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  1. Chris

    While updates can be good, especially if they are being done to bring new effects and not for diversity reasons, I would rather see money spent on new attractions and shows without closing old ones to increase overall park capacity, which is something that was am issue even before COVID and considering I don’t think the public will ever accept the crowd levels there were then again, Disney really needs to consider what they can do to improve capacity.

    1. Keith

      I agree the diversity issue is getting out of hand. It is becoming like quotas. People want to come to Disney to enjoy it not be in the middle of a political debate.

  2. Thomas

    I’m split on this! Nothing wrong with updating, but I’d sooner see old rides go and newly dreamt up rides in their place, but at the same thrill level. I think putting a Princess and the Frog facade on top of Splash Mountain doesn’t really get rid of any social issue outside of the parks, it only heightens the arguments, whereas putting Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride made sense – that being said I wouldn’t want Eddie Murphy’s character from Haunted Mansion put in the ride. Carousel of Progress could do with a modernised scene, but not gotten rid of.

  3. Erik

    Of course i agree that creating entirely new attractions should always be a priority…. but I, for one, am also all for the updates and re-theming of rides—-whether it’s to make rides more culturally appropriate or even just to link attractions to Disney IP and characters (especially newer/current characters). I can’t wait for a Tiana splash mountain. I look forward to a refreshed jungle cruise experience. I think the Mexico pavilion boat ride is long overdue for a Coco re-theme…. and I know this is an unpopular opinion with some but I even enjoy/appreciate the Frozen re-theming in the Norway pavilion.

    1. Hey dude yeah that is not going to happen.
      The Save Splash Mountain petition on Change.org is going up and we are winning.

      1. Erik

        umm….I guess we will have to see how that reply stands up over time. lol

        the Splash mountain re-theme isn’t an online rumour or fan theory… it has been officially announced by Disney and they claim it’s an idea that has been in the works for well over a year at this point….a lead imagineer for the project has already been named…a fairly detailed description of the rides new story and, I believe, some concept art have already been officially released. I am certainly willing to be wrong, but Iwould be VERY surprised if anything, least of all an online petition (with dubious idealogical motivation), causes them to back-pedal and change their minds…. but like I said, I guess we will see ?

      2. Tad

        And how does a Change.org petition force a private company/enterprise to do anything? Boycott a product, service or company gets their attention because it impacts their earnings. Participating an online petition may make you feel empowered, but they could give a rats butt (sorry Mickey) unless you can bring an economic factor into play.

    2. Keith

      I love the idea of a COCO retheming very much.

  4. Larry

    Re-theming Splash Mountain from Song of the South to Princess and the Frog makes a lot of sense. The entire Frontierland area could be re-themed to the Louisiana bayou. And please get rid of Country Bear Jamboree.
    I concur with changing the Three Caballeros into Coco. It’s something this generation can relate to. The Jungle Cruise isn’t so much a re-theme as it’s an update and I can’t wait to experience it.
    But leave It’s A Small World alone. I can’t see anything offensive to it and it’s an everlasting icon of WDW.

    1. Dude. Um. Yeah. It’s not going to happen.
      Disney never made a Princess and the Frog sequel which is why everyone dose not like this Splash Mountain re theme announcement that’s been an on going problem since June 25th last year.

    2. Marcus

      Larry the princes and the frog tether makes no sense – especially in Florida. Frontierland is the worst setting for it, and there is nothing wrong with Splash Mountain. If anything erasing black history that came from the original uncle Remus stories that would’ve been lost a time if not written down to replace it with a story that originated by a white European woman seems very counterproductive.

      Also what’s wrong with the country bears? Lol they’re funny and there is air conditioning lol

  5. DisneyFan

    I think Disney has just gone off the deep end with all the political BS. Politics do not belong in parks that are supposed to be fun and fantasy. I am all for more cultural representation, but do it by adding new attractions not taking away classics like Splash Mountain. Create a new Princess and The Frog ride. Carousel of Progress is another classic, just leave it be. Everyone twists Walt’s quotes to make it sound like he just wanted to change and re-theme every ride, I do not think that’s what he meant by the parks “will never be completed”. I think he meant there will always be more attractions added. Spend the money on new attractions, not changing a very popular log flume ride like Splash Mountain or changing Jungle Cruise, Carousel of Progress, etc.

  6. Josh G.

    I think maybe the treehouse would be better retired and made into a Coco indoor ride(with plume drops like Pirates).Everything Else Leave Like It Is.

    1. Kenny Vee

      How are you going to turn a walk-through treehouse into a ride with flume (not plume) drops? Do you have ANY idea how theme parks work?

  7. DisneyGirl

    Disney just needs to stop. Leave the politics out of the park, and leave the classic rides alone. Enough is enough! Add new attractions, stop trying to “reimagine” everything. Plenty of fans keep coming back because of the current rides and NEW rides being added. Don’t try to erase history, if there’s a problem people need to be educated on it…re-theming is not the answer.

  8. Whormongr

    I think before they do a lot of retheming at Disneyland, I would rather see them get rid of autopia and use that land to create rides with more inclusive themes as that is a lot of real estate and very outdated.

  9. Cat

    I’m with keeping the rides as they are! As other posters have said, leave politics out of the parks. So tired of petitions for every little change or idea! I say leave the rides as they are; change or repair them only for maintenance or technological advancements. I’m all for equality & change, but if there were space for both rides, I’d say keep Splash Mountain & add a Princess & the Frog attraction, too! There’s room in the world for both… Just not sure if room in the parks! Maybe Tiana projects can go closer to Winnie the Pooh area in Disneyland; guessing there’d be more space in WDW!?? Haven’t looked at maps of the parks in quite some time. Toning down the scary level at DL’s Snow White ride was pushing it, but at least being PC wasn’t a factor. Same goes for Pinocchio & Jungle Cruise; imo!

  10. Phoebe L Ho

    Judging by the long lines I’ve always seen for rides like Splash Mountain and It’s a Small World, it’s obvious that the rides are not stagnant. And I never walked on Tower of Terror before they changed it in my life. To those in charge, I don’t think it’s an issue of how popular a ride is, or even how politically correct it is. It’s an issue of money and how they can squeeze viable intellectual property into every single space. And here’s the proof: they know Song of the South will never be released and they can’t make any money off of it. That’s the real reason they’re changing Splash Mountain. If they had really cared about being politically correct, they would never have themed that ride to that movie, which was controversial from the beginning and they knew it. If they’re going to build new rides, they should make ones that are fresh and original, like Expedition Everest. Some of the rides can use updates, but updates do not mean IP. Those in charge are definitely low on creativity and integrity.

  11. Sheryl Hunsaker

    Has anyone seen the movie Song of the South? It is about a rich white boy, a poor white girl and a poor black boy. They become best friends. A black man gives his time to telling stories to these children. This is how the world should be . Save Spash Mountain and add Princes and the Frog (another good movie)-2 rides.

  12. Shawn McNaney

    I agree to the leave politics out. I states before if your going to retheme Splash Mountain do it for movies like Zootopia. Was there race hate there. Yah but it had morals. Bullies turned into kind pie makers and in the end Preds and Pray worked together showing we can do that too. But remodeling cause of what people are fighting for will be killing it. We all know why its happening.

    1. Yeah. It’s not going to happen.
      Disney never made a Princess and the Frog sequel which is why everyone dose not like this Splash Mountain re theme announcement that’s been an on going problem since June 25th last year.

  13. Antheony Keller

    In Snow White, the evil queen (her mother) tried to poison her daughter, send huntsmen to assassinate her, with the Queen’s expressed wish to eat her daughter’s liver, and lungs. In modern terms, mother is an abuser, and a royal cannibal. Oh, well…I guess its time to tear down the castle. There comes a time when enough is enough. There’s a fine balance between updates, and giving in to a whim of an uninformed public.

  14. Kevin

    Diversity is gay

  15. Lisa J. Yetman

    As much as I like Disney, I would rather see some new, truly imagined attractions, shows, etc. Rehashes of old attractions and such just seem so trite – as if no one cares to use the creative talent that Disney is known for to come up with outstanding, quality shows and attractions. If you build an attraction BASED on a film or story or even on ‘one man’s (or woman’s) dream’, all the better to use talent and creativity!

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