back to normal. They say everyone is a kid at Disney but somewhere along the line that saying has been forgotten. The magic is lost to me. I hope they open up ticked events parades and dining plans. Please bring it back to the magical way it used to be.

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