Comments for Disney+ to Reportedly Retcon ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy

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  1. Kate

    I doubt they would do that, considering how much they spent trying to push the narrative of the movies. But I am also not surprised that they try to do something considering how much of a hollow, chaotic, disjointed mess the Sequels left the whole Galaxy, storywise. So already we can see the ones working on the TV projects struggle to deal with the huge hole in the heart of Star Wars left by Abrams and Rian, having to in some cases just ignore the garbage left by the two ‘geniuses’. Personally I hope they just expand the Mando universe, leave the Sequels as an alternate universe thing like they did with the Legends stories.

    1. Kevin

      Mando universe is already starting to suck. Its just turning into the cameo show. Pass.

      1. Lars Trulane

        Welcome to the miserable cynical few who hold this opinion. lol

      2. The Truth

        Agree 100% Kevin.

        At the moment, fans are licking Dave Filoni’s boots. But wait until he makes a few mis-steps. The fandom will turn on him just as they did George Lucas and the entirety of the Sequel Trilogy. I find it laughable how these same people were once saying “In JJ We Trust!” Disney shouldn’t cave in to these trolls. We need more people like Pablo Hidalgo who can bravely tell these jerks to shut up whenever necessary.

        1. Shut Up

          Maybe YOU should just shut up!

        2. Mark

          Hidalgo mocked Star Wars Theory for having an emotional reaction and the man has called Old Republic fans Trump voters. I can tell you that’s blatantly false, and don’t act as if he was “run off Twitter,” the fact he’s been in silent running mode for a while now is testament that he himself has a thorough rotten character, regardless of online trolls or haters or whatever.

          I do agree most of the dudebros lapping up Filoni right now would be the first to turn on him as they are living in an unrealistic fairy tale world and don’t listen to older fans who were in the trenches decades ago and so have already been through this. We know his history, they do not. Sad state of affairs, tbh.

      3. You Suck

        The only thing that sucks here is YOU.

    2. David Myers

      I would lay most if not all blame of the failure of the sequel trilogy at the feet of Johnson and kennedy and their desire to make it “inclusive”. They were provided a galaxy and decided to destroy and discredit the original hero’s. Abrams had a vision and a starting point johnson said hold my beer let’s see how screwed up I can get this.

      1. Bruce Campbell

        “Inclusion” is now divisive? Gotta be a white dude.

        1. Anthony Andreola

          The stated goal was to kill the past. You can be inclusive without being cancer. Star Wars is big enough to add in POC and women and diversify. You don’t have to make luke a failure, for example, to do that.

          1. Donny

            Uh, no. Kylo Ren’s goal was to ‘kill the past’. He’s the bad guy. Also, Luke LITERALLY CHANGED HIS MIND and decided to help the resistance at the end. Did you actually watch the movie, or did you turn it off and jump on the internet to complain as soon as you saw that Luke wasn’t what he was like in the books?

          2. Lady A


          3. The Truth

            Did you miss the second half of TLJ and TROS when Luke does, let’s say, HEROIC THINGS?

            Instead of being a crybaby, please watch these movies for what they were. The cold hard fact remains: the sequel trilogy gave the so-called “Big 3” far more respect than the actual new protagonists. It was a trilogy made for you Original Trilogy fans, but you rejected it because the main character was a girrrrrrrrrl.

        2. Safespaceisnotreal

          You got a chip on your shoulder ignorant nagger

        3. Cynthia Higgins

          That is racist! Shame on you

          1. J

            No shame on you

        4. William

          Inclusive IS d visive when it’s the starting point AND focus of the story instead of you know developing a good story FIRST. Audiences see.
          Black dude here.

        5. J

          A bigoted anti-white statement must be a treasonous commie

        6. Martin

          But I agree with him and I’m not white so…😂

      2. Raymond E Lee

        Are you joking?!? I get not liking Rian, but J.J. ignored every continuity he didn’t like, including from TFA! TRoS was a HUGE unnecessary mess.

        1. Aaron Newman

          I blame kennedy. It was her job to gi e us an overall storyline.

    3. Rick

      Now I see why the other Directors were fired !! They wanted to tell the story of Star Wars as George Lucas would Have and not the garbage served up by KK & co. I say a Re-do is in order for all 3 sequels & it wouldnt hurt to let Favreau’s crew direct & produce!! Thank you

      Ps: Mara Jade’s story an absolute gem

      1. Aaron Newman

        Yeah they just need to redo the whole thing.

      2. Martin

        Hell yeah let’s get some expanded universe stuff in there and maybe Kyle katarn too🤘🔥🤘

    4. Andrew

      Legends is becoming canon in the mando

    5. Erica Brodie

      The writers shouldn’t have cut a possible romance between Finn and Rey in Force Awakens and have them separated in the Last Jedi and force a toxic relationship between Kylo/Ben and Rey they had zero chemistry and that kiss ewwww gross. Again if the rewrote Rise of the Skywalker than the need to bring back John, Daisy and Oscar to play Finn, Rey and Poe again have Finn and Rey romance the way it was in Force Awakening it shouldn’t been cut in the first place no Rose or Jannah Finn was never in love with those two anyways it was always Rey. Have George Lucas, Allen Frosted in put Froster wanted Finn and Rey together romantically it was obvious in the Force Awakening. And have better writers they can still kill off Kylo/Ben but Rey and him are separated

    6. Randall Scott

      May the force be with you.

    7. CoMiGa

      They are not.

      1. Bryce

        This is a garbage story for garbage fans. Loved the sequels. The author probably cheats at go fish.

  2. Manuel dwindt

    I agree with thiS doubt that there’s no way that they could put this legend and I think this is alternate universe in my humble opinion

    It will be it

    1. sophie

      the author’s self description paired with the glaring errors throughout this article is peak comedy gold.

    2. Well, Kathleen Kennedy was fired from being President of Star Wars so it might be possible. Of course once she’s out of business for good, because of her contract, they can do whatever they want with the sequels. Besides, most of the cast from the sequels quit for good anyways because of the way they were handled in the movie and the backlash. If you ask me, I’m all in for it. Anything to get rid of the disappointing sequels. It can be done too.

      1. mmoran

        no, she wasn’t.

      2. Lala17

        No she wasn’t, in fact, she got a contract extension.

        1. James Benjamin Truax

          I’m doubting this is true. The dang report link goes to a site that tried to upload spam thru ads! Probably not really article

      3. jedilover024

        sure wasnt fired.lol. Contract extension In fact..why put out disinfo.when ya DONT have too?

        1. Rational

          She had a contract extension that expires this year

      4. Falalama

        I loved the first four Star Wars films,after that I never watched another,they seemed to detracted from the original plot.The Mandalorian I just love.The Star Wars early film references are there,it was exciting to see xwings and ti fighters at a relevant time in the storyline,it all fits together perfectly.I love iand hope all ends well for Grogu and Mando.

      5. JJ A

        What “alternate facts” website did you read that from?

      6. Lewis

        Where do you get your news

  3. Buck

    Thank the maker! I was so worried that they were just going to work around the sequels, or worse – work them into the plot of their shows like they did with the prequels and the Holiday Special (which are *clearly* so much better than the garbage we got. Where were the classic characters like Jar Jar Binks, Dex Jettster, and Nute Gunray? Where were the iconic locations like the Space Diner from AotC? Sequels are so lame!)

    But in all seriousness, I’m glad they have enough archive and unused footage to put together a coherent narrative for three complete mini-series. It’s a good thing they filmed so much extra stuff! Hopefully the stuff they cut is better than the stuff they used. That’s a thing that usually happens.

    Thanks for the info on this totally real thing that is definitely happening. It’s refreshing to see a Star Wars article that isn’t all just clickbait for angry nerds.

  4. EricJ

    Oh, whew–I was another of those fans who read too quickly and didn’t realize it was the Disney SEQUEL trilogy that was getting a do-over:
    Yeah. No kiddin’.

    1. I would just leave the sequel trilogy alone and just concentrate on making the best series and movies possible. I like where Filoni and Favriou are going.

      1. Chad

        I was under the impression Lucas kept the rights to the original characters so Disney needed to make new ones. I did not enjoy the last 3 movies. I was so disappointed with the greatest jedi in the universe drinking from the tit of a space walrus that I refuse to watch the Rise of Skywalker. I put all the blame on Disney and their greedy desire to make money.

        1. Dan B

          What make Luke so great?

          I know he drove the story of the original trilogy, but I was a kid when those movies came out, and loved the movies, but I was never impressed with Luke

        2. Lady A.

          Same. HATED that unnecessary scene and the ugliness of Luke’s cynicism and the reasons for it. I did watch the Rise of Skywalker, liked parts of it – thought it the best of the sequel trilogy, but still unsatisfactory over all. An Alternate Star Wars universe that I don’t care to visit.

      2. David Haynes

        I think the they should retcon a few things in the sequel trilogy
        More like a soft reboot

  5. Robert J.Smith

    When each film in the new trilogies individually made over a billion dollars, These films are about the original cast passing the torch, to the redemption of Ben Solo and Rey. These films will NEVER be retcon of remade to cater to a silly digital Grogu and a digital Luke Skywalker…lol give me a break. When you want to get in your heads of doing away with these beloved films..tell that to the families of Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew who gave thier all to these films.

  6. James Stevenson

    and would feature archive footage of the late Fisher, Ford, and Harrison in the first season

    Does anybody bother proofreading anymore? Do you guys even have an editor that knows anything about editing?

    1. Nyrad

      Why can’t we have just have stories that don’t involve Skywalkers at all?

      1. Adam C Bryant

        Exactly! That is what ruined it. They tried so hard to keep the skywalkers relevant to the story that they didn’t concentrate on what the story should be.

        1. Vos

          Return of the Jedi didn’t balance the force by any means. Luke still had plenty of work to do rebuilding the Jedi. The sequel trilogy threw out that very important prophecy.

  7. Anthony

    Unless this restores characters to make them at like themselves then it is not that enough

  8. Adam C Bryant

    The concept sounds just as bad as leaving the sequel trilogy as is-retcon it by only having half the cast returning but without the main star of the trilogy?
    They can’t do a Retcon of the trilogy without Rey unless they completely rebooted it.

    1. Son_Of_Dad

      Same thing I said to .myself while reading it. Half of THE CORE CAST of the sequel trilogy pretty much have been beaten by fans into not returning. So any dreams of retconning it is near impossible without the result being a frankenstein monster. Perhaps if fans were less bile spewing vile savage bullies, the original three would’ve returned.

  9. Jeremy

    The sequels had their flaws, but I actually enjoyed significant parts of Last Jedi. True to the spirit of Star Wars while deconstructing it. I felt like Rise of Skywalker was trying to to hard to pander as is, so I don’t see something like this being a good idea.

    In fact 1. It sounds ridiculous. Creating an entire series out of archival footage?
    2. Why use old footage of Luke? Mark Hamil is always up for more

    3. No sources, no evidence. The guy mentioned in the article is a rumormonger who seems to just make stuff up. He claims to have proof of real life aliens also. Additionally, he’s also an actual nazi. Literally, he’s a white supremacist and mysoginist. He’s angry that there are women and black people in his Star Wars and comic books. Etc.

  10. Richnj

    Dropping the “episode” titles from the Rey Palpatine trilogy and having them be a alternative time line is just the best option.

    I hate that trilogy, and it doesn’t belong in the main time line anymore, especially with the TV series getting ever closer to that future, but those films do still have their fans, so Disney can’t erase or retcon them now, it’s too late.

    Alternate time line is the least offensive to all fans.

    1. Emmanuel

      But that is just your opinion, there are TONS of fans like me who love the sequels no matter they’re flaws, and it is a dumb idea to retcon then because a third of the fandom are nitpickers that hate on everything.

  11. Cuthbert

    Will never happen, and that’s a good thing.

  12. The last three movies were a mess. No rebooting of them will be able to fix those issues. This seems more like just a money making ploy rather than an attempt to give fans what they want. Let sleeping cowboys lie and move on to new Star Wars projects.

    1. Hanna Ordelheide

      Am I the only one that thinks this is an awful idea?

      Honestly, the less I see of the Skywalkers, the happier I am. We already have a perfect, beautiful conclusion to Luke’s story in the original trilogy and I’m ready for something new.

    2. Son_Of_Dad

      Exactly, it’s just time to move on. The three sequels weren’t completely unsalvageable, but you cannot fix them at this point. Three of the core cast members refuse to return, Disney is not going to make a bigger mess by trying to fix it either.

  13. Jonathan Andrew Redding

    Adults need to grow up & remember that Star Wars always was & always will be primarily for kids! And most kids LOVED the sequel trilogy – at least they did before they heard all the adults throwing tantrums over how it wasn’t “Star Wars”-y enough for them! Adult SAID the EXACT SAME CRAP ABOUT LUCAS’ PREQUEL TRILOGY! You all hated on Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy so hard that Lucas was too terrified to FINISH HIS TRILOGY OF STAR WARS TRILOGIES & decided to sell it all away to the richest studio that he thought could pay HIM over a BILLION UP FRONT AND STILL HOPEFULLY DO THE SEQUEL TRILOGY RIGHT! Now even Lucas has joined the ingrate fans that ripped his Prequels apart by turning on the ONLY PEOPLE WHO AT LEAST TRIED TO RELEASE THE SEQUELS WITHIN OUR LIFETIMES- something he was NEVER going to do! Now Lucas is just rank-&-file with all the other ingrate adults who WANTED HIS PREQUELS then HATED ON THEM, WHO ALSO DESPERATELY WANTED THE SEQUELS BUT HATED ON THEM BEFORE THEY WERE EVER EVEN RELEASED!! So they aren’t the stories you expected!? Too bad! At least they weren’t bloody predictable!! So what if they “made a mess of the whole Star Wars Universe” – that’s all the more reason why more movies are now needed to be made to bring this greater SWUniverse into some type of greater sense! If you HATE Star Wars & want it to die off for a generation or more, go live in Communist Russia & ruin the lives of their kids but stop ruining Star Wars for all the kids in the rest of the world today, you infantile adults! As for retconning the Sequels: that would be utterly moronic! They might recut one of them to make a ten-minute longer Extented Cut, they might recut them all into Extended Cuts – but they won’t retcon away those extremely expensive movies that each were box office GOLD & which still sell like crazy, earning Disney a tidy profit on their residuals every single year!

    1. Thew3000


      1. Son_Of_Dad

        So mature, you grown child.

    2. Kate

      “It’s for kids” is a poor excuse for incompetence and horrible storytelling.
      Stop hiding behind children.

      1. John West

        It’s the same excuse George made when people hated his prequels, and the excuse is a fact, kids love these movies. What isn’t a fact is your opinion of the incompetence and bad storytelling. That’s just what you think, and I kinda agree. I also don’t judge Disney stuff made for whole families and made to make a billion dollars as if they are prestige drama, oscar worthy films. No Star Wars story has ever really had good storytelling or been very competent if you hold them to that standard. So, I don’t look at them that way. They’re just fun marvel like movies for Star Wars. So, they’re just as bad as those. I feel like Star Wars doesn’t get the same all for the family pass as marvel simply because all the good guys aren’t white guys, and the main female doesn’t think she’s a monster and kill herself because she can’t have kids. Now that’s horrible storytelling, but hey marvel can somehow do no wrong even though they’re just as bad as Star Wars. Like really why? Can’t we just let the little girls out there love Rey and stop trying to tell them why they’re wrong and Rey doesn’t exist because we adults hate her?

    3. Son_Of_Dad

      Agreed. So tired of the whining and crying about “the Trilogyyyy” sequels. I will bypass the “for kids” nonsense, because it’s for FANS, some of which (like myself) have been around since 1977. The Trilogy sequels will remain intact, extended cuts or even a Lucas driven director’s cut with his original ending may be possible, but 3 films will stand and people will move on with their lives and the new stories.

      Time to MOVE ON.

    4. Daryl

      Thank you. As proven many times, anyone who hated the sequel trilogy is an ignorant moron who should be forever banned for enjoying Star Wars again.

    5. Paul

      You can clearly tell this dude has mental issues

  14. Thew3000


  15. Internet Person

    Probably look at your source’s source next time. This is garbage.

  16. Rey Skywalker

    Lmao this article should get more backlash for its lack of journalistic integrity. The sequels are here to stay. Go read a Legends book instead.

    1. Rex

      I don’t even acknowledge their existence to be honest. Why should I acknowledge something they put zero effort in making?

    2. Mark Watson

      You can just put “reportedly” before anything and it’s news now. Ridiculous.

  17. Nora McLeod

    Disney needs to take Elsa’s advice, and let it go…. There is nothing they can do to make these movies live up to the prequels, let alone come close to the original. Let the Skywalker Saga rest in peace, stop digging up the corpses….

  18. Tripp

    Main character actors Oscar Isaac (Resistance pilot Poe Dameron), John Boyega (ex-stormtrooper Finn), and Daisy Ridley (Rey) have all expressed that they will not return to the Star Wars universe….. THANK JABBA, THEY WERE THE WORST!!!!!! not only do all three completely lack any acting talent,but they are whiners! No room for that in SW!

    1. PSM

      Yeah, it’s a pity that they have ruined the reputation the saga had of featuring great actors, like Harrison Ford in his first role as The Man Who Moves His Lips as the Others Speak to Follow the Text, Hayden Christensen in every scene or literally any other actor, as they stand motionless like robots while someone else speak.
      Man, I wish we could go back to that high-quality interpretations.

  19. Lala17

    Seriously, this hack reporting needs to stop. It’s not going to happen. Period…

  20. A Friend

    No one wants more Rose Tico.

  21. Matthew

    Maybe Disney should treat the sequels like Song of the South and bury them in the vault and never speak of them again.

  22. Cg

    So, 3 movies that collectively made over 4 billion dollars are somehow a failure and hated by “fans”????? Hard to believe… These movies were never gonna make all the original fanboys happy but clearly lots of people enjoyed them…the numbers don’t lie

    1. Adam C Bryant

      Terrible comparison. Have you ever been to the movies? You do know that you pay upfront right? And the 6 movies previous, built such a following that ppl played upfront to see it.
      Also, fyi, they don’t give ticket refunds just because the movie sucked.
      Yes, numbers and facts don’t lie. 😁

      1. John West

        You don’t make a billion dollars with your movie if everyone who pays for a ticket only sees it once.

  23. Ryan P Smith

    Not gonna happen. Keep dreaming lol

  24. Lex

    Leave it to Disney to beat a dead horse, milk it dry, praise it for being lgbtq+, then call you out as a bigot for disliking their actions and output.

  25. RenMan

    Just another gimmick to get people to subscribe to the Disney+ Channel.
    Leave it to Disney!!

  26. Obi-Ron

    It’s funny to see people weigh in on this “idea” in terms of it’s merit (or lack thereof), when only a few are pointing out that there’s literally zero chance of this happening. That would be the stupidest thing Disney could ever do. Not to mention, doing 3 seasons to retell the same stories with none of the leads? This is just plain terrible “reporting” and should be called out as such.

  27. Cody

    This will never happen. First of all, where is this “report” coming from. I could make up something right now and just say it is “reported” they are discussing this and that.

    More importantly, there’s no way they have enough coherent footage from the movies to make 3 seasons, even if they’re small seasons, enough to change the storyline drastically.

    Some Star Wars fans want this so bad that titles like this are just for clicks and I literally came here to point these out. These days, don’t believe anything unless it comes from the main source, or as a possible backup one of the major trades (such as the Hollywood Reporter) who have reliable insider information.

  28. Drasmus Draconis

    It would not be the first retcon nor the last. Han shot first.

  29. Lt. Boomer

    I’m trying to figure out if this is a blogsite full of amateur lies, or a legit source of news. But this convoluted, poorly sourced article tells me all I need to know. A bunch of lies and silly conjecture. This junk will never, ever happen. It’s not even logical, if you take moment to think about it.

  30. Martin

    No matter how much we hate the sequels, trying to make a story out of bits and pieces of random filmed scenes will NEVER end well.

  31. Cole M Jenkins

    My prediction: What’s actually in the works is an Ezra Bridger focused story that takes place in at the same time as the sequel trilogy and occasionally crosses over with it.

    1. Kate

      I know it’s only your guess but I sure wish that was true.

  32. Donny

    Yeah, no. No one wants this, and this is not actually happening. Get your “unconfirmed reports” out of my news feed

  33. Marisa

    Only if Jon Favreau and David Filoni are involved. Not JJ ever again.

  34. Jacque K.

    Please, please, please!!! Recast, recast, McGregor and Christianson! Their portrayals were awful, weak, unbelievable, insincere, and most of all, poorly acted. Yes, the storylines were truncated and incoherent in too many places. But, the worse offense was the main actors’ obvious lack of belief in the Star Wars universe. That’s the most important starting point to bringing that world alive. Indeed, the best actors suspend disbelief with the audience and inhabit the material. McGregor and Christiansen are too weak in their craft to successfully or effectively inhabit and advance the Star Wars narrative. Compare their performances to the Mandolarian actors and you decide….

    1. Scadoobie

      R u people crazy it’s just movies no matter bad or good if u look at the very first three the acting was bad lot of very bad mistakes in the editing and u people complain about these three it’s so sad

  35. Rex

    The sequel trilogy was a mess from start to finish. They constantly shot themselves in the foot and had to go back and fix things. The characters were likeable enough but the story they were given didn’t do them justice. I believe Palpatine should have been kept out of the movies entirely and have Ren take over as Sith Lord and get killed by Rey at the end per the original script for Rise of Skywalker. The original script before Kennedy fired the writer, really demonstrated that not every Starwars take has a happy ending.

  36. Peter

    I think that the Trilogy needs to be Fixed, not Redone.
    The Last Jedi is the movie that needs most of the work.
    Edit out scenes, and reshoot new ones. Get Jon Favreau, Dave Feloni, and George Lucas to do it.

  37. Dan B

    Can we please stop revisiting this stupid rumor and accept that the movies happened, we’re stuck with them, and move on?

  38. Joey V

    We don’t need a rework we need a COMPLETE OVERHAUL. We all want young Luke kicking ass. Sure throw in old like later. We want Luke and Leia’s kids as jedi not some character they just made up! Sequels suck. They are not canon

  39. Stikman

    Since when is some YouTuber’s wet dream a credible source?

  40. JB Josh

    Been waiting for this one!!!

    OK, starwars sequel trilogy did so much harm to the lore of the original trilogy that everyone loved so dearly. Yes it had it flashy scenes, new weapons, and vehicles. Unfortunately, the sequel trilogies major flaws were its character development and story. The characters we will never remember and the story easy to not care about when you have to many places and people that you dont need. The Original trilogy focused on the characters in this galaxy far far away. Not the other way around. No offense to the actors its not their fault for the story to be so condrived that the story barely got a ending.
    I absolutely believe starwars needs a new trilogy or just good stories either in movie form or season form. The Mandalorian has brought back the great feel of nostalgia when it comes to what starwars is truely about. Get lucas back in it, give Favreau and Filoni there freedom to explore new ideas, and give the fans the heroes, hopes, and dreams to love one of the greatest movie and tv franchises in our galaxy.

  41. Joe

    The sequels were a disgrace

  42. Lady A

    Gads, I hope so. The last 3 disjointed films were ugly, and had VERY few cheer worthy moments. They are the only 3 of the 6 I didn’t purchase as I had no desire to see again. To see them re scripted well would be wonderful. I hope Daisy, John and Oscar will reconsider if the script is there. Daisy especially.

  43. I can still remember being a kid and loving the prequels when all the adults said they were trash and that George ruined Star Wars. Now that all the kids have grown up, the prequels are looked at in a different light. So, since most kids still love Star Wars and Kylo and Rey and Finn, let’s let them have their weird movies and continue the weird stories with cartoons and watch, 10 years later the sequels will probably be looked at in a different light as well

  44. Rick

    I know it’s out of the realm and a different answer to a different question but who the hell fired Gina Carano dumbest thing since letting Ryan Johnson direct a Star Wars movie she deserves better it’s like no one can have an opinion anymore anyway bring her back!!

  45. KotasMilitia

    They screwed the pooch with the sequels. I doubt they will “retcon” anything in the sense of the word most of us are used to. “Ignore completely” is more likely. They are already reportedly changing Star Wars Land at the parks because they realized the sequel trilogy isn’t marketable. Unfortunately, this means they can only go backwards in the Star Wars timeline. It would have been cool to see New Republic stuff, but that will not happen. Thanks Rian.

  46. Kate

    What would she say at you using her for emotional blackmail in a blog comment?

  47. Big K

    Dunno how much salt I put into a reboot of the sequel trilogy. However, I will say this: IF disney does admit they screwed up and attempts to redo it all, I think it’s believable they could get Rey, Finn and Poe back.

    Case in point: Robin Williams and the Genie. Back when OG Aladdin was made, voice actors made pittance compared to live actors, and Robin Williams already had been making a name for himself on live Hollywood films. He made a verbal agreement with Disney under the assumption that he would be voicing a “bit character” who wouldn’t be central to the plot. He also stated his character (the Genie) couldn’t be used in marketing for the film’s release (take a look at the original theatrical poster for Aladdin, about 2/3 of the thing is the Genie)

    After that, Robin said he’d never work for Disney again. Years later, when they were writing Aladdin and the King of Thieves, the new CEO of Disney called Robin’s agent and asked if there was a way he could apologize. The CEO met Robin at his house, and personally apologized, and gave him a much better offer for reprising the Genie in the new Aladdin movie, and Robin accepted.

    Not saying Disney will do that now, but I’m just saying they’ve made sincere apologies before. So, personally, I think its plausible.

  48. Michael Holt

    I find it funny that during the season 2 finale of the Mandalorian that 4 strong female characters handled their business and walked through several dozen troopers but none of the “inclusive crowd” cared. All they cared about was how dare Luke Skywalker (a white man) saved the day. They are doing the same thing in Star Wars that they are doing in real life. Changing history to fit their narrative and the truth be damned.

  49. Devlyn

    The closest I can imagine is allowind Favereu to have his own timeline, essentially another legends continuity. Disney doesn’t care about fans in the long run, they made thier money, they arent gonna waste any more.

  50. Bryan B

    I don’t know how this can be done at this point. Actors are much older if not deceased

  51. Butthurt Journalist

    So it continues. Rumors from a butthurt fanboy are stated as fact, with a little disclaimer buried in the story. Great job, kiddo. Your professors must be so proud.

  52. Dude

    “He added…” who is he? This article references someone it didn’t even reference earlier. A “report” when? who? where? Published? This is not even high school paper journalism.

  53. Allen

    “a movie trilogy and would feature archive footage of the late Fisher, Ford, and Harrison in the first season.”

    You might want to fix this sentence: you split Harrison Ford into two people.

  54. Jedi Knight

    None of this is true. Stop spreading propaganda.

  55. Craig

    You cited The Express? You may as well have used the National Inquirer. They are just as reliable…

  56. Keithustus

    Oh, god no! Don’t let JJ anywhere near Star Wars ever again. If they want to salvage the sequel trilogy at all, they need the Mandalorian team or Gareth Edwards to recut, rewrite, rewrite most of it.

  57. Ryan

    The original source, which the Express cites but Inside the Magic fails to, is a known youtube troll who regularly posts outlandish rumors for Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman etc, but mostly Star Wars

  58. Robert

    Are people actually on here arguing about things inclusiveness, political correctness and all other 21st century issues that are or are not addressed in a science fiction movie? Wow.

  59. John Doe

    This sounds incredibly FALSE. This rumor, or versions of it, have been bouncing around for a while. I know why too. These rumors are made by extremist fans attempting to build hype with the public hoping that Disney and Lucasfilm will follow suit. I would love it if that were the case but it’s gotten annoying that it has saturated the legit Star Wars news. Disney and Lucasfilm aren’t out for the fans, they are out for the almighty dollar. They will do whatever makes them the most money. And really it’s not the movies, it’s the merchandise. Sorry Charlie. 🙁

    1. Silva

      Ok, I agree wholeheartedly about people making up crap like this, but why do people act like it’s the attempt at making money that ruins movies?

      This may be difficult for the majority of you to understand, but try: Movies… cost… moneys… to… make.

      If a move doesn’t make money, it won’t get made. That’s not the “evils of hollywood” that’s the reality of how movies get made. I can think of no way in which that somehow influences the quality of the movie itself.

  60. Tiara

    Ok, Boomers

    1. Dominic

      Please let them be retconned and please let filoni and favreau make ones that actually follow the way the star wars universe was before these movies existed. Star wars deserves better and so do the fans like me who have studied every detail of star wars and have read all the EU novels. The mandalorian has showed that with good producers and directors it is possible to keep star wars up to the standard that the die hard fans expect it to live up to at the same time as drawing in the young audiences.

  61. Johnny

    I mean, I would be fine if they just redid the last jedi and rise of skywalker… The force awakens I can accept i just can’t accept what Rian Johnson did to the sequel…

  62. Pat

    You released you April 1st article accidentally. People if an undertaking THIS epic was about to happen do you think you’d be finding out about it here? C’mon answer honestly.

  63. Rice

    They should the sequels are horribly written terribly executed and overall terrible works of art dumb movies for dumb people.

    1. Mark Watson

      Insulting people who like the movies. Classy move.

  64. Randall Scott

    Nothing will ever compare to the true trilligy.

  65. I dont care what anyone says. The rotten trash disney put out is not nor ever will be canon. They dont exist. Han luke and leia’s future have already been written in the TRUE canon books as per lucas himself. If they want to retcon, they need to shitcan the sequels and do them as written in the TRUE canon of the books. Otherwise they can all go eat a bantha 🍆

    1. Aaron

      I hate to say it, but Lucas lost his right to say what’s cannon or not when he sold to Disney.

  66. Falalama

    I loved the first four Star Wars films,after that I never watched another,they seemed to detracted from the original plot.The Mandalorian I just love.The Star Wars early film references are there,it was exciting to see xwings and ti fighters at a relevant time in the storyline,it all fits together perfectly.I love iand hope all ends well for Grogu and Mando.

  67. nerdrage

    This sounds absurd. But I could see Disney recasting the characters in younger incarnations for a Disney+ series contemporary with The Mandalorian that retcons their histories post ROTJ. Get Sebastian Stan for Luke. The others are harder to envision but Carrie Coon would make a terrific Leia. For Han, let’s try recasting the role again, with an actor about a decade older than Alden Ehrenreich, who nobody wants back anyway, right? Maybe they should look for an unknown.

  68. JB

    I really don’t see why the sequels where so disliked. These last three where pure cinema gold compared to the prequel trilogy. Those had such a trashy script with trashy acting. I’d remake those before I remade the latest three.

    1. George Lucas

      drugs are bad for you

  69. mandofett

    This sounds like a dream fantasy. I doubt Disney would undercut themselves like this after literally attacking anyone who didnt overtly adore the sequel trilogy.

  70. Blake

    I think it’s a great idea. No matter what anyone says about the sequels, they were never about the fans, they were about the money. Rian Johnson threw our vision, and the visions of the original actors in the trash out of blatant disrespect for their love of the Star Wars fandom. To him, it was merely about making a mark and dividing the fanbase entirely. So I say they finally do the franchise the justice it’s been waiting for, and put the matter to rest. Make Star Wars movies the way they were supposed to be made.

  71. Martin

    I really do hope they redo those poorly written sequels if they want strong female jedi then use the expanded universe there’s plenty of material there👌👍

  72. Walt Disney

    ITM , DVD Overlord and ClownFish Tv/ Pirates and Princess , should get credit for alot of stuff , that you guys like to use

  73. Tarc

    Sorry incels, but the Force Awakens, Last Jedi, and Rise of Skywalker are canon. They are not getting remade, rebooted, or retooled in any way.

    Suck it up, buttercups.

  74. Craig

    I’ll take anything they can do to fix these terrible films. It can’t get any worse so why not? At least have them make sense and form a cohesive storyline and a little character development wouldn’t hurt. Please inject the FUN back into Star Wars. These sequels were miserable and offered little hope, thrills, or adventure.

  75. Cane Marin

    Diversity was never an issue with Star Wars, Kennedy made it so. That is what so many are missing, her loathing of men, especially white men was made apparent quickly by her own actions. She literally set out to destroy the old instead of evolving the new to be at the forefront going forward. And she is irritated that it did not work, that the fans instead turned on her.

    Maybe she did not understand the difference between fans and fandoms…or maybe she did and was truly fool enough to try and force it to change to accept what she wanted, either way – the state of Lucasfilms is on her and her alone.

  76. Every comment below can be summed up as: “The only real Star Wars fans are people who hate Star Wars.”

    Enter at your own risk.

  77. Liam

    you’re delusional if you believe this.

  78. Katy

    Reading this comments really confirms, that the Star Wars fandom became toxic. I like and dislike the sequels at the same time, but I dont waste my time spreading so much hate on the internet. Personally, I would like them to make the sequels legends, because Finn deserved much more and Rey shouldnt have ended up as a Skywalker, but if they stay in the canon, I have to learn to love them. For now, I’m excited for all the new series, like Ahsoka or Kenobi and I just hope they don’t mess it up like they did before. Star Wars has so much potential, it would be a waste to just end with 6 movies.

  79. Lori

    A series? No! Star Wars fans never got correctly done sequel trilogy movies. We deserve that. I really think using some of the material from The Mandalorian would make a good first movie as part of a new set of sequel trilogy movies. I do not support retconning the awful movies, but am in favor of using footage from them in the new sequel trilogy movies as long as the original characters are portrayed correctly and in continuity with the OT.

  80. Jar Jar Kinks

    The RISE of Skywanker should be Cannon. Good Film.

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