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wandavision's episode structure

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  1. KenG

    I can’t believe with all the real things to worry about people are getting into a tizzy over this!
    With all the streaming serivces I wathc, together with YouTube channels, some cable I like that the Wanda Vsion (and Mandelorian) episodes are released weekly. It sort of gives me a schedule and something to look forward to.
    Plus with most of these shows coming out only one a year (and some like Stranget Things was longer than that), I like having th episodes strung out over a couple oif months.
    Why watch all 8 of them in a day or two anf then have to wait 12 months to see see new ones?
    Some shows I don’t mind having them drop all at once (mainly the documentary style shows, or cooking shows that sort of thing). But when it comes to the highly-produced episodic programs, I guess I’m old school and like seeing one at a time.
    And besides, anyone can wait a few weeks and then watch them all at once if that’s how they roll!

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