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sorcerers of magic kingdom

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  1. Disneyana Jones

    This was such an underrated experience at Magic Kingdom. Completing the game for the first time is one of my favorite memories at Disney and meeting so many other players and trading was always fun. Really sad to see it go

    1. Mary Garboski

      This is one of the most disappointing news I’ve heard from Disney. My son, who is autistic, lives for this game. Even more so since this past year in 2020, he made it to the end on level 3, only to have the final portal malfunction and not a staff member in the park who had a clue how to fix it. He so much wanted to come back again to defeat Hades. It doesn’t matter if it’s” old fashioned!”
      Are you taking away the pirate game too? Or is it because you have to pay for the electricity to run this game?!
      Shame on you! You’re taking more away, providing less and charging more every year!

      1. Matthew Draper

        So disappointing good thing we canceled our trip there that’s the one park we wanted to take our daughter goof thing we didn’t promise her.

      2. Lynda

        You are so right!!!
        What does this cost Disney in the scheme of things. I think it is selfish in their part. Always charging more….always removing cherished memories.

        1. John

          Your so right. I remember when they discontinued the light parade it that was several years ago at least

  2. Tacocat

    So what if it was an old game. Sometimes new isn’t better. People enjoyed it. Isn’t that good enough?

    1. Morgan Hobgood

      Agree! I never personally even knew about this one but taking “outdated” out is terrible for those who know & love them. They got me personàlly a few years ago when they replaced the Great Movie Ride, my group rode that multiple times per trip every time & what’s wrong with kids seeing some of the Great older movies while getting overtaken by the mob on your train??

      1. BoPeep

        This is disappointing. Both of my kiddos enjoyed this experience, and the great thing was that you DIDN’T need a smartphone to engage with it. It allowed them to remain unplugged and still have a great time.

      2. Dennita

        I to was disappointed that they took away the great move ride. I loved it ! I loved that is was so engaging and interactive and I loved feeling like part of the movie. I really wish they would have kept the ride.

  3. LL

    Been going to the park since ’81 and I never knew this existed. I suppose I won’t miss it, but I do agree, just because something doesn’t incorporate the latest technology doesn’t mean it should be replaced. Don’t under estimate today’s kids. Many of them find it a thrill to experience games the way their parent (grandparents) experienced them.

    1. Matteo

      They never advertised it to begin with. I remember seeing it last year for the first time and I’ve been to Disney almost every other year

  4. Tim

    Such a shame. Every Disney trip we always stopped by here. It will be missed. They should have advertised it better, it’s not about “adapting with the generation”, it’s about poor marketing and, most likely, this pandemic. It may also be to save some extra money with the cards they print. So sad…

  5. Melissa Markham

    So sad to see this go. My son loved to play it and really looked forward to seeing what cards he would get on visits. We have enough high tech in kids lives and doing anything without a device in their hands enriches areas less used everyday.

  6. Courtney

    Yeah I never knew this was a thing

    1. Joe

      That what dreams are made for too be able too be apart of what we see an feel but much of that dream is been stored away the for gotten dreams of disney

  7. Jml

    Agree with most, while I never I never played this (my kids are still too young), Disney is going way too high tech. I want to leave my device off not have to use it constantly on vacation. Soon there will be no low tech options available.

    1. Joan

      Dad to see the experience go. Our grandson loved collecting all the different clues. Now
      he cannot ever finish his collections

  8. David

    Too bad. This was a very enjoyable thing to do between rides/parades/shows and was a great thing to collect/share with others.

    I will miss this experience.

    1. Joe Jernick

      Charge more – provide less.

  9. Tamara Dowd

    Another one bites the dust. Disney magic, not!

    1. East

      My son has ASD and has always looked forward to WDW to battle the villains. One of the best interactives MK offered… The magic is pretty much going out of Magic Kingdom.

    2. Greg K.

      What’s next? Tom Sawyer’s Island? Say it ain’t so.

  10. Marsha L. Buchanan

    Absolutely not! He does not fit the image of a valuable person nor an actor.

  11. Nick

    Aww, this had actually become our family’s favorite thing to do. Once, we pretty much did nothing but this game all day to get the Gold Master Level. We will miss it. Hope they will replace it with something even better.

    1. James

      Who is running that place?!?! They clearly do not understand what people value and want in a Disney experience. This was an amazing game. Something NOT on a device! My kids LOVED this game. We made special time to hit it every trip we made. Even my husband loved collecting the cards. Yet another Disney loss!!

      1. Tracy

        Thank Chapek for all this.

  12. dave

    I agree why does Disney take away something that is popular? but old! we go to Disney every year. prices keep going up and you get less.

  13. Janet Anderson

    I am so sad to see another experience go. The prices don’t seem to adjust with the exclusions. At least one third of the adventures are gone but the price has gone up.

  14. Rod

    Fast Pass killed Disney parks for us.

  15. Eddie

    Will Pin collecting be next? Pandemic and all???
    Sorcerers was a great game, not old or outdated whatsoever.
    It brought the best out of people when they gathered to trade cards and was one of the few Disney experiences that motivated people to interact with other Disney peeps. Once more the highly paid execs get It wrong…

  16. Micah

    SotMK was introduced to me in 2014 and became the single most enjoyable experience I would look forward to each visit. It was why I would look forward to going to MK twice in a week during a 5 day stay. This is disheartening that it’s just being canceled and not expanded. I won’t be able to teach my daughter this game now 🙁

  17. R

    Instead of eliminating the game that was loved by so many they should have UPDATED THE TECHNOLOGY and enhanced it. I’m a longtime Disney fan but have noticed that when Disney says they are going to “re-imagine” something it usually means they are going to discontinue something?

  18. Gordon

    Not everyone has phone to work with or should have to!

    1. Jet

      Likewise, I may have a phone, yet I don’t necessarily want to hand it over to a child.

  19. Michelle


    1. Chris

      Honestly ??‍♂️. I worked in Disney World and didnt even know this existed. i asked around and only 1 of 8 out of my old coworkers that i still talk to had ever heard of it

  20. kevin

    What did it hurt that they keep the game going? They could have satisfied curiosity by adding more stations and cards. I am very happy that my family discovered this game the last time we traveled to Disney. Now it will be another place that we stop at and sigh with sad faces as we move along wondering what experience is next?

    1. Heather

      My husband and I loved playing this game and played it on our trip just before they shut it down. But, to be real, half the time we couldn’t get the cards to be read while holding up multiple ones and playing on the easiest level. Couple that with there being no way to socially distance the queues that kept forming to play at some of the portals with the fact they had to turn off some portals because they were unacessable with the ride extended queues and I’m honestly not surprised. Sad and disappointed, but not surprised.

  21. Jeff

    Damn, they’re reeeeally trying to keep the locals and cast members out of the park

  22. Cheryl

    Our family enjoyed playing this game. I’m sad & disappointed Disney is discontinuing it. Instead of getting rid of things why don’t they spend the money & repair the rides they have.

  23. Philip

    I love the entitlement in these comments it’s riveting.

  24. Jet

    We really really enjoyed this game. It was a great way to spend time when some members of our group wanted to sit out a “too scary” ride. Should we make it to Disney again we will missing having spontaneous interactions with other guests training tips and cards.

  25. Elisabeth

    I am very disappointed to hear that Disney is ending the game. Our family and friends love playing it and the paper cards are a fun trading tool for the kids. It is becoming harder and harder to plan a disney trip because they have taken away so many things… it’s becoming a very expensive fair.

  26. Disney Momma

    This is so sad! I’ve never had the chance to visit Disney World (just Disneyland), and this is an experience I looked forward to doing with my kids as well as collecting the cards. Hopefully they just update it, and bring it back soon!

  27. Josh

    Spent a little over a week in the parks around thanksgiving of 2014… was rather sad to only learn about the game halfway through the trip (had 8 of in our party) so the 2 days we managed to collect cards we managed to put most of a deck together with a couple trades at portals…. but yeah…. only if you wandered into the fire house or read about it or asked someone playing would you ever know it existed…

  28. John

    Every year the Disney Corp gets further away from Walt Disney’s dreams and goals.
    Now it’s all about Corp officers bonuses and shareholder profits. The Magical World Of Disney is now The Monetary World Of Misery.

  29. Natalie

    My daughter is Autisticand has severe Social Anxiety disorder. This was the one thing we could do with her at MK to help reduce anxiety, and calm her before hitting certain lines/rides with alot of people. She played this game, and never even noticed there were walking people all around us. This experience was her favorite. We have our travel plans stand I don’t even know how to break it to her that she won’t be playing this game on Monday at MK! Just sad!

    1. Hey you mentioned your daughter having social anxiety disorder so I thought I’d put something out to you that the parks offer that you can try to do on Monday.

      If you go up to the town hall, ask them to sign her up for a DAS or Disability Access Service. It’s basically a fastpass you can get to skip the lines for people who get anxiety from standing around other people in line, or just anxiety from waiting in lines in general. You can use it on any ride, but can only have one at a time. Once you’ve signed up, you just go up to the fast pass kiosk at the ride you want to get a pass for, sign your magic bands or tickets, doing hers first, and they’ll give you a return time. Its very convenient because a lot of times even before the pandemic some fast passes were nearly impossible to get, but now that during the virus they’ve shut down fast passes altogether, the only way to get one is from a DAS, which means you’ll be one of the very few people in the fastpass line. I hope this helps and makes it easier for your daughter to enjoy herself.

  30. Chris

    Honestly ??‍♂️. I worked in Disney World and didnt even know this existed

  31. My goodness… I hate that they are stopping this. My son will Never get to play it. Between the Magical Express and no more magic bands for your trip I am thinking it sounds like a Universal Studio next year.

  32. Jolene Hartley

    We have been to Disney a number of times between 2017 and 2020. Each time as good as the last.

    Unfortunately, COVID has effected everything. COVID has made a lot of what makes Disney magic….disappear. Are these changes permanent or temporary?

    I was never able to try this game… was a future plan.

    On another note, Disney should lower the cost of admission atleast until ALL the magic returns. Everytime they take some thing away, it makes the cost seem that much more outrageous.


  33. Joanne ZR

    We just discovered this on our last visit. Our daughter is probably one of the most screen-centered kids, and she LOVED this experience! We spent almost our entire day doing this, and we had to almost drag her away from her battles to enjoy the rest of the park. She is going to be crushed that this is gone – she has carefully saved her cards and is waiting for our next trip so she can continue her quest. Is there any way we can start a petition or something to convince Disney to keep it???

  34. Rebekah

    I’ll be honest. My first several trips, I didn’t take the time to learn what the game was or to play it. But the last few, I started playing and collecting the cards. It was fun. A nice, low key relaxing experience. Disappointed it’s going away.

  35. Bret

    Our family has been visiting Disney World every other year since 2003. My wife and I even went on our honeymoon. Every trip we discovered something new. Our last trip, 2018, we heard about Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom game. When we returned from our trip, we spent several hundred dollars purchasing everything from binders to cards to be able to play the game on our next trip, which was supposed to be 2020. Then came Covid… We cancelled and rescheduled our trip 3 times last year hoping that Covid “would go away”. Now, Disney chooses to end the game, because it’s outdated and hands on? Sorry that we ever even got to experience it. How sad, not to mention the fact that I now have game parts that are useless. Where are we headed? I remember drinking water from a hose when I was a kid…

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