Comments for What Should Replace Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom?

stitchs great escape

Left and Right Images Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    Stitch was Alien Encounter was Rocket to the Moon/Mars.

    You can rehab a show, but you can’t turn it into a ride or restaurant…It’s going to be a show building.
    Thought we already explained that to the folks hoping to turn Timekeeper into “a Monsters Inc. door-coaster, please-please?”

  2. There was a fantastic Untethered VR experience called ‘Ralph’s Breaks VR’ that was a joint venture between The Void ( the amazing VR company) and Disney. It was available at Disney Springs and on the boardwalk at Disneyland. There were other experiences too like Star Wars, and Marvel and Jumanji. Sadly COVID has shuttered this amazing VR opportunity. So sorry you missed it.

  3. Sam

    I just want the stitch ride back. It seems stitch is finally becoming a popular character at least more than previous years. I think it would be a popular ride for a new generation.

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