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buzz lightyear space ranger spin

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  1. EricJ

    If this is the same Disney Fan (who apparently lives in Orlando with Florida Man 😉 ) who suggested the WandaVision attraction, they DO know that Disney legally can’t take their suggestions once publicly posted, don’t they?

    Might save a bit of time with all the columns about Twitter fans and Reddit posters.

    1. Confused

      Then stop clicking, reading, and complaining…

      Disney refurbs lots of rides every year, so whats the big deal?

      1. EricJ

        No, REAL refurbs happen every year.
        Fanboy letters about “Change this, it’s neat!” happen every DAY, and get confused for actual park news.

        And it wouldn’t be a big deal except that they only have one idea, and have posted it over and over for the last twenty years.
        (Literally, in the case of the “Monsters Inc. Door Coaster”.)

  2. Darth Helpful

    Anything that makes a ride more inclusive and less offensive is always appreciated.

    We can no longer allow an attraction, simply because it has been around a long time, to be passed off as “charming” or “quaint” while not acknowledging that its overtones can be disrespectful and hurtful to some.

    This reflective recognition can be difficult to accept and correct, but ultimately doing so is the brave and rightful choice to rectify the past while making way for a brighter (and more all-embracing) tomorrow.

    1. King

      Haha..a true participation award child recipient comment if I have ever heard one.

  3. Steve

    So does Inside The Magic have so little theme park news to write about, that they post half-baked ideas from Reddit? I genuinely don’t understand why this is considered “news”.


    I’ve always felt the one at WDW needed to be updated. If you’ve never been on the one at Disneyland, it’s 100x better. The guns and targets work much better than the WDW version.

  5. Leslye

    The Disneyland version is SO much better! The guns aren’t fixed, which makes shooting much easier and the targets are much better. The dark room at WDW is just pitiful.

  6. Darth Helpful

    Hi, what happened to my comment?

    Is it being censored again?

    If it is, would love to know why. It followed all the rules. No name calling, no cussing, and stayed on topic about refurbishments. And as a bonus, wasn’t rambling. Would like an explanation. Thanks.

  7. I don’t find buzz lightyear’s ride to be user friendly. Toy Story Mania is better. Although, some people complain that Toy Story Mania gives them carpal tunnel. I always end up with a family member that wants me to handle the spinner and shooting. The orange robot has the most points.

  8. James

    I have only been to, Disneyland and I didn’t care, about the endless updates to things. I just wanted to have fun, ride some rides and eventually go back, to my hotel room, with enough money, for the trip home. However, I was with family, both times I went, they spent all my money. However, I had back up cash, so I got back, on a train. Which was odd, I remember buying plane tickets. Even then, the only thing I brought back, was the ink, from my ride bracelet, on the palm of my, right hand. Which was odd, I had it on my left hand. Some one, explain that, please.

  9. Don

    Pooh ride is in greater need of a referb. Now that Snow White is done.

  10. Eric Johnson

    I actually wrote the Reddit post that this article talks about. I don’t know how I can prove it or if anyone cares but figured I’d say something!

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