Comments for Universal Permanently Cancels Barney Stage Show


Credit: DarthVader92 via YouTube


  1. Brandon Sanguily

    They should keep Barney for meet and greets!!

  2. EricJ

    I…..didn’t know anyone still HAD a Barney show.

  3. Donna

    This is absolutely horrible. It was one of the only places a little one could go to simply be a child.
    Im disappointed. Very.

  4. Darth Senses

    Children around the world all at once screamed out, “Who?”

    1. Mark Kaplan


  5. Jay

    Barney was a freaking pedophile and racist monster. He said the N-word on live TV and called a little girl a “wh*re.”

  6. Mark Kaplan

    I’m afraid this was bound to happen with or without the Pandemic. Barney is no longer in syndication since 2008. I’m surprised they still had this shoe when my family visited the back during 2017 Rock The Universe.

  7. SG

    This makes me sad. Barney was my children’s favorite TV show when they were little. I understand if he’s not on TV/media anymore, then today’s little ones don’t know who he is. But a big purple dinosaur who sings and is goofy and funny should appeal to all children. Maybe his audience was too small. Years ago it was packed and we were allowed to stay after for a meet and greet and my little one LOVED it!

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