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WandaVision influences

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  1. EricJ

    Actually, in addition to trying to bring in the Multiverses as MCU’s new attempt at their elusive Phase IV, it’s (loosely) based on a Marvel print graphic-novel, “The Visions”, where an alternate-universe Vision is now living a happy 50’s-suburban existence as family-man with wife and purple kids.

    But say “50’s” and people think “Sitcoms”, and today, unfortunately, say “Sitcom”, and a lot of kids who never grew up watching them, and have decade resentment toward “their parents’ shows” on broadcast TV before the Golden Age of Streaming came along, think “50’s”.
    And then throw in a lot of feminist resentment that quote, “all sitcoms”, quote, “taught society” that women should be housewives and do their vacuuming and cooking in pearls. Between the two, there’s just too much anger in the room.

    And as for even PRETENDING that they’ve ever seen an episode of Dick Van Dyke in their lives…okay, they got the kitchen set right–That’s it.
    Anyone who wants to defend this show will have to name an episode first.

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