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boardwalk inn emergency services and flooding

Credit: Alex Adamek


  1. We stayed there almost exactly a year ago in a 3br DVC unit on 2nd floor. It flooded the kitchen from right over the fridge. They told us it was from a shower above us.

    1. @Alex Adamek

      Hi, it says on the bottom of the article Credit : Twitter user @TripleZ 🙄

  2. Alex Adamek

    The Facebook post references in this article is MINE was improperly screenshot and posted to Twitter. I’d appreciate if I received credit for it instead of the plagiarizing a**hole that Tweeted it.

    1. @Alex Adamek

      Hi, but it says on the bottom Credit: Twitter user @TripleZ 🙄

      1. Steff

        This was stolen from Alex Adamek. It’s a real shame to see you can’t properly vet your articles.

      2. Alex Adamek

        TripleZ screenshotted my post and claimed it as his own. I am not TripleZ

    2. Bailee Abell

      Hi Alex — thank you for alerting us. We have added your credit to the image and article.

  3. Eileen Whitmore

    First, it was at Boardwalk Villas, not the Inn side. Second, the story and photos from that tweet were stolen from a Facebook post, and did not give credit or identify the original poster: Alex Adamek. You should correct your story and credit line

  4. Kate H.

    Fix your story to credit Alex Adamek and you may seem like a legit source for info.

  5. Tia Marie

    We were there! 1st floor. Heard something around 1 a.m.. thought the toilet was running. As I made my way over towards the bathroom, water was flowing in from the hall. I opened the door and it was pouring out of the ceiling. I quickly woke my husband. We called 3 times to the front desk and 45 minutes later, had all of our stuff packed and ready to head to the lobby. Umbrella in hand. It had now reached the carpeted area and pouring out of the AC vent. Halls were flooded! It was a mess. Hot water pipes burst! We fortunately had mostly everything packed we were leaving that morning. We were quickly given a forth floor room for the rest of the night. The alarms did not sound until at least 2. Folks woke up to putting their feet down in puddles of water and belongings being soaked. This could have been worse. I think of what Texas is going through right night. We were fine.

    1. Frankie

      Tia Marie so happy that you and family were fine! That’s what really counts. ” Your attitude will determine your altitude.” You have a great attitude. đź‘Ť

  6. Snowflake Alert Notice

    Geez—boo-hoo lil Adam didn’t get his credit…

    Really puts the ME in MEdia…

  7. Phil

    Check time stamps if you don’t believe Alex

  8. Fred

    You are a hack publication so me you dis not fix huge article to properly credit the source as Alan Adamek. Triplez even deleted his tweet. Fix it.

    1. Fred

      Damn autocorrect. Alex. Alex Adamek.

  9. Bob

    There is no excuse for this degree of a flood in a DVC prime villa. Disney should refund the cost of the entire stay of the affected guests. It will take months to repair the damage, and the problem could happen again. Disney needs to explain why this flood happened and when everything will be repaired. Any one having DVC Boardwalk Villa reservations over the next month or two my find that their reservation has been cancelled.

    1. John

      Shut up!!! Stop crying!! “Disney NEEDS TO EXPLAIN”…. THEY DO NOT have TO EXPLAIN anything TO YOU.

    2. John

      Shut up!

  10. Carrie

    This may have been an issue back on January 17-18. I stayed on the 2nd floor and there were multiple fans outside our room during the length of our stay.

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