Comments for Universal Unveils Isla Nublar in Real Life, Filled With Dinosaurs!


Credit: Left Photo Credit: @scoop_universal Right Photo Credit: Universal


  1. Why

    Why make attractions in a country that censorship and arrest people. then on top of it because of cv 19 no one is able to travel.

    1. Timmy

      I was thinking the same thing. This wonderful attraction is going to China? Jurrasic Park is an American film, we love it here, it was apart of our childhood, one of our citizens created so why don’t we get this? And it will havr amazing animatronics? Universal in Orlando replaced all their amazing animtronics w super lame 3d projections. Get your act together, Universal. I guess they have to serve their overlords

  2. Deborah L Hearon

    Agree 100%
    This is lame.
    It should be here on this country. It should not be in this communist country. ?

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