Comments for ‘Lion King’ Fan Theory Suggests Scar Actually Ate Mufasa

scar lion king theory

Left Image Credit, Bottom Right Image Credit: Disney / Top Right Image Credit: CG Trader


  1. Nachtwulf

    I’m 99% sure that isn’t a lion skull. First, it’s a cartoon skull of ambiguous dimensions so any real identifiable details are vague at best.
    However, two things based on the anatomy that it does have breaks the idea of it being from a lion.
    A) The front teeth. Cats have small pointed front teeth. The skull has large, shovel-shaped front teeth.
    B) The skull has pronounced brow ridges taller than the top of the skull, and directly-forward facing eyes.

    Therefore, it’s my conclusion this is intended to be a baboon skull. A quick google search of images of such should bear out my statement.

  2. Peter Babikan

    Hyenas do not hunt and kill living lions but they are opportunistic predators and likely would scavenge off of a dead body. We all know Scar had a role in the death of Mufasa, NOT hyenas. It would not be out of the realm of possibilities that hyenas and other scavengers, i.e. vultures, storks, etc. would eat the dead body.

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