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  1. Cj Brown

    Tomorrowland at Disneyland is an eyesore (it’s been that way for too long!)

    There is no Tomorrow, there is only one different Intellectual Property dumped on top of each other (and 2 Rides look like they belong in Fantasyland OR the Pixar section of DCA!)

    Star Tours belongs in Galaxy’s Edge! The Star Wars retheme for Space Mountain? Belongs in Galaxy’s Edge, too! (at least those 2 Rides are fulfilling compared to what’s in Galaxy’s Edge – that’s another problem!)

    Disneyland doesn’t even have a working Peoplemover (we all know why!) No Skyway? No bueno!

    At least 2 Buildings are underused (you could take the space they make up, create something Tron Legacy themed – but that requires spending money and Chapek is a Cheapskate!)

    Tomorrowland used to be my favourite section, but it hasn’t been since 1994!

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