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  1. Jamie

    What the sad thing is about this is your child can’t watch G rated movies on Disney+ that every parent grew up watching where nothing was an issue because we never looked into it. Now cancel culture is here for G rated movies but you can watch South Park in the morning on network TV. Does anyone else see a problem with this? R movies used to be on after kids went to bed. This is the garbage we deal with.

    1. David

      I agree 100%. This is all getting to be stupid. These movies have nothing to do with how kids grow up. We as parents need to take the responsibility for raising our children the right way. So if there is a problem we as parents failed to teach our kids right from wrong. An how to be tolerant of others. It has nothing to do with the movies.

  2. Chris

    The problem here is, not as your one reader said, Disney is NOT lettingYOU decide what your child watches, they’re deciding for you…I think the warnings are fine and let it go…truly let me censor my child’s viewing habits…multimillion dollar corporations already have enough sway over our lives, let them not decide what I can let my kids watch on tv too…

    1. E. K.

      I don’t mind the warnings, but I think this is taking it too far. Unless you have been living under a damn rock your entire life, you know there are racist depictions in all media – Disney has never been an exception to this. Instead of allowing the companies to monitor things for you, why not put on your adult pants and use it as a teachable moment? Companies need to stop coddling people and cowtowing to every precieved offence and individuals need to start acknowledging and taking responsibility for their own actions, reactions, and facilitations of change.

    2. Diane

      It’s not the multi million corporations who are doing this, they are simply responding to people who lose their minds over the silliest of things.
      Let’s be honest here, I’m an older lady so grew up with all these movies, they didn’t turn me into a racist or a bigot and so what if I wanted to be a princess in a pretty dress hoping to meet a handsome prince? I think I’m more well rounded as a human as most kids today who are being sheltered from all the ‘bad stuff’ I had teenage anxiety, it’s a common thing caused by hormones and facing adult life, but, now it’s considered a thing that needs support and help to a degree where the kids are not allowed to get through it naturally and are now going to ‘suffer’ from it all their lives.
      Enough of calling your pets ’emotional support animals’ enough of finding racism and bigotry where it and enough of treating your kids like fragile doll and not letting them watch Disney movies, but, allowing to go on the real place that breeds racism and bigotry-social media.

      1. Raul

        Yay! Diane, speak for all us adults here. Who really know what tough times are and are free to form our own consciences.

      2. Elizabeth

        Wrong I have dealt with depression and anxiety my whole life. I’ve lost people to suicide. You have no idea.

  3. As a society we have become increasingly sensitive about what is right and wrong! For goodness sake we must lighten up back then life was different. Allow the parents to make the decisions for each of their children but do don’t apply society rules in a forced nature. Allow people of a freedom Country to make that decision what we wish to watch in its originally content as individuals as we must be responsible for our actions in society.

    1. Pyratwesly

      What’s really offensive is the misleading headline if this article and the crappy way you put a red x through the images of classic characters. Are you so desperate for clicks?

  4. Thomas

    It drives me to tears the Snowflake Cancel Culture, particularly when it comes to movies, not just Disney, but culturally important movies such as ‘Gone With The Wind’. But on the movies talked about in this article, ‘Dumbo’, I watched it hundreds of times when I was little, and I mean younger than 3, and I loved it and still do. The Crows are friendly characters and probably the most important scene in the whole movie as it’s the scene where Dumbo is taught to fly. Others have said about the carnival workers all being black, as a child this didn’t even register with me, and I just assumed that since they were building the circus tent at night it was just the dark of the night. ‘Lady and the Tramp’, the Siamese cats, I just saw them as that, evil Siamese Cats, not an assault on the Eastern Asian people. ‘Peter Pan’, the old fashioned stereotype of Native Americans, but please note the term ‘old fashioned’, but based on the images of come very famous Native Americans, but at the same time, all the rights to Peter Pan get paid direct to the Great Ormond Street Hospital – a London hospital for Sick Children, and the story is a classic that is loved by people of all generations. I still think, on a higher age bracket ‘Song of the South’ should be on there, I watched it as a child and thought it was the most boring thing I’d ever sat through, apart from the Brer animal animations and the song ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’ – one of Disney’s signature songs let’s not forget, but a lot of people haven’t seen it and are scared more because of what they’ve heard rather than what they’ve actually seen.

    The one thing Disney+ HAVE removed which has annoyed me though, to be replaced by the unnecessary ‘Star’ option, is they’ve removed the ‘Through the Decades’ collection and I was working through it in order and now no longer have the order to work through which is a major inconvenience.

  5. Cindy

    This has gotten ridiculous. Democratic Disney and Big Brother are censoring everything and it has to STOP!
    You aren’t allowing us to decide for ourselves, you have made the decision for us.
    Maybe some don’t see the big picture, but some do. It’s bigger than blocking content from children.
    If you and others continue to take quality programming away you’ll find yourselves out of business.

    1. Vuffi_raa

      So you are saying you don’t think that you should decide what you children watch, sorry you want to be a lazy parent

    2. Diane

      This is not so much a political thing rather than a cultural thing. Parents are being programmed to treat their kids like little fragile china dolls and that is not a political thing, it is a cultural thing on TV and in the media.

      Without the parents and cancel culture club there would be no censorship. The media only responds to the ordinary paying customer.

  6. PT

    Its very sad to see what the new execs at disney are doing to the legacy of are great person . Im sure Disney is turning over in his grave. Cancel culture is ruining this country.

    1. Phyzzi

      Disney the man was a complicated person and even in his time not clearly the sort of person you would want to hold up as a roll model. I don’t think we should be so concerned about his legacy as our own.

    2. Barbara Ervin

      So true.

  7. Ronnie

    This is sad. These movies are classics. They teach you how to deal with real life situations. I agree that it is an insult to remove this from the children’s section. Walt Disney set up Disney for an education and learning experience for all.

  8. I cancelled my Disney+ since they fired Gina Carano. Now they’re doing this. We’r grew up watching these shows. Let us choose what to watch Disney!

  9. Melissa

    Stop the censorship. This is a PAY service.

    1. A Mama Like You

      It’s not censorship…. The content is still there, just not in a kids profile… Aka disney is not deciding what kids can or cannot watch; they are letting PARENTS decide if their kids can watch it…. Isn’t that the whole point? …

      You are ok with your kids watching it as-is? Don’t make a KIDS profile, make them a general one. Don’t want to do that? Then let them use YOUR profile when they want to watch that content…

      If anything this is the PERFECT opportunity to
      actually be a PARENT and have a REAL LIFE teaching moment with your child about how “some things, which may not have ever been intended to be hurtful, can still be hurtful to others. – Now enjoy Peter Pan honey, it’s one of mommy’s favorites, and remember it’s just not considerate to comment on the color of someones skin with stereotypes.”

      They also don’t have some of the Cars movies and Moana on kids profile – haven’t since the service started. Why? Because they have an epilepsy disclaimer due to the strobes in the racing scene, and the very first scene of Moana when the grandmother is telling the kids the story of TeKā. – And young children, like very young, usually cannot PRONOUNCE “epilepsy” let alone READ it. So if your child says “I want to watch Moana,” Disney just wants to make sure YOU, the ADULT, know that it’s in there in case it’s an issue for your child.

      This really isn’t complicated. It’s not evil. It’s not censorship. It’s nothing to get angry about. They didn’t use alternate edits of the film and change the original to suite people’s feelings on race relations. They literally just added a disclaimer that says “hey, this, by today’s standards, has a few scenes largely considering insensitive. You might want to watch it WITH your child…. If you’re unavailable to do that, Here’s Mickey Mouse Club House.”

      ::Heaviest of eye rolls::

      1. Phyzzi

        Yeah. This. People *ahem* are so quick to jump to “cancelled” that we apperently can’t take “maybe an adult should be present to decide”. Then again, I think most comments were a reaction to the title of the article and not an actual read of what happened or personal experience. If people can’t read down into an article, I guess they are also likely to be upset about being asked to take responsibility for what their kids watch at some basic level.

        1. A Mama Like You

          All fair point lol

        2. Jazzy

          How about removing all this movies about boys wantings to be girls and girls wanting to be boys, that’s not acceptable that’s brainwashing your child’s mind, your child doesn’t decide what he or she wants to be, you were borned a boy and girl period.
          Just because you are a girl who is a townboy doesn’t make you a boy, that’s stupidity on parents brainwashing there kids. What is this world coming to🙄🙄🙄🤨

  10. Whitney R Young

    What I’m realizing is I have the choice to watch It with them on my profile in the same room and it sparks conversation. That being said maybe we as parents need to examine why are we upset because I’m not.

    1. A Mama Like You

      Thank you! At least someone gets it! …

      Disney didn’t decide what your kids should or shouldn’t see, they put it in a different spot so YOU could decide what they should or shouldn’t see …

      It’s quite literally the most responsible alternative and the best solution… “This bothers some people…we COULD take it down entirely…. Other people love this, don’t see an issue with it and want to share THEIR childhood with their kids… We could leave it…
      Ok, we will make it so those who are bothered by their children watching it unsupervised, cannot…. And so that those who DO want to share it with their children, can….. Problem solved! No one should be pissed about this, then, right?!? “

    2. I agree 100%. If you “feel offended” then do NOT buy it or watch it! Please do not tell me that I should be offended. I can make up my own mind about that.
      Enough already!

  11. Happy

    What happened to learning from history? These films help us to see how we as a society have grown. Also as another person said it teaches children that life is not always easy and how to handle things when they don’t.
    Parents should be monitoring their child not the big corporations or the government.

    1. Jedi76

      Great news! That’s exactly what this does. By putting the content that should have a discussion about the history around it on the adult profile, it provides the very opportunity to watch this with your children and have that conversation. They will be able to learn from history!

  12. Viki C

    OMG if you removed all the sexist content objectionable to little girls there would be nothing left. I LOVE old Disney movies and feel they should be left alone. They are a reflection of the times in which they were made. That’s erasing our history as if it didn’t happen. But you can bet I have to have conversations with my daughters every time they watch old movies and they see how women and girls are portrayed. In ten years they’ll need to add disclaimers about how older women are portrayed as witches and never as heros. Fortunately for us all times change.

  13. Rich

    What a shame I feel like a little kid again with my mom telling me what I can and can’t watch and almost in my fifties. Cheese and Rice!!

    1. Phyzzi

      Maybe you should start using the adult profile where these movies are still accessable, but who am I to kink shame?

      1. Cici

        @Phizzy, Honestly, that depends on what Rich’s age is. Example: What if they’re 16 years old with chill parents, but has a child profile due to not being a full adult yet? Or they could be 18 with “complete” freedom to an extent and still lives with their parents. Not positive but this is a theory.

  14. MJ Smith

    I assume most of the comments on here are from white people who grew up not seeing racial prejudice in any form. Seriously, let’s have a whole murder of Black crows (voiced by white guys), using Black stereotypes. Let’s have some Asian cats, with halted and poor English skills, when Asians know English better than most folks born in the United States. Let’s not forget the Red Man, which his broken English, especially when the Red Man was taken from their home from kindergarten until graduation up until 1996 so white people could kill the savage and save the man. This isn’t cancel culture or snowflake life, this is a terrible depiction of human beings turned into cartoons for white people enjoyment. Putting it into the adult box isn’t cancelling it, it’s trying to get the moronic parents of the US to acknowledge and talk to their children about racist depictions of people. Case in point, I grew up watching Disney all the time. We have the VHS still in our possession from the 80’s. I walked up to my mother law when she was smoking and called her a jackass because Lampwick was smoking in Pinocchio and that is what he was referred to. I was four. So, yes, these movies can teach children inappropriate terms and stigmas. Putting it in the adult queue is to get adults to think about what they are allowing their children to watch so you can talk with your spawn and hopefully keep your white child from walking up to an Asian and mimicking the speech they see in Lady and the Tramp, or calling a Native American a Red Man. Learn some history people, Disney was racist, now they are attempting to change their racism.

    1. Tommy

      Bahaha sure, stay classy bud. Keep your white hate going.

      1. David

        I agree. He needs to find a new place to put his head. Maybe back on his shoulders where it belongs. The only thing he has right is we are responsible for our kids. So when we see them doing something we know is wrong. Stop them right there. An tell them it’s not right to do that. An if they keep it up there will be punishment. Oh wait I had better not say that. Someone might be offended because I punish my kids when the do something wrong!! An that’s the other problem. We as parents can not punish our kids like we used to be when we messed up. Or we go to jail for abuse. An yes before someone else gets their big girl panties in a twist. I know there were cases of abuse. But let the law an courts sort it out. Not the neighborhood.

        1. Phyzzi

          You definitely don’t punish your kids every time they do something wrong, but I bet you get mad if they walk away from a beating.

    2. Adriel

      As a Native American, I just want you to know that your comment is more offensive than anything in Peter Pan or any other Disney movie. You clearly hate white people. My children, also Native Americans, love “What Makes the Red Man Red” and no one in my tribe finds it offensive. It would be great if people stop getting offended for our sake.

      1. Catch2260611

        Thank you for your perspective Adriel. I find it interesting that certain aspects are also ignored. The lost boys who are generally pretty crazy, seem to be respectfully listening to the Chief. And Peter Pan seems to like Tiger Lily. The relationships over-all seemed decently positive.

    3. William Paul Johnson, Jr.


      Clearly ‘MJ Smith’…you are ‘the one’ who is a racist…and a very ‘thin skinned’ one also I might add.

      Film classics like DUMBO, PETER PAN, and LADY & THE TRAMP are going to ‘last, be watched and adored’ until the ‘end of time’ itself…no matter how much ‘howling and complaining’ hypocrites like you indulge yourselves in.

      For all of ‘the gainsaying’ you and others have applied to and against Walt Disney’s immortal classic SONG OF THE SOUTH, it still ‘survives’ and is eagerly watched by ‘millions upon millions’ of children and adults ‘alike’ on DVD. So there…put that in your ‘racist pipe’ and ‘smoke it’.

      ‘MJ Smith’ you are on the ‘wrong side of history’. It’s time for you to ‘chill out’. As ‘Uncle Remus’ would say, “ZipahDeeDooDah
      …ZipahDeeAy…My Oh My…What A Wonderful Day…!”

      ‘Long live’ film classics like DUMBO, PETER PAN, LADY & THE TRAMP, and of course SONG OF THE SOUTH.

      Most sincerely,
      William Paul Johnson, Jr.

  15. Another Girl

    Personally, I think this is ridiculous. And the most baby-ish rides at Disney are based on older movies for the most part, or there is something deemed “offensive” in them. I just… It’s part of our history and it’s more up to the parents to teach right from wrong. Let the movie’s spark conversation. I will say though, I watched the older movies growing up, on VHS, and I never really thought about stereotyping my friends from other background based on depictions in the movies. I just enjoyed the movie as is, with all of the characters and their unique traits. To make it that a kid couldn’t watch Lady and The Tramp without permission, when it’s G-rated, just blows my mind.

  16. Stephanie K Hillman

    What a sad world we live in when you have to knit pick all of the wonderful Disney Movies from 50+ years ago, just to please all of the nuts in the world who are offended by certain material in these cartoons!! if something offends you then dont watch it. Simple as that. Taking out songs and certain scenes from movies is completely wrong, and it changes the story completely.

  17. WillWeBeAlright

    “They don’t have to burn the books they just remove em” -Rage Against the Machine rallying against conservative censorship in the 1990s. Now we have liberal censorship but they are doing it through the entertainment industry. Just wait till next year. During the midterm elections we will see massive censorship of all things conservative and historical. I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but this kind of stuff makes me nervous.

  18. Michelle

    I watched these movies as a child and could not possibly have recognized/internalised the tropes that are in dispute here. Children are innocent; they perceive the world literally. I saw happy, magical crow-birds and nothing else. I saw shifty, evil cats and nothing else. And so on. These are beautiful movies with beautiful messages and kids should be allowed to enjoy them as we did. When they are older then these topics can be addressed in their proper context.

    1. Mystic

      Disney should just go ahead and put up a few x-rated movies accessible from child profiles. Since people are so up in arms about Disney giving THEM the option to decide what their children watch. Whaaat an incessant bunch of Karens.

  19. Lilla

    I disagree with the forced compliance measures Disney has instituted. I believe Disney+ should fine-tune the parental controls instead. Currently, there is no differentiation between a toddler’s profile and a teenager’s profile, which is ridiculous in my opinion. I don’t want my youngest watching shows tailored to older children, but simultaneously wouldn’t want to limit a more mature child from exploring additional content. Other video streaming platforms offer better control, and although they’re not perfect, at least assigning age groups is better than suggesting that all children are the same and thus should be granted access accordingly.

    In addition to age group permissions, there should be a way to manually add access to individual titles for each child’s profile. I realize this would require more data storage per account, but I believe it would be well worth it.

    Before, my child would only ever select her profile image. Now, without additional controls implemented, I find her selecting my adult profile to find specific titles, and consequently getting introduced to more than the traditional classic movies and programs. I’ve had to cancel our subscription on and off for this serious lack of parental control.. And disappointment of limited titles in general.

    I understand that Disney wants to keep up with cultural changes, but they shouldn’t forget that this is a country founded on freedom of choice as well as personal rights. We determine which religious and cultural experiences our children are exposed to at home, more or less, and we should be granted the same privileges to govern their experiences online as well (at least within paid services). Not everyone is the same, but access should be available to anyone. Let parents decide what is best for their child(ren). Don’t take that right away from us.

  20. I thank disney+ and such when finally to recognize the powerful impact to important matters from bully to harmful reaction from when violence was only thing to brought justice now plus when we hurt as much we should be ashamed of ourselves and let children watch and breathe yet younger children sock it up like a sponge and they in turn they become older then to miss use that to violate everything then not able to feel ashamed well… As myself growing up theater and music to arts are like homosexual lifestyle and taught to hurt like african american looked as slaves which imagrants was filled under threats to USA when we as american looked the other way to be free then you should like the life poor and take advantage of and abuse homeless to disable and much more then I am open-minded person then says drugs violence sex was always the answer then to miss represent this adverse then you are not looking right and this to me dumbo was a bully to peter pan was like you not allowed to feel free to lady and the tramp when you are allowed to not be yourself yet share this to children then children understand that it’s ok to do by example yet we are letting it and use religion too I love disney and much more this open eyes wide open when realize this is wrong yet there is no right or wrong what we teach history to much more then see harsh life others faced as for me my life was stolen from everything yet music and everything in-between like real life aladdin and animation and compassion to cinderella to princess and the frog to beauty and the beast to many more I can authentic with we can’t be ourselves when we absobe tensions yet like we should be better for this new wave of children we bring in the world if we keep silent crime will happen and look the other way and we let it happen again and again then no way to in the middle and voice concern yet then that’s real change begin if we don’t use our mouth to keep it shut then nothing else can be done and nothing matters you set things to give this day and age no right but right too keep violence and violate color of skin to handicap and such to not allow LGBT be who they want to love then we can not move forward we can not judge yet you don’t want to change but to be a voice for victims and myself include I witnessed murders happen I lost my dignity and pride stolen from me for years then you’re pride confident is out of place I think disney and disney+ has new idea they relook at all this and they themselves found it offensive and a detriment of where things happening then and now look at the homophobic to AIDS pandemic started then all become phobia you are to scared to get to know others then harm others disney and disney+ now got this and is a open book and now doing all this reasearch and they find out what there going to do to safe guard children or teach about it tell or ask how does it feel about it then we can talk and discuss within a reasonable matter then to find healthy and ways to discuss it and people with disability handicap too matter as most then not cry out to not help poor unfortunate souls to the children like myself then want to voice then we are still attacked upon haters and others set there ways to unprofessional conduct to there unreasonable conduct to over look there religion belief or there belief of politics and such then I say then leave that the door it has no place disney and disney+ I thank you for listening to others and look at everything to which to only change is limit everything till like when there older or when they are able to understand what it’s really it’s talking about I read for nothing yet I can get the synopsis of what the thought of what the movie wants to explain about when like other movies tell the truth yet we live a fantasy when it all should go one direction or it falls through or goes to the grown then at what point then we let this get severely out of control and yet we don’t see it ourselves too movies music theater tell the truth of humanity and dignity and mental health to healthy and unhealthy ways when democracy then it’s tested and such then other people struggling yet we don’t help those people are not able to eat food or provide shelter to then allow to victimized traumatized near death and let them suffer to then when others sell body’s to make living to turn to illegal drugs to sell illegal to hack to breach even then so what did you do disney the music industry and broadway theater and such besides the lack of impact there livelihood crumble and that’s worse then when it was like slavery was still told as taboo and yet we look the other way and such this is not my opinion that matters we don’t know how to handle the truth and it hurts disney and disney+ is becoming a proactive with this I thank you

  21. Maus Merryjest

    I think they did this the right way- the movies being available only under the adult profile sort of encourages the parents to watch with the kids and … you know. Talk about what they’re seeing.

    A whole bunch of crybaby parents the comments who clearly were accustomed to letting the television babysit their kids notwithstanding.

  22. WisdomLost

    I understand moving content that depicts inappropriate views and behavior to a more controlled access. My issue is with the more recent content that is, in my opinion, wholey inappropriate for younger viewers, yet targeted directly to them.

    Specifically, content addressing sex and sexuality. Disney is so engrossed in the “gender movement” that they seem not to understand that introducing young viewers to ANY sexuality-related topic is inappropriate.

    Though I fully understand the goal of acceptance and removal of negative stigma, I do not believe Disney’s approach is of any value at all. In fact, I see it as harmfull to any viewer lacking the maturity and thoughtfulness required to introduce such a sensitive topic as sexuality… regardless of age.

    If Disney is to maintain any moral high ground as a family-friendly media company, they MUST be consistent with their protection of young viewers from harmful, inappropriate, immoral, or derogatory content.

    As other parents have posted, it is good that Disney has taken steps that aide parents in controlling access to sensitive materials by younger viewers. I just hope that they see, and understand, the need to restrict other materials, as well.

  23. Peter

    Fed up with Disney adopting the woke culture – I am deeply offended by their approach and actions.

    1. Mary

      Disney is NOT Disney any more. Even the parks, and the resort hotels, are all stripped of the ‘DISNEY MAGIC’ we used to know. What a damed shame. Now it’s just an amusement park like all others.

  24. PraisedBeJebus

    “Disney+ subscribers” that’s a funny attempt to cull the herd and create a hivemind. We know exactly what “Disney+ subscribers” you’re referring to.

  25. Amber

    Eh. Wondering how many read the article. The movies are still there just not on kid profiles. Not a big deal. Netflix’s kids page is just for little kid TV shows. They don’t even have kid shows like Power Rangers; for the kids to watch those you have to go to the adult account. No big deal. Nothing new.

    I liked one poster’s idea about letting parents set limits by age/kid/account. My ten year-old could be allowed more choices than my 5 year-old. Maybe.

  26. Sally

    I think this is a great idea. The movies are still available on Disney+ (your headline and graphic with the big red X are really misleading), but it encourages a conversation between parent and child about what they’re watching. When I was a kid watching these movies, I didn’t realize some of the scenes were such harsh racial depictions. I’m glad that Disney is trying to do better.

    1. Daniel Marquart

      I don’t think that these movies,should be cut up or cut out altogether. The warning in front of the movies should be enough!😡 TCM don’t always have movies that are pc,but still shown uncut and unedited!😡👎

    2. Lee

      Good grief…this is a BIT MUCH. Disney decided this FOR US.

  27. Joe

    Just make a snowflake Category for all those that get offended by everything and want to live in there sanitized world.

  28. Because of Gina Carrano I am boycotting Disney all together. Cancel culture can kiss my ass!

    Removing kids movies is just that many more nails in the coffin.

    Mickey Mouse is a communist that should be hung for treason!

    1. Lee

      Good grief…this is a BIT MUCH. Disney decided this FOR US.

  29. Christian Cabrera

    *watching Dumbo* “Hey look! Haha it’s a black dude”

    -Said no child, ever, like, at all.

    If you ser a cartoon and get offended by it, then you are the racist.

  30. Daniel Marquart

    I don’t think that these movies,should be cut up or cut out altogether. The warning in front of the movies should be enough!😡 TCM don’t always have movies that are pc,but still shown uncut and unedited!😡

    1. Phyzzi

      None of these circumcised movies! Uncut! Uncut! Uncut! Long and deep the way they Disney intended!

      Sounds safe for the kids, why not?

  31. Stephen M Carter

    This is just one more of an overwhelming number of
    reasons that I will continue to avoid signing up for this horribly run streaming service.

  32. Cj Brown

    I don’t subscribe to Disney +, my friends give me Mandalorian Episodes on flashdrive, I 💜 all of my Walt Disney Animation DVDs / Blu-rays (if Content gets canceled from the classics? it’s going to drive up the price of home media that’s not edited of Content and sold online!)

  33. Hollie

    What the hell I was I brought up on the disney’s films since the day I was born im 18 years old now and hearing them saying the films are racist to peoples culture its f…… mad. Trying to control what we and what children watch there’s a thing called an off button on an remote use that if don’t want your child to watch something. There old classics if don’t like them or are offend by them turn off your f……tv and watch something else just because you cant handle it grow up.

  34. Ed

    Today’s Disney attitude of cancel-culture is much more offensive than anything that Walt approved in his movies

  35. Wilburrrrrrr

    MJ Smith: fairly okay shot if this is your first attempt at trolling – you picked an easy group, not a bad strategy. If not? Time to do better. Think less SJW, more direct attacks. SJW is done and the people “protected” largely roll their eyes along with the rest of us.

    Your opening sentence sets the hook well, labeling and assumptions. That always gets a rise. Just got to play that bait a bit more to get a truly enraged, ready to fight fish on the line. Don’t shift focus, keep it simple. You’ll be a novice troll in no time!

  36. Paul

    Hello? People? NOTHING has been removed. ITM has, once again, misrepresented reality.

    All Disney has done here is what all the whiners have been whining about – let the adults decide for their kids. Adults have the information and you can make the decisions for yourselves.

    Get over it. There’s no “cancel culture” here. If you want your kids to watch the movies they can.

    Cheese and crackers, people. Get a life. Or better still, learn to read.

  37. Keith Mazinii

    I love reading people say it’s just a cartoon, it’s fine. It’s not fine. Your white privilege thinks those movies are fine. Those crows in Dumbo are hella racist. They are named Jim Crow for God sake!

  38. Joanne

    I cancelled my Disney+. I despise cancel culture, but then cancelled Disney. Bye bye Disney. I’m joining in.

  39. Barbara

    I am very upset about Disney+ taking these movies away. Parents could have an opportunity to have a conversation with their children about rights and wrongs of the past. I feel like we are hiding all the injustices and lose that window to teach our children what it looks like and why it is wrong. I approve of Disney’s first statement. Parents should always be aware of what their children are choosing to watch and and be an active participant if needed.

  40. Sue

    I understand that what children watch is important. i have been working as an educator with children for almost 50 years.
    What we are doing is taking away the beauty in these films that we have grown up with. Disney may have some difficult and incorrect information in movies and cartoons but what about most of the shows on TV these days?! Isn’t the beauty and the love and caring of the people/animals win over its issues? I also believe parents need to spend time with children watching the beautiful Disney stories and art work to emphasize the positive and use the negative as a learning opportunity. Time to let go of the deep criticism!!

  41. I grew up with these movies you go too far messing with these movies. It didn’t interfere with how I feel about people. You taking these things out interferes with how I feel about Disney
    You are just trying to get more money out of people you are very greedy!

  42. Kevin

    Everyone needs their platform and their violin these days… I already control the content my kids access, but now, if they want to watch Peter Pan, I have to follow up with them to make sure they don’t go on to watching something too scary next. Between this and Carano getting removed for political reasons idgaf about one way or the other, I’m about to drop Disney entirely. #depoliticize entertainment.

  43. Shonna H

    My only problem is, if they make it unavailable to kids without parents authorization now, what’s to stop them from completely editing what they deem as “inappropriate” content in general. They are literally one step away from just flat out removing the content altogether. Try and find an original ET movie, without the guns removed, it’s virtually impossible. I found it ridiculous then (um, police have guns…. editing them out is just deciding for us what is right and wrong). What is to stop them from doing that next? Everyone is talking about how people should read the whole article and that they “aren’t deleting the content”. Let me say this to you, they already changed it twice. Once it was just fine, then they added a disclaimer at the beginning and now they are removing it from children’s profiles, next step, removing content altogether so they don’t have to “risk possible scrutiny” from a small number of people. That’s where I have a problem. Once they take a little step forward, it makes it easier to take bigger steps later. For those of you with the original Disney movies, cherish them, hold on to them closely, because if Disney has anything to say about it, they will be permanently removing the content.
    Oh, and it’s true, Walt was a huge anti-Semitic.

  44. Jenny

    If Disney truly believed these were/are harmful than they should immediately cease and desist from platforming/promoting and profiting off them. They should also give all the profits since the first one was released to the people’s or cultures they believe we’re harmed. Not going to happen because Disney is just woke virtue signaling and will go on with business as usual.

  45. Bren

    Do most of you know how NOT to read an ENTIRE article???? For the love of me, you have your panties in a freaking bunch over NOTHING! READ THE ARTICLES! NOTHING has been taken away, NO scenes have been cut. You only access them differently instead of being on the children’s page. So quit calling people SNOWFLAKES, threatening to CANCEL your subscription, and saying this is the “CANCEL CULTURE” doing it. This, this is why there are so many problems because people will not read or even investigate to find the truth, but instead decide to be idiots. All of you complaining and threatening to cancel show who really began the “Cancel Culture” many years ago, and who are the real snowflakes!

  46. beavis

    Stfu and get back to nursery you cnut

  47. Erich

    Some of the things that Disney decide what to do with their Films are simply rediculious. For example, Song of the South, it’s ban from the US based on Racist. That’s just crazy, that’s our History and people need to see and experience what was real and how it was handled right or wrong. Burying your head in the sand doesn’t Fix anything.
    Also why on earth is Vol. 2 of Spin and Marty locked away ? That taught young men how to have good morels, manners and forgiveness.
    Some Disney decisions I just don’t get.

  48. Barbara Ervin

    All I can say is this…the ‘racist’ thing has gotten out of hand. It seems these days some people have nothing better to do than purposefully seek out what ‘they’ consider racist. Stop stirring the pot. Look to the future and put the past back in the past where it belongs! While hindsight may be 20/20 you can’t change it by knocking down statues, pulling books from the shelves or stripping scenes from movies.

  49. Diane

    Show the movies, no one ever became a racist from watching Lady And The Tramp or riding Splash Mountain. Racists are made by other racists and the society of racism around them.
    Song of The South is not about slavery, it is set after the abolition of slavery and Uncle Remus is an example of how to be the best person and caring for others no matter the colour of your skin. I have this movie and I watched it again in case I missed something about the so called ‘racism’ in it. There is nothing, it’s just modern kids being brought up to take offence at everything. I agree about putting a warning before a movie, most kids don’t take notice of them anyway.
    Censorship is ridiculous when children’s movies and books are altered or removed from viewing and yet, violence and graphic sex, not to mention salty language are deemed okay.

  50. Dave stone

    I think it’s dumb for Disney + to do this , I have cancel my subscription to Disney + for many reasons when I told them about peter pan and other classics were not on my account and I don’t have any children, that’s like telling me what I am allowed to view what about the first amendment?

  51. Patricia

    No big deal it’s not like you can’t watch them chill out people you people let the littlest things get you worked up

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