Fans Compare ‘Cruella’ to Harley Quinn in New Trailer

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The live-action Cruella film starring Emma Stone has finally been released, and it seems that Disney fans have mixed reviews about the film.

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Credit: Disney

Cruella focuses on a young version of the One Hundred and One Dalmatians villain, Estella AKA Cruella de Vil. The film takes place in, “In “1970s London, young fashion designer Estella de Vil becomes obsessed with dogs’ skins, especially Dalmatians, until she eventually becomes a ruthless and terrifying legend known as Cruella,”

The film is directed by Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya) and Glenn Close, who played Cruella Disney’s 1996 remake of One Hundred and One Dalmatians is the executive producer of the film. That being said, Cruella is a lot darker than typical live-action films that Disney has created, and it seems that Disney fans have caught on to that from the trailer. Whether they like the detection of Stone’s Cruella is divided.

Laikha (@cinecults) Tweeted:

#CRUELLA: I am woman, hear me roar

With an epic compilation of the Cruella that depicts Emma Stone in a powerful yet menacing manor.

Tyler (@twhenneke) said:

i don’t care what anyone says, emma stone as cruella de vil is perfect casting.

That being said, it seems a lot of people are seeing a DC comic vibe allude from film Many are seeing reminiscent qualities of Joker played by Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix, and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Movies That Maher w The Viking (@MoviesThatMaher) said:

So Joker & Harley Quinn did have a child together #Cruella

Ronit (@MELVINL44167876) seemed to agree with many, but seemingly in a positive light!

Emma Said Harley quinn, But DISNEY #Cruella

That being said, it seems not every Disney fan likes the Joker semblance.

Matias Flores! (@MatteFlowers) responded to the official Cruella Twitter account saying:

Christ, does every villain in film history need to be jokerfied?

Some fans, however, are tired of seeing villains become someone we can sympathize with. Pixie, Queen of Monsters (@QueenKaijuPixel said):

I swear to god you pull a Maleficent and try to make this character, a character whose MAIN TRAIT is wanting to kill and skin puppies, into a “sympathetic villain”, I’m gonna be so mad. This has the opportunity to be a fun villainy crime film. Don’t ruin it.

That being said, we do not yet know if Stone’s Cruella will be inherently evil, or someone we can find sympathy with. We will just need to wait until May 28 until we can see for sure how Cruella will unfold.


Watch the trailer and decide for yourself — what do you think of the film and Cruella’s backstory so far?


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