Comments for Live-Action ‘Big Hero 6’ Might Join MCU!

big hero 6 hiro riding baymax

Credit: Disney


  1. Barry

    It doesn’t make sense to have them in the MCU since they come from some alternate earth where there is a SanFranTokyo. (Japanese colonized the West Coast? US lost WWII?). Unless this is one of those multiverse crossing events…

    1. Jen

      The disney movie is loosely based on the comic book which is published by marvel comics. It’s possible that they maybe referring to the comic version which could work in MCU

    2. EricJ

      There’s no SanFranTokyo in the print-canon version, and the rumor was that it was going to be one of Dr. Strange’s multiverses in the sequel.
      (“Was”, past tense, now that the rumor’s been busted.)

  2. Jenn

    The Disney movie is loosely based on the Comic version, published by Marvel comics. It’s possible they could be referring to the comic which could actually work in MCU.

  3. neo

    🤮..we had enough your sh..t

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