Comments for Disney’s TRON Coaster Construction Is Not Moving At Full Speed


Credit: Bioreconstruct via Twitter (background)


  1. It was my understanding that all Tron construction is shut down until October 2021 due to lack of funding. They covered up the entrance into the show building and covered part of the track to protect the abandoned project from the elements. During all of this, Universal is ramping up construction as they have since opening. Universal will be opening a new coaster this summer.

    1. Anonymous

      And Disney will have “Ratatouille” and “HarmonioUS” opening this year in Epcot. And in the following years, they will open both “Tron” and “Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind”. And Universal has halted/delayed “Epic Universe”.

  2. Chris

    Good lord, this article is misleading based of en entirely incorrect premise.

    That white piece of “track” is literally an unfinished piece of the canopy, with more lattice work on the ground to the lower right – the entire coaster was track complete before the building went up around it

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