Comments for Could ‘Star Wars’ Take Over the Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland?

star wars rainforest cafe

Credit: EA Games (Background); FreshBaked (Foreground)

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  1. Cj Brown

    Team Disney Anaheim failed when they gutted Downtown Disney for a Hotel expansion …. and all the Best Shops / Restaurants went down the street to Anaheim Garden Walk … and the City of Anaheim gave Team Disney Burbank the ‘checkmate’ it deserved!

    Rainforest Cafe is empty, ESPN Zone is empty, AMC Downtown Disney 12 is empty (these are all vacant space not getting utilized because Corporate is too cheap to do anything about it!)

    Maybe after the pandemic Cheapskate Chapek will actually invest in Downtown Disney (’til then? Knott’s Berry Farm is winning – at least it was until the pandemic took their Food Festival away!)

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