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raya and the last dragon


  1. EricJ

    See, this is the Mars-Venus problem of having the Frozen Director running the studio:

    Male viewers: “We want Disney movies as good as Pinocchio and Aladdin!”
    Female viewers: “We want empowered independent young heroines, who don’t have to be rescued by princes!”
    Ethnic female viewers: “We want movies where we can see ourselves represented as the main characters!”

    One of the three wants to see Disney make an actual MOVIE, the other two just want to pull out their camera and click selfie shots.

    1. Matt

      OMG, I knew it! whenever there is an article that is talking about female and/or POC points of view, I know EricJ is first there in the comments to complain!!! I love how you think your opinion is superior to everyone else’s as a white male. You complain when there are articles (mainly from females) on this site who you deem as armchair imaginears, but you are worse, because you actually think you are an armchair scholar!!! But thankfully that PHD that you have is only in your head, and Disney does not care at all about your negativity, because the latest female driven, and culturally driven movies coming out of Disney and Pixar have been AMAZING!!! I will rewatch Moana and Coco over and over way before watching Pinocchio. But maybe you were just born in the wrong decade. I feel your outdated vibe is more suited to 1940s…

      1. SophieP

        As a girl, a lot of these new lead female characters are nice, but they are the same person over and over again and have the same exact story arc. Also, they make women/girls think that they have to be amazing and make a difference in a huge way. This isn’t bad, but a lot of the time it is extremely unrealistic.

  2. Hawk

    Name the last positive male lead in a disney cartoon?

    There isn’t one.

    1. Darth Notices

      For major animated movies:

      The last one in the theaters would be Ian & Barley Lightfoot from Onward, which came out a year ago.

      Most recent would be Joe Gardner from Soul, which came out just a couple of months ago on Disney+.

      But, none of those characters are WHITE males, so they don’t count?

    2. Tre

      There isn’t one? Are you living under a rock? Here’s a list of positive male leads in a Disney cartoon since 2000. Looks like you’ve got a lot of movies to catch up on.

      Luca and Alberto in Luca (coming this summer)
      Joe Gardner in Soul
      Miguel in Coco
      Nemo and his dad in Finding Nemo
      Arlo in The Good Dinosaur
      Mike and Sully in Monsters Inc. and Monsters University
      Lightning McQueen in the Cars movies
      Woody and Buzz Lightyear in the Toys Story movies
      Russell and Carl in Up
      Remy and Linguini in Ratatouille

      1. Darth Notices

        There we go. The only old white guy on the list is Carl from Up!

        So according to the logic of the anti-cancel culture whiners, he’s the only one that REALLY counts. And let’s face it, Carl wasn’t really a positive guy. Kinda pessimistic. Probably voted to make balloons great again.

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