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  1. That’s great, but Disney has not really come through yet with a long list of projects due to be being slowed to a crawl or a standstill. Lack of consistent cash flow is hindering the effort.

  2. EricJ

    Yes, it’s about the reality humans and animal conservation–
    Fictional Wakanda would make about as much sense as putting a FREAKIN’ JAMES CAMERON ALIEN PLANET in Animal Kingdom!!

    1. harry

      avatar land is more about the nature side of avatar not the aliens like think about it the whole land is you walking under these majestic floating mountains and viewing the nature of the land and the rides are very nature oriented flight of passage is a ride where you fly a banshee but not because you’re an avatar fighting the bad guys (it’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie Idk who the bad guys names are) point being you’re flying around on a banshee experiencing the sights and smells and experiencing the beauty of pandora and na’vi river journey is a boat ride where you float through the forest area of pandora viewing it the nature
      notice how the nature is tied back to all this and it ties back to the park being about nature and culture of different areas around the world or in pardoras case off world.

  3. Larry

    Mr. Rhodes points are well taken. The city of Wakanda is more relatable as a community of tomorrow. I wonder where it would best fit?

    1. Jan K

      It would make more sense in Epcot as there is already an African section but it isn’t being utilized as it should be!

      1. SG

        I like your idea for EPCOT, even though they have projects in the making.

      2. Jack Hart

        It isn’t being utilized, since there is an entire section of AK dedicated to Africa.

    2. Jack Hart

      A fictional Africa in the 5 WDW gate! Then you can have a fictional Asgard and a fictional version of China from Mulan.

  4. Rroe

    Disney’s broke $$$$ now. If they keep starting more projects it will once again be at our expense. Disney is turning into the land of the privileged and rich. If only Walt knew what they were doing to his Kingdom that he built for everyone to enjoy.

  5. Nick

    It actually makes the most sense to put it in DHS.
    A case could be made to put it in MK replacing the raceway. It’d give MK another “mountain”.

  6. Tiffany

    As much as I would LOVE to see a nod to Wakanda in Animal Kingdom, I agree that Mr. Rhodes’ points are well taken. However, by his reasoning, I’m not sure how Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind fits into Epcot. Sure it has a “space” setting, but how is it furthering Future World’s theme of exploring innovative aspects and applications of technology and science???

  7. John Halama

    How about fixing the Yeti?

  8. Andre D

    I’d much prefer a new Africa pavilion be added to World Showcase at EPCOT as was once planned many years ago. Celebrating the people and the culture. Have it hosted or narrated by Letitia Wright.

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