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  1. Chris Parker Howard

    I think the TV stuff works well for some, not as well for others. To me, the TV stuff feels like fan fiction with a budget. I like it okay, but it isn’t for me. I’m glad there is a lot of Star Wars for everyone these days but I think this new stuff only works well for the Star Wars fan that likes the universe small and Robot Legs on Darth Maul. No growth, no change, no room for new or challenging ideas. Familiar characters in familiar timelines behaving in a familiar way.

    1. Josh

      Yeah and you probably like that garbage sequel Trilogy as well? I think there’s plenty more room for expansion , growth, and change with the TV shows, even more so than movies.

      1. Rod

        calm down donald trump.

        The spirit of SW is more present in TLJ than any other sequel or prequel film. I sort of liked Mando s1, but S2 was truly dreadful. Reminded me of Firefly or other cheese fest shows STILL – i enjoyed it for what it was… the A Team in space.

  2. Robert Bolin

    Um, you missed a third spin off. If you watched the last episode beyond the credits then you know there is also “The Book of Fett” coming which will make it a trilogy of spin offs plus the Mandolorian. Four shows. Not three.

    1. Joshua David Blevins

      If you read the article all the way through if she mentions, and talks about the book of Boba Fett and detail the last two paragraphs of the article.

  3. Jose lombera

    I wouldn’t say way better I think the prequels and originals are good I don’t understand all the hate on the prequels and it’s just Disney ruining them to be honest but I’m excited to see what the new trilogy has in store for us

  4. joe

    Star Wars fans are the worst part of Star Wars.

    1. James

      I know, it’s terrible that we stand up for what we want instead of just taking whatever crap they give us. All we ever asked for was that you treat the original three with respectbackgrounds and stories we cannot follow. What we got was disrespect and a hot mess for a prequel trilogy that had no direction and not very good story lines and characters that were highly underdeveloped. well I will admit there are some bad fans out there the majority of us were just upset over getting the hot mess they gave us

    2. Michael

      Star Wars fans are the ones who buy their merch.
      They’re the ones who are loyal.

    3. Gary

      I totally agree. My mum took me to see the original trilogy upon release in the 70s and 80s and that’s when I became a fan. Upon the release of this last trilogy I took my mum to the cinema to watch them and we both found each film better than the last. Hatred and negativity seem to be overwhelming so many people who have access to these forums and I’ll never understand why.

  5. JM

    The big takeaway from the story is Robert Downey Jr. playing Thrawn?!?! First I’ve heard of that! I heard rumors about him being recruited…but this could be very good.

    1. sonny

      why not make a movie of palpatine

  6. Dekere Volknoss

    Very well written and knowledgeable commentary.

  7. Mbogle

    Well I am happy to watch these up coming series. I really dig the Mandalorian and look forward to seeing what they have planned for Grogu. Gotta say I am not a fan of that name, but I suppose I will get used to it. I am super excited about the Ashoka series. I understand where some of y’all are coming from as it seeming like fan fiction, but I will take it. I love the Star Wars universe so am happy for whatever they give us. I was not a fan of the trilogy sequel, hated what they did to Luke’s character. Hoping they can remedy it somehow in these new series. I do wish they didn’t take over a year for only eight episodes though. It’s like getting a half season. Disney y’all need more episodes in a season. Much more.

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