Comments for Runaway Railway to Receive Construction Update

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

Credit: Disney

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  1. Notmyname

    Ill be the first to say the newly installed gift shop over the pandemic break saw major leaking problems from the roof. And I can day theyve at least had three major attempts to try anf fix it and theyve all failed. It still leaks. It poses an electrical problem as the water drips into electrical sockets from time to time. And the store floods when it rains because the store is on an incline and there is no proper drainage anywhere.

    Second the electrical work may or may not be for the ride itself in backstage areas. Because I know and Ive seen this. There is nothing stopping anyone from going onto the catwalk on top of the ride while its operating and as far as I know there are two other doors that are on the ride track level that do not have the safety doors magnetized to prevent someone from going into the ride while its in motion. This ride is the least safe at Disney World and the most unsafe at Hollywood Studios.

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