Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Timeline Undergoes Major Changes, New Official Eras Added

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  1. Doug

    Cool, I can’t wait to see what really happens after the events of Return of the Jedi. I hope we get a new trilogy that shows us what our old and beloved characters are up to with their new and improved Jedi Order.

  2. Amy Fuller

    Was the Old Republic timeline and events scrapped?

    1. Todd

      The high republic and old republic times sound so similar. Maybe just a rebranding?

      1. Alejandro

        Old Republic is set thousands of years before Episode 1, High Republic is just 200 years. But yeah, Disney did scrap the Old Republic timeline

  3. Alex Tompkins

    Rogue One was released 2016 – not 2018.

  4. Timmy Thompson

    Rey, Poe and Finn destroyed Star Wars. The magic is long gone.

  5. Berephon

    I would like to see them scrap VII – IX and replace them with Zahn’s Thrawn Cycle (bringing the expanded universe back into canon.) Recast the classic characters, I don’t care… many folks don’t seem to realize that Zahn’s books reignited passion for Star Wars. He wrote the classic characters perfectly, but in a storyline that frankly eclipsed the original trilogy (my 2nd favorite ip of all time, by the way.)

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