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gina carano the mandalorian

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  1. Lisa

    I think this is a ridiculous move by Disney/Star Wars. Who cares what political views someone had. A good character and a good actress are being thrown to the wayside because of whiney cry babies. Can’t everyone just get along and enjoy the show.

    1. Darth Litigates

      Bill Cosby is a pretty funny guy.

      O.J. was a pretty awesome athlete.

      Fatty Arbuckle was a pretty decent actor.

      Charles Manson was a pretty good musician.

      Lisa’s right! Hire ’em all!

      1. Scott

        Your comment is to the extreme and ludicrous. Each one of the people you named committed multiple felonies, and were convicted of actual crimes. But now she is being terminated for her beliefs or opinions not being popular?? Since when is that a requirement for employment? As long as she isn’t actively harassing anyone on the set, or in real life violating any laws.. WHO CARES.. There are plenty of actors and actresses out there whom do a damn good job on screen portraying their characters, but then you see articles/interviews or other shows that show aspects of their real lives make them look batshit crazy.. Does that affect anyone else.. nope.. but hey lets join in with the rest of the PC prissy pants in this country who need therapy, support and safe spaces because they were offended … Didn’t they just go through this shit with James Gunn and well look… he’s back at the helm with Guardians again…

        1. Jennifer Rundle

          Perfectly said!

      2. All of who you listed are all good at the art they worked on but they were also running afoul of the law and were caught for it so what exactly is this comparison to an individual’s right to free speech and those who broke the law. If you dont like her opinions dont follow her to read them then you can’t get butt hurt about what some agree with is going on in this country with not having the freedom to express a personal opinion without cancel culture stepping in to correct your opinion. Are you now comparing her to criminals that have artistic aptitude because that sounds like you should now have your opinions cancelled to. Viscous cycle that free will and freedom of speech is now isnt it.

      3. andrea

        Darth you need to get punched in the face. Big difference between what the people you listed have done and Gina Carano speaking her opinion. What is wrong with people? And you’re a troll. FOH

    2. Y

      She should not have been fired at all. What is wrong with being disciplined or talked to. People getting fired is stupid especially from Disney. What happened with saying Disney does not share views with her. This is a stupid move! I hope they reconsider. I’m so disappointed with the stupid Cancel Culture. Enough Snowflakes! Bring her back!!!!

      1. Daddy Piranha

        They did talk to her last year. Several times. And she said she would stop. Several times. She apparently wanted to be edgy more than she wanted to work.

        1. Angie

          What is this so hard for some people to understand? It isn’t. The just like to act like they are being prosecuted and harassed.

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  3. Joanne

    I cancelled Disney+, cancelled our WDW vacation for this year and cancelled our Disney cruise for 2022. I refuse to support a company that does not support freedom of speech. We are all entitled to an opinion… on BOTH sides of the aisle.

    1. CPAUL

      Is there a country left in this world that you can have an opinion about something and not lose a job that you’re good at? If so I am moving there. It used to be here..

      1. RA

        There’s a difference between having an opinion and being an a-hole. She wasn’t that good at it. Good luck with the move…

    2. Rob

      Disney just announced 95 million subscribers a nd doing well despite the pandemic. I’m sure they are quaking in their boots because you are pretending to be upset about an actress you never heard of and an actress who said her life is like living the holocaust. Lady YOU are what’s wrong with the world.

      1. Jackie Wilson

        No Robbie, you are.

  4. Robert

    I Will Not renew Disney+ and am considering doing away with my DVC.I am sick and tired of all the BULL with these companies and people because people don’t think their way……..

  5. Rich

    Was in the process of completing our family plans for Disney vacay when I read this and just hit “delete” on Disney. Let’s all go to Universal this year.

    1. Ron Obvious

      …and let’s never use the word “vacay” again.

    2. Richer This Week

      I think we’ll be just fine. Enjoy Six Flags, snowflake!

  6. David Ramos

    Welcome to the United Communist States of America where your opinion can get you ERASED!

  7. Ed

    It’s time to end this foolish way of thinking everyone should just move on and leave this and anyone’s opinions to there self isn’t that what opinion means anyway

  8. Tony

    Once again I have to say Shame on you Disney and now add Lucasfilm to it.
    The very fact that whomever authored this article wrote out “share her sometimes divisive personal opinions.” Shows that they are inflicting their own personal opinion on Ginas opinions which only serves to add to the divisiveness and fan the flames of the situation. True “journalists” and “reporters” keep their opinions to themselves and just state the facts with no bias, which this article’s author failed to do.
    To all of the desk chair Twitter jockeys out there, try only tweeting things you would be willing to say to, in this case, Ginas face, without the protection and anonymity of your remote soapboxes.

    1. RA

      You are on a Disney Fan site. Are you really expecting the New York Times?

    2. Daddy Piranha

      Tony, do you agree with her personal opinions? Some people do.
      I don’t agree with her opinions. Some people don’t.
      We are divided on her opinions.
      What is this really about, Tony?

  9. Tony

    RA: Agreed. I don’t expect top news level reporting from here. Just wish the authors would try to keep their writing more neutral I suppose. Although these days I don’t expect much better from the NYT.

    DP: It’s not so much whether I agree or not with Ginas or other’s opinions on topics. I’m just getting fed up with all the drama that the Twitter and Facebook platforms are enabling. I’m all for great conversation and civilized discussion of issues, but it’s just become apparent that social media platforms like those and others are causing people to say things they most likely wouldn’t if they were speaking in person resulting in overwhelmingly inflammatory language which often seems to stray away from the initial subject matter, along with personally directed insults to participants in the “discussion”.
    I guess it just boils down to what we’re once friendly and effective ways for people to communicate with each other, share life experiences or maybe even reconnect with long lost friends have become weaponized, which I am sad to see. That’s all I’m saying.

  10. Ddc

    Good riddance. Disney did the right thing. Another idiot conspiracy freak… who, like the others, will find no shortage of communities to blame (instead of accepting responsibility for her own words).

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