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  1. Michelle

    Wikipedia says this about Song of the South: “The film takes place in the southern United States during the Reconstruction era, a period of American history after the end of the American Civil War and the abolition of slavery….The film is set on a plantation in the Southern United States; specifically, some distance from Atlanta, Georgia. Although sometimes misinterpreted as taking place before the American Civil War while slavery was still legal in the region, the film takes place during the Reconstruction Era after slavery was abolished.”

  2. Mike

    Chapek & Iger are as phony as a 3 dollar bill. They are ignoring 102 #SaveSplashMountain customers that want to keep Splash the way it is. One Save Splash petition alone is 88,000 people. Chapek and Iger talk about Diversity yet they are trying to erase James Baskett, Nick Stewart, & Hattie McDaniel’s work work as actors on Song of the South, a movie that Walt Disney himself produced. Bottom line, they caved to Cancel Culture & have no backbone to stand up to them & leave Splash Mountain alone. Build Princess Tiana & the Frog somewhere else.

    1. Mike

      Excuse me 102,000 customers.

  3. Marcus

    ‘Happy slaves’ – he doesn’t even know what time period a movie from his own company is set in or anything about it. Yet he wants to hide and destroy black history (the uncle Remus stories) to replace it with a story by a white European lady…. he and most of this country due to Disney creating a taboo around the film by not releasing it are so vastly uneducated.

    1. David A

      Agree absolutely

      1. Joanne

        We have been a Disney family for so long that it truly pains me to say this, but we have cancelled all things Disney. We cancelled Disney+, cancelled our vacation for this year, cancelled our cruise for next year and when our D23 membership is up for renewal later this year, I will cancel that too. We’ve had enough of this PC ridiculousness. Disney has gone to the dark side and we refuse to follow.

        1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

          Well your not going to watching or visiting much of anything or anywhere by anyone then.

    2. DisneyFan


  4. Maddox Cox

    I’m not an idiot, i’m Bob Chapek!
    What’s the difference?

  5. Chris

    As others have pointed out, they are NOT slaves in Song of the South….come on.

  6. Pgsan

    Get rid of Kathleen Kennedy ASAP! Or I’m gonna join the rest of people droping disney+ Put George Lucus. Back in charge of his STORY & DREAM

    1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      Yes cause that worked so well. Oh wait no it didn’t.

  7. David A

    IF you are put in charge of a company surely you should learn as much as you can about that Company and it’s history. THIs guy does not have a clue what he is talking about. Song of The South does not depict happy slaves as the movie is set AFTER the abolition of slavery in the restoration period. The former slaves have opted to stay on at the plantation as employees not as slaves, obviously out of respect for the owners and because they were treated well by them. The Brer Rabbit animated tales told by Uncle Remus come from the African-American community whereas the Princess and the Frog was written why a white person. How is replacing a black story with a white story making Disney more inclusive? The majority of the people who signed the petition to change Splash Mountain to a PATF theme have probably not even seen Song of the South or even set foot in a Disney theme park whereas over 100,000 true Disney fans have signed petitions to keep Splash Mountain as it is. PATF is not a good fit for Splash Mountain as there are no mountains in New Orleans and a Princess Tiana restaurant would be a better fit and / or a new ride similar to Jungle Cruise. International visitors are extremely important to Disney and a Brer Rabbit themed Splash Mountain is one of the main reasons why we come back time and again to the Magic Kingdom. Get rid of it and the rest of the world opens up for us to spend our money elsewhere

  8. Matt

    The movie is racist and problematic, there have been articles and podcasts and shows since the 80s that have discussed all of these points to death… the issue is that America has a race problem, where so many people are complacent on negative depictions of race because they are white and it doesn’t involve them. They say, oh slavery was so long ago, discussion over, while people still fly confederate flags, go to white supremacy marches, and go on forums and complain about disney taking steps to take out negative depictions of race on their rides. Do you think it is a coincident that on the jungle cruise pole, the white guy is at the top, and his black guides are on the bottom where the rhino is? No, everything in disney is 100% carefully thought out, and the joke there is the black guy getting poked by the rhino. If you have a ride that has African chanting, do you think it’s cool to joke by saying it sounds like a bunch of hokey pokey. White people aren’t the joke on any disney ride, because a majority of white people made these rides back in the day…

    1. allen zhu

      Thank you Matt!!

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one here who supports the planned retheming of Splash Mountain.

      Seriously…….. f##k SOTS and all the people who support that film.

    2. allen zhu

      Thank you Matt!!

      Glad I’m not the only one here who supports the planned retheme of Splash Mountain. Seriously, f##k SOTS and all the people that support that film.

      And f##k all the fake leftists who keep scapegoating the people at the very top of society – government, media, and corporate executives – as being the only ones responsible for all the racism in these times.

      This here is clearly a case in which the people at top of Disney’s corporate hierarchy are the good guys trying to get rid of a blatantly racist theme ride whiles it’s the fans, most of whom are of the working and middle classes, who’re trying to force Disney into keep that racist ride.

      Note: Definitely not all Disney fans are supportive of SOTS but a very large number of them are, and they’ve been really loud about it.

      1. Matt

        Thanks, but I’m sure if the loud people respond to my points, they will say oh well its only a joke, it’s all playful, why are the people on the left such snowflakes blah blah broken record, but then in the real world in America, hate crimes based off race, have exploded in record numbers. So obviously there is an issue with how people process other races in our country.

    3. DisneyFan

      Yes because changing a wildly popular theme park ride is suddenly going to
      Stop people from flying confederate flags and end racism. Give me a break! The movie doesn’t even depict slaves! They’re freed and are working as sharecroppers getting paid! Have you and all the other sheep ever even watched the movie? Let me guess…no!

      1. allen zhu

        Nobody implied that getting rid of the racist SOTS theming behind Splash Mountain is going to magically stop all the racist white Americans from flying the confederate flag around or end racist sentiments based on collectively favoring certain groups of people over others.

        Literally no one has implied that.

        This is strictly a Disney Theme Park matter, and it’s purpose is to make to more welcoming toward guests who are non-white minorities by removing references to a movie that demeans them.

      2. Matt dislikes Disneyfan

        Lol yes I have watched it, read articles and listened to an 8 hour podcast about it, you silly goose! Always good to learn from other voices, not just the ones in your head…

        I highly recommend people listen to the podcast “you must remember this”

        Yes duh they are not slaves in the movie, but the movie but the whole message of the movie is for slaves to stay at the plantations that exploited them, and their life there was not ideallic as shown in the movie.

        1. Stan

          All the years I rode splash mountain not once did I see anything relating to slavery, any racial inference or any cultural preference. It’s a ride that only people with their own biogtry read into it

    4. Jay

      You are wrong on so many levels

    5. Paul

      Thank you, Matt!

  9. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    Well your not going to watching or visiting much of anything or anywhere by anyone then.

  10. Ecxon

    Why doesn’t Bob Chapek focus on creating wholesome clean content around family morals and values? And I find it funny how he wants to do a lot for people out there yet he still does not take care of his theme park cast members

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