Comments for Twitter Reacts to ‘WandaVision’: Leaves Fans “Desperately Wanting More”


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  1. EricJ

    Well, if the show “isn’t what they expected”…there’s a REASON for that: šŸ™‚
    The minute and second the series, or any Disney+ Marvel series like Loki or Falcon, was announced, we saw a hysterical reaction of fans starved for MCU movies since Endgame, jumping onto Twitter and saying “OMG, Marvel is back! Wandavision is going to be first!”

    And even after literally MONTHS of having Olson’s hypnotized Stepford-Wives “50’s-sitcom housewife” expression burning into our soul with every ad, and so much cutesy “Happy sitcom” deconstructive Bewitched-joke prancing about in the ads without ever having seen an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show in their lives (Laura wore a freakin APRON??), fans still kept posting GIFs of Wanda kicking battle in Age of Ultron, and literally thinking that’s what they were going to get, until Dr. Strange 2 came out.
    Umm…..no, not really.

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