Comments for Disney World Parking Lots Are A Ghost Town, Even When at Capacity 

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  1. Bobsyouruncle

    This is clearly not an empty or sparsely filled parking lot. Don’t know who is fooled by this…but 45% of capacity according to touring plans was about normal for WDW parks pre pandemic. This looks like they have the same amt of people and keep trying to say look low crowds come quick.

    1. Jim C

      Exactly. Author doesn’t know much about theme park management, or property management to that matter.

    2. I agree, half full does not mean quite empty!! Stop being drama creators!! When the parks go to 100% those lots will be full!!

  2. BS

    Uh yeah ghost town is a stetch or better yeat outright bs. I dont even go anymore with my annual pass because there are waaaay to many people to do anything but walk around wishing i could ride something without waiting in line for nn hour

    1. Geri

      There’s a 50-85 minute wait for rides and no fast passes. It’s definitely crowded!

  3. Wegone

    Not everyone has the money it takes to visit Disney with a family. Charging to park, we didn’t pay enough to get into the park? Maybe they’re pricing themselves out of the business.

  4. Esther Fishman

    I have only been there once with my family cause it’s so expensive.

  5. Munchkin

    I was just there today and there was virtually no one there. Ghost town was a pretty good description!

  6. Wolfshanze

    I live in Florida, I have a family with kids… we had reservations to go to Disney the very weekend in March 2020 when the parks shut down.

    We didn’t have the option to go in 2020, the shutdown was announced hours before we left for Orlando, and we have no interest in returning since the parks have reopened.

    Simply put, my family doesn’t want to “enjoy” vacation time spending the entire day wearing masks trying to stay cool outside in the open air.

    When we can enjoy the open air mask free, we’ll reconsider going back. I would imagine a lot of families don’t consider spending the whole day outside wearing masks as a fun vacation.

    1. Gina Desrosier

      You are correct, if I have to cover my face I WONT be a pass member again.

  7. Chris

    We were visiting a month ago and used Uber instead of parking. It was more cheaper than parking and the ride share drop off was near the front entrance!

  8. Mary

    I was just there and no way are the parks at 35% capacity. You couldn’t move in Magic Kingdom. Someone isn’t telling the truth somewhere.

  9. Sophia

    Maybe if masks weren’t required you’d be getting more visitors.. smh.

  10. JR Ewing

    What in the hell was the point of this article

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