Comments for Fans Petition to Add ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ to Disney+

bill nye the science guy

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Please, for the sake of all things science DO NOT add Bill Nye. I get it that he was a staple of 90’s kids science education. But he is not about science any more. He has even changed his view on some of the content in his science show. Disney would have to add a warning label before the show about how information in the show has changed based on Nye’s opinion and not on fact and observation.

  2. This show is Bad! REALLY REALLY BAD! I love the science experiments that the child actors did in the show. But all of the adult actors along with some of the child actors are all unlikable with how they act and how they preform. Bill Nye comes off as this stupid and weird science guy who mugs the camera, yells a lot and make inappropriate jokes like no tomorrow.

  3. Ed

    Calling Bill Nye a “science guy” is an affront to real science

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