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Universal Mardi Gras

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  1. I realize your first time at Universal studio Orlando Florida is overwhelming and exciting. But for those who have had a membership for several new roller-coaster and a few new stores with more expensive products. doesn’t really sound very exciting. Especially to senior retirees on a fixed income .instead of adding more usless stores it may be more beneficial to work on shortening the waiting times for your events.that way the public may have the opportunity to actually injoy your attentions and your park.a reduction in product prices in stores wouldn’t hurt eather.i get that a business needs to make a profit however, your prices are extremely higher than regular stores and restaronts.people are paying alot to get in, traveling a long distance to get thair, and alot for over priced snacks and meals.on top of that they don’t get to experience the rides because of the extremely long wait times at all the attractions. I’m sure many people are disappointed at the end of the day.

    1. No I don’t work for universal studio,or didn’t recieve anything or any money for my comments. However I have held a yearly membership for over 10 years and have noticed. The lines for attractions and everything thing else has expanded beyond thair guests fairness for the entrance fees. It does no good to visit an amusement park if the amount of guests prevent you from going to every attraction. The park really needs to address this issue visitors feelings or wallets are not even taken into consideration.

  2. JimmyC

    Universal is my favorite park in Florida, bu reading this it sounds like you are either an employee or paid to say this.

    Yes the new coaster is exciting, but its near Harry Potter land and most of us hate walking through this Zombie land of guests starring at everything from the castle to possible Harry Potter spit on the ground.

    As for the new construction on your first right towards Hollywood Studios is nothing. I mean its not exciting at all – like a refacing of a store.. again big deal.

    Probably will be just another over priced store anyhow…

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