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  1. Odin

    I think it’s ridiculous to remove the “Song of the South” theme from Splash Mountain. The SJW/Woke Cabal is ruining everything. Disney can kiss my ass.

    1. Cole phelps

      Wah wah wah, baby tears is what you’re crying. Go back to sleep.

      1. Will

        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Song of the South, or of the movie. The people who don’t like it are simply ignorant. Yes Uncle Remus was in a little position in life, but his character was incredible, and character is what trials in life prove. James tells us “let the man of humble circumstances glory and his high position.” Why is it high? Because, as scripture tells us, God has regard for the humble but he resist the proud.

        I’m not even sure if Uncle Remus was a real person, but if he was he was an incredible man who was worthy of being admired. And Song of the South in no way communicated that slavery was a good thing. It was just a setting of The humble circumstances that framed this incredibly
        rare jewel called Uncle Remus.

        1. Eric

          Will, you’re absolutely correct.

          The ignorance on display that presents itself as “diversity and inclusion” is really just a convenient way to hide racism on the Far Left.

          The Song of the South, a movie Disney will never release because they think the public is too ignorant to get it, is a brilliant encapsulation of many elements of the South, both pre-Civil War and post-Civil War, that help to explain the African and slave experience and traditions.

          Why does Disney decide this isn’t worth telling?

          Why does Disney decide that this aspect of the African experience in America not worth teaching?

          Again, who are the real racists here?

          1. Matt

            Lol, I wouldn’t go around calling other people ignorant, while not looking inward… If Song of the South was not problematic, then we would not be having the SAME FREAKIN DISCUSSION since the 80s… The movie is after the civil war, so yes, they are not technically slaves, but the whole movie is from a white male perspective, warping African American folk tales to give the “moral of the story is” that it is better for an African American to stay and work at the plantation, instead of going off to a different place. And the truth is that the actual plantation life post civil war was not like the idealist and easy life portrayed in the movie. So sure, just because you like it, doesn’t mean that the movie is a positive portrayal of black life in America…. You are just like Brer Rabbit, who choose the complacent life back on the plantation, instead of actually venturing out, researching the issues of the movie.

        2. Paul

          Will, I’m guessing you’ve not seen Song of the South? If you have, remember, “The Tar-Baby” animated sequence? Yeah, SotS is jam-packed with racist memes. Good lord, if that movie isn’t racist, what would it take for you to consider something to be?

          1. DisneyFan

            The tar baby scene was not to be portrayed in a racist way. It was used to depict a sticky situation. Tar is black, what were they supposed to make it pink? Stop reaching for problems that don’t exist. The actors and actresses who are African American have said themselves that they wouldn’t have participated in the film if they felt that it was harmful towards their people. Wake the hell up!

          2. Mason

            These same people think Trump is smart, rich, and a christian. They aren’t bright.

          3. Paul

            DisneyFan, then cool. Walk up to a group of black men and say, “Hey tar-babies, how’s it going?”

            Let us know how that works out for you. But, please, make sure to video this and post it for the rest of us.

            Tar-baby, as well as many other racial slurs, are well established in this country. Pretending some esoteric, intellectual denial doesn’t make it any better.

      2. Scott

        Yes my child we will sing you the songs of the South to help you stop crying since it seems you need help

      3. Lindsey

        I will be there in the middle of March and I hope these rides are not closed yet! How can you cool off without Splash Mountain? It is already in the 80s every day and it is still February.

    2. Ur evil

      Ok racist

    3. Barry Goldwater

      Imagine being upset that a theme park is trying to be more inclusive. You have to be softer than a dole whip to cry over a re-theme like this.

      1. Will

        No, that’s not true. You just think that because you’re ignorant. I agree with the idea of rethinking the jungle cruise since it’s stereotyping black people. When this ride was made 60 years ago I don’t think anyone really understood that, but now we do, so it should be changed. But as I said above, Song of the South was a wonderful movie that tell us the story of Uncle Remus, which just happened to be in the setting of the old self. It wasn’t approving of slavery in any way. It was just a setting for the movie and the story. Moreover, it presented Uncle Remus as an incredible man of Great character. You always left that movie thinking that Uncle Remus was an incredible man. And that is not racist by any means. Likewise, the Song of the South theme is a great theme. Moreover, New Orleans DOES NOT GO in frontierland, so they are ruining the park for the sake of being politically correct. It’s totally foolish. Disney and the public are throwing away their heritage in their inheritance.

        1. Mason

          Did you think the “tar-baby” sequence was wonderful too?

          1. Disney

            All you sheep keep claiming that the tar baby scene was supposed to be like a black person….you’re wrong. Back then it was used to portray a sticky situation . Tar is sticky, and also just happens to be ba lack. Stop creating non-existent problems.

          2. UseYourBrain

            One of the many things that make no sense about cancel culture is the total inconsistency about how much of a part spoils the whole. So, one short scene is enough to brand an entire film as “racist”? Then why doesn’t one “racist” movie make the entire Disney brand “racist”?

    4. Sara

      Agree! Song of the South is a classic. And it shows our history (which people seem to want to get away from!) My childhood favorite and we have shared these stories, and the movie with out kids. I’m so very disappointed in Disney with their decision to end the Splash Mountain experience.

      1. Joe

        I bet you are upset about those Confederate statues too.

    5. Mason

      Sorry little snowflake. You tar-baby movie is racist.

    6. Lauren

      OH honey no. It’s an incredibly racist movie packed full of denigration for the black man. That’s on top of the history of the book itself. Why can’t people just move on?

    7. Pixie

      Odin,I agree with you ,but dont expect Disney to kiss my ass.

    8. Disney has no back bone, to change something that no one in the past had no problem with it, it a few people that are offended by nothing that is not offensive.

      1. Mario

        The movie is offensive. It depicts inaccurate history and uses hurtful black stereotypes. Maybe you need to try to be more empathetic.

        1. S1

          No it’s not offensive. You need to let go of your victim complex. Song of the South will be released within the next 15 years.

  2. Whitney

    Tom Sawyer Island would make more sense being a tribute to the Disney Fairies saga. At Disneyland Pixie Hollow is a hollow joke. Trying to make Critter Country into Tiana land is a sad attempt to dust under the rug the lack of care for putting more cultures in Disney movies. By definition it’s racist to fill a role based on color but that’s what today is about. That’s the agenda for most “justice warriors” now. It’s one of the main places we haven’t seen a growth of equality. Instead of making more main characters in their movies of other races they are imposing one movie onto an entire “land”. Diversity is what I thought was the idea…celebrated since the World Fair held at Disney in the 60’s if not previously. Going backwards under mask/guise of the future I guess.

    1. Jay

      That is not the definition of racism. Racism is defined by oppressing or viewing another race an inferior to another’s. Or seeing a race or a genetic disposition to being superior. Ie. hitler thinking the Arian race is superior or the someone is smart or a genius because of genetics. As for the idea of advancing, one might argue that it is healthy to acknowledge that we might evolve so locally and culturally which leaves some images and depictions as not as appropriate as they were 50 years ago. This happens in every culture in every era of time. The larger question is why are people wanting to keep images and portrayals of people that are obviously outdated?

    2. Will

      Tom Sawyer island is a classic and should remain. The first person to touch it in order to redeem it ought to be fired. The fairy story is just not that good and it has absolutely nothing to do with frontier land.

  3. Kirsten

    Splash Mountain is my favorite ride at Disney. I will always remember it but it’s portrayal of Song of the South, which glorifies slavery, has no place in the modern world. I was thrilled to see a modern princess getting her own ride. I think it’s a smart move. No one likes change and there will be many complaints but in the years to come those complains will be forgotten. I’ve never liked the jungle cruise ride. With the live jungle ride in animal kingdom it always felt silly to me to go on a ride to look at fake animals. I’m very excited for these changes.

    1. JT

      Song of the south in no imaginable way “glorifies slavery”. That’s a ridiculous claim and shows you know nothing about the history of Walt Disney the man and certainly not the movie itself. You need to read up about it.

      1. Cole phelps

        I’ve seen the movie, it glorifies slavery. It shows slaves smiling, laughing and enjoying a life of leisure. They aren’t real people, and that’s because the original author, who basically stole the stories of his “Uncle Remus”, doesn’t see them as people other. He sees them as chattel, as a commodity and that’s what’s transferred to the Disney version and the stories themselves. How do you not understand that?

        1. Lorenzo

          I am sure the mechanical animals in the jungle cruise are excited about the new diversity changes. Are there any bigger first world problem than these?

          1. Dylan

            Of course there are bigger problems. Disney has bigger problems (anybody wanna talk about the shops where our fabulous merch is made?), but this is something that they can put forward and also market. They are proud of being able to look at some of their properties and rides and acknowledging that better stories can be told, and they put out the media that supports that mission. Song of the South is not only racially insensitive (it absolutely is, please don’t hurt yourself by bending over backwards to find a reason why a tar baby is an acceptable character), but it is also incredibly BAD and boring! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah is a great song, but that’s really the only redeeming part of that movie. Princess & The Frog has problems too, but at least it has some semblance of a fun plot and memorable characters. They can celebrate Tiana and the rich history of black New Orleans. As for Jungle Cruise, I think the concepts they have shared sound fun and well thought out. I think they can go higher than the cheap laughs offered by “natives doing the hokey pokey.” If you have issues with Disney focusing on these issues rather than the deeper issues the world faces (and The Mouse perpetuates) you might need to look for solutions outside of the Fortune 500.

        2. Lorenzo

          The movie takes place AFTER slavery. And your comment, “smiling, laughing and enjoying a life of leisure” sounds pretty darn fun to me.

          1. Robin Wagner

            For a lot of slaves, “after slavery” just meant continuing to work for the white people for pittance wages.

      2. Khloe

        Regardless princess and the frog deserves it’s own land area just like Ariel and Belle. It’s need too happen so they’ll be a new area to explore and admire apart of Tiana’s world. Would be a beautiful forever favorite for millions and on.

    2. Holly

      I think it’s pathetic to redo Splash Mountain. My family and I travel to Disneyland every year and the best part is to see what crazy ideas we can come up with for our Splash Mountain photo. Shame on you Disney for removing such a fun and memorable attraction! This is really going too far!!!!

      1. Cole phelps

        Dude they aren’t removing it, you can still take your photo. Are you saying you won’t ride a princess and the frog ride? You’ll ride pirates right? I’m pretty sure there’s a black girl on that one, right?

    3. DisneyFan

      You clearly have not seen the film, otherwise you’d have the intelligence to realize that the film takes place after the civil war…they weren’t slaves. Nice try

      1. Dylan

        What I am hearing from you is that because they aren’t literally slaves means there is no problem with how they are portrayed? I think you can look at American History… racial injustice did not end with the Civil War. Black people in the South remained under the yoke of racial discrimination – and in some cases you could argue that it got worse in the Jim Crow era (rampant lynching, de jure segregation). It’s too bad that people who consider themselves a “DisneyFan” are unable to understand what Disney itself is saying with this. They acknowledge the fact that they made missteps in the past, and they can grow from them and build up from those mistakes. There isn’t anything wrong with that… we should all take it easier and be able to look critically at our lives and choices and make corrections where we can.

        1. DisneyFan

          Do you realize that Princess and The Frog takes place during the 1920’s during a time of segregation? How is it ok to promote that part of history but wrong to promote SOTS? You’re delusional. Go follow the rest of the sheep

    4. Ty

      Kids who see song of the south remember zipadeedodah. They don’t recognize slavery. Kids minds don’t go there. Yours does. The kids who love the ride are robbed of it because parents are going out of their way to prove inclusion. They should be representing Pocahontas. Native Americans aren’t represented at all. Pocahontas’ story is all about it. It would fit perfectly in critter county. River bend is much more fitting.

    5. Scott

      I think splash mountain should be taken out completely then let’s build a whole new ride that represents this princess why do they have to take a beloved ride and destroy it there’s many other princesses they could have used like Tiana she needs her own ride why aren’t they giving her a new ride seems racist to give one race a ride and not the other

    6. Song of the South is set during the Reconstruction Era, POST Civil War Era. Meaning After.
      It doesn’t glorify slavery.

      1. My insight

        …But what it DOES glorify is the idea that life was simple and easy for former slaves during the Reconstruction Era. This was not the case. Although slavery TECHNICALLY ended, the racism, stereotypes, and hardships continued, as many Black Americans still continued to work on the same plantations in order to make a living (now paid very low wages).
        The fact that Uncle Remus is jolly, fondly remembering his experiences is a very inaccurate stereotype of former slaves during this time period. THAT is why this movie glorifies the experience of slaves/former slaves. I hope you understand now.

  4. DAO

    Hey Cole, people can have an opinion. Chill-Out. By the way, changing Splash Mountain is lame. Lost people could care less about a Princess and a Frog. It was mediocre at best. Name one song from that movie? Or even another character besides the Tiana. The music from Splash Mountain screams Disney. Who doesn’t want to have a “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
    My, oh, my, what a wonderful day”.

    1. Scott

      I myself have never seen that movie that they’re changing it to I was told by society I shouldn’t see it cuz I’m white so does that mean I can’t ride the ride either and what’s the purpose of putting an exclusive ride for one race and not a ride for all and I love the song zippity do dah makes me smile every time I sing it and it makes me feel brighter and happier and it definitely is Disney love your post

  5. Jon

    I grew up in the 70’s with Disney, including Song of the South. As a young boy, I looked forward to the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights, visiting WDW every other year, and my mom read me Disney stories at bedtime. I grew up in Niagara Falls, where my school featured mixed races. As a child, I learned many valuable lessons from Song of the South. My mom would read me the stories and made them come alive. I learned about bullies and how to react to them. I learned how to cope with being bullied. And I learned how horrible slavery and prejudice is/was. I learned that people can be wonderful, inspiring people, regardless of their skin color. Uncle Remus was a hero to me. These lessons have stuck with me my entire life, especially the period of time when I was constantly bullied in high school. I appreciate genuine, kind people, regardless of their race, and I recognize heartless, inconsiderate, fake, and mean people, also regardless of their race. I empathize with anyone who is or has been persecuted or treated poorly because of their race. Sadly, there has been a lot of this evident in Americas history. I learned some powerful lessons from Song of the South. It really saddens me that people see it as racist or “glorifying slavery” because the characters in it were “happy and smiling”. So now they want to change the ride to make it “all inclusive” and one that “everyone can relate to” by changing it to be themed around Mardi Gras, a celebration of Christian origin. Fat Tuesday when people feast before Ash Wednesday where they are expected to fast. I also have heard what else happens in and around the modern day Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. I would not take my children to those festivities. And this, along with the Voodoo themes (spiritistic possession) is supposed to be a more inclusive attraction for everyone to enjoy???? I will take the singing rabbit and frogs and positive message any day.

    1. Van Hamlin

      Splash mountain is located in Frontier Land not fantasy land. I would have used Pecos Bill or Speedy Gonzalez (woops!) Sorry! How about cowboy Goofy and the those singing bears?

    2. Hallelujah! Beautiful comment!

  6. Peter

    Friendly pirates, jungle natives replaced with monkeys, racist animals in Splash Mountain rethemed; which prince is going to end up being gay? How about a cross dressing transgender princess? Maybe Disney should take down the men and women signs on restrooms and retheme them for all people!

    1. John Pryor

      Yeah, Peter, the chicken auction in the Pirates is absolutely absurd!

  7. Mary Mary

    I’m sad.. very sad.. this is our history and needs to be learned from not buried or remade. Please have these conversations with your children let them know what makes them a controversy. Don’t bury it and act like it didn’t happen because it did.

    1. Steve

      You are absolutely right. It did happen. All of it. So yes we should keep all of the racist stuff up so when I take my kids to Disneyland for a family vacation and they see Black characters as “African natives” who have little intelligence, I can look at them and say, “don’t worry my daughters, those are from a different time period. We have advanced. And we aren’t judged by our skin color anymore. Can’t you tell by how much we are respected? I mean we really should just thank them for all of this.”

      1. D. Duck

        A young Black woman I work with, a huge Disney fan, expressed that she doesn’t like Princess and the Frog at all, especially because she’s “supposed to like it” since it’s the only Black princess and that should be good enough. How about making a more compelling story instead of crapping out one thing just because? The Joel Chandler Harris stories of Uncle Remus were fables about courage, a sense of humor and being clever. That’s what Splash Mountain represented. Fun fact: Fanta was invented in Nazi Germany to replace Coca-Cola when it was pulled from that county. Yet here we are drinking Fanta today. If the origin of something is that important to what it becomes then pull Fanta from shelves, too. In fact, burn down all of society because it all comes from racist, imperialist, unfair origins but we came out of it to try and make things better. Splash Mountain is simply a victim of blind actions from Cancel Culture and not very thought-out past the current mood of SJWs

  8. VDog

    I’ve never seen the princess and the frog, but I gotta say, the concept art looks pretty damn cool… and in Disneyland, New Orleans square transitions into the haunted mansion which is right next to splash mountain, so it would all just be one long stretch with the same theme and ambience. I ain’t “reading” too much into the back stories of anything, I just think this plan actually for once might me a cool new improvement on that whole area back there.

  9. S

    Great job Disney… bowing to the marxists…yes I’m definitely sure changeing splash mountain for the princess and the frog will be a huge success..even though splash mountain is one of your most popular rides..lol good luck with that..not sure I want to back anymore.
    Btw, I’m sure all those people who petitioned that will not be going. Just snowflakes with no job or money, just a bad education given by liberal professors.

    1. Joe

      Wow, must be clueless Wednesday in your town. Or is it too many episodes of Hannity and Tucker Carlson?

      You don’t even know what a Marxist is.

  10. harry

    has anybody ere seen song of the south?
    if you are going to type yes then you would also include
    it isn’t a bad movie
    it isn’t racist
    and if that’s you. you are correct.
    if you want an opinion on this subject, watch the movie, it’s free and easy to access. Just look up song of the south online

  11. Ryan

    If Disney truly thought Splash Mountain was a problem, and if Disney honestly felt they had a moral obligation to retheme it because they could not, in good conscience, have a ride they felt was “racist” in one of their parks, then the retheme would happen at ALL of their parks, not just their US based parks. I don’t see how they can say they have an issue with a “racist” attraction, but they’re ok with that so-called racist attraction existing in their parks outside of the US. Let’s call it what is really is, Disney caved to the Twitter mob. They were just fine cashing in on a popular attraction until they got called out on Twitter. Instead of telling the Twitter mob where they can go, they bowed to their demands. For the love of God Disney, ignore Twitter and grow some balls.

    1. DisneyFan

      THANK YOU! finally someone with some common sense 👏🏻

    2. Jam Tastic


  12. Scott

    So is the woman princess from Africa or is she from America I really dislike that they’re changing/mountain I feel like they’re destroying history I love that right as it is and sad to see it go seems like I’m losing Disneyland that I grew up with

  13. J

    Ya ya remove splash mountain , how about starting with removing all the sexual refrences and hidden imagery in the moves first , bunch of pedos at this company

    1. harry

      Or accept that the past was a very different time and we should accept that and realize it isn’t ok in today’s society and move on instead of saying we should change them because that is almost like erasing history because removing offensive stuff means it doesn’t exist meaning the warning that we should learn from our mistakes and not do things like that anymore is gone

  14. Jane Orbon

    I think it is ridiculous to change Splash Mountain. It is a beloved ride. And I think people are taking themselves a little too seriously. Times change. Things change. People change. For goodness sake it’s a cartoon.

  15. Fred

    Facts 1) Song of the South takes place during Reconstruction not slavery 2) Walt Disney created the movie to feature black actors and the stories of the enslaved peoples 3) uncle remus docents at the uncle remus museum outside Atlanta oppose the retheme 4) Princess and the Frog is a warmed-over Germanic Fairy Tail i. E. A white guys Fairy Tail

  16. Dirk Disco

    How is the Jungle Cruise degrading to indigenous tribes when there are indigenous tribes who will kill you on sight in 2021?

  17. Roger D Stevens D Stevens

    Disney Execs SUCK!!!!!!! Screwing up rides to might certain groups happ and stop crying. It is not racist it’s make believe. Walt is rolling in his grave. You notice they waited til all of his family was dead before these actions. DISNEY EXECS SUCK and have no backbone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. John Pryor

    I’m glad Disney celebrates diversity, if it isn’t at the expense of winnowing away existing diversity. The Song of the South theme in Splash Mountain incorporates several cultural threads across racial lines from the American South. The Princess and the Frog incoporates-what, Haitian voodoo and a prince who was hastily colorized in the movie? The bland statement claiming this move somehow embraces diversity doesn’t hide the fact that this is a retreat from true diversity.

  19. Malone

    More signatures to save splash mountain than to retheme it. Listen to the fans.

    1. Rick

      just to clarify, it Five times as many signatures than what caused this to happen.

  20. Eric

    The ignorance on display in the comments perfectly exemplifies how Disney can get away with being racist.

    Their attempt to eliminate and discredit pre and post Civil War African culture in America is despicable, yet they’ve got so many thinking the Song of the South is “racist”. Try reading a real book about African trickster tales and slave stories (fables, not autobiographical) and then you’ll understand how important Song of the South really is and how it’s a great introduction for children and adults to better understand the African roots of many stories in the South.

  21. Rick

    I still cannot believe Disney is doing this. This ride is in no way racist. It allows visitors to see characters from African American folklore so that the future remembers them. A beloved ride is being sacrificed. Fans are screaming to save it.

  22. Roy Miyaji

    It sucks that Walt Disney Company will not accept ideas or suggestion. Every time i sent them one i received a letter from their legal dept says the company does not accept ideas or suggestions from outside the company and from guests. Then it said they will take legal action if you send them one. They should accept inputs from guests.

  23. Joe

    Wow, must be clueless Wednesday in your town. Or is it too many episodes of Hannity and Tucker Carlson?

    You don’t even know what a Marxist is.

  24. Joe

    To Save You Some Time:

    This whole response section is a whole lot of racisty white people assuring themselves that they are not the racists–they point out that Disney and liberals and black people are the real racists.

    They also would prefer if you would stop complaining about racist things. It makes them uncomfortable to know that their mirror is cracked.

    1. DisneyFan

      No it makes me uncomfortable to know that you’re this clueless and most likely have never even watched the film for yourself. Maybe you should try doing that and reading the script.

    2. Judy

      I wonder what they rename Splash Mountain since the mountain is going to be a big tree?

  25. Erick Arevalo

    Retheming splash mountain in Disneyland makes sense. But Disney world in magic kingdom doesn’t make sense. What Disney should do is retheming Tom Sawyer island and build both islands to the Princess and the Frog restaurant and a ride or a show experience by turning the back half into mama odie’s bayou.

  26. S1

    Disney is losing money and is facing breakup by Congress under antitrust. Splash Mountain will NOT be closing and I look forward to enjoying it in 2055 when Disneyland turns 100. When the change is cancelled, I’ll enjoy watching minorities boycott all things Disney. They won’t be missed and the swamp needs to be drained. I even look forward to Pirates being restored complete with the auction in time for its 75th in 2042. The only guests that matter are the purists.

    1. Rick

      You’ve got that wrong. Don’t just lump people together. Most minorities are not offended by Splash Mountain and many have sounded off against the retheme. It’s just those nasty few (mostly white BTW) who are sounding off and demanding that they know best what everyone else should be thinking that are scaring the company into thinking change is owed to them.

  27. Matthew Brewster

    One change WDI should address during the JC’s Rehab(as they used to be called!) is the SEATING! Since 1955 passengers have been forced to sit facing inside the boat, rather than the riverbank… which never made sense to me. All other Diz boat rides have seats arranged in parallel rows, with passengers facing FORWARD. I hope someone on Flower St. wakes up to this inequity.

  28. Jackmeyhoffer

    The fascists on the left continue to act like fascists. Free speech is great, provided that they agree with what is being said.

  29. Lara

    The Disney family needs to remember their grandfather’s dream. I was born on Mickey Mouse birthday. Not the same year. I went on a trip in 2019. It was the first time I heard employees downing the company. I spent thousands of dollars on the trip. I will never go back. the bus driver close me in the doors when exiting smashing my waists together. Thank God I had those bags to stop the doors. Horrible place now. They don’t care about the families. Most families can’t afford to take there kids. Shame on the people running Disney. My money will be going to universals. The rides needed to be updated but it seems people think every action taken is racist. It seems freedom of speech is gone

  30. Jim Farcees

    Who cares? It’s a private park with corporate interests. If being overtly racist was profitable they’d do it. Presently being terrified of green haired college kids who probably will never go to Disney is what’s in vogue. They’re cynically chasing the money.

    If you want your kids to know anything, teach it to them. The ills of society today are from bad parents, period. Stop abdicating your kids well-being to entertainers and theme parks.

  31. Judy

    I wonder what they rename Splash Mountain since the mountain is going to be a big tree?

    1. Stella

      I’ve wondered what they’ll call it too. Since Tower of Terror became Guardians Breakout!, I’m sure the name Splash Mountain is a goner. There’s no mountain, so “Zydeco Falls” makes the most sense to me. The movie references zydeco music and it originated in New Orleans. I suspect Critter Country is a goner too. Maybe they can move Winnie the Pooh over to California Adventure and come up with something new for that ride building as well.

  32. Satoshi

    This literally makes no sense if they’re trying to be “inclusive”. They’re essentially saying “let’s replace African American culture with African American culture!”, which is pointless. Combine that with the fact that they seem more bent on kicking Brer Rabbit out than giving Tiana her OWN dark ride from the ground up and all it sounds like is Disney bowing down and listening to the ignorant people who are either misinformed or just plain ignorant on Song of the South and the Uncle Remus tales. Uncle Remus’s stories literally ORIGINATED FROM BLACK PEOPLE!! PEOPLE OF COLOR!! They were a HIGHLIGHT of the storytellers from the time!! Disney wants to shallowly kick that out and ALSO disservice Tiana by not giving her something more unique and original because all they care about is pleasing the vocal minority to try and get that extra dollar. I WANT to be excited for a Princess and the Frog ride. I’ve been screaming it for years!! However, the fact that they’re acting this stupid AND pretty much confirming one of my favorite villains and villain songs won’t be in the ride due to when the rider’s story is taking place has got me feeling pretty bereft of any excitement I had for the concept before.

  33. LL

    I applaud Disney for making these changes, but I have one question: Why did it take you decades to make a decision when you knew all along your attractions were insensitive?

  34. Mary

    That is horrible. Splash mountain was a fantastic ride. Disney has enough space to put the new ride in another location. All of these changes are starting to disappoint me Disney.

  35. Pixie

    I’m disappointed in changing the theme of the ride. I guess I am ignorant because I just like the tunes and the ride with its final splash! I’m 61 yrs old so I suppose I the younger generation may think or feel differently. There must have been a deeper meaning to the ride than what I could see.
    All I know is my 2cents worth really doesnt matter in the long run Disney is going to do what it wants no matter what I think. I will still go there and ride the ride as I have 4 great nephews & a niece who love to go yet.

  36. Peter

    These guys have totally lost the plot with their woke ideas. They are actually stripping the magic out of Disney and ruining it for the vast majority of people. Wish they would just go away and stop spoiling these great attractions.

  37. David A

    DIsney should put up huge signs outside the entrances to all their parks:


    If you look hard enough you could probably find something offensive about everything inside this park. If you are easily offended we suggest that you do not enter but instead head over to Universal who have not yet attracted the attention of the Cancel Culture crowd

    1. I’ll second that!

  38. Barbara Ervin

    Why not be honest about the ‘remodel’ of Splash Mountain? You’re trying not to offend a particular group of people in this country and while your remodel might achieve that end it will, at the same time, offend a lot of other people! I am not only offended I am also deeply saddened by this change! Splash Mountain was my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction and knowing I will never get to ride it again breaks my heart. Goodbye Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.

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