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  1. Judi

    “Brother and sister type of affection”. Really JJ?
    Then some Disney exec says that the kiss was “A sign of gratitude”. PLEASE! Yes she brought him back to The Lightside and he brought her back to life BUT for one SWEET moment, a man and a woman looked into each other’s eyes and let ALL the passion that had building up for the past year escape into that BEAUTIFUL SMOLDERING kiss!
    Yes, I’m a Reylo shipper and I write Reylo fanfiction as well.

  2. Erica Brodie

    No I’m not a Reylos fan this ship should not have happened between them the relationship between them is toxic Finn and Rey should have happened. How could the writers cut the idea of Finn and Rey happening and not cut the idea of Kylo Ren and Rey from getting together romantically they had zero chemistry and it was also abrustive exspecaily the way he had treated her in her mind. Finn deeply cared about Rey he even risked his life trying to save hers by fighting Kylo Ren that should of gotten them together romantically in the Rise of the Skywalker not made them just as friends and for Rey rejecting him through out the entire movie this is the man that truly loves you and you’re rejecting him for that thing you called a human that terminated you and raped you in your mind are you crazy falling for a man that killed so many people including his own father and uncle and almost killing the man that loves you that is Finn for Kylo/Ben?

    1. a

      Get over yourself, Erica.

    2. Girl, would it kill you to use proper punctuation?

  3. Azuma

    Reylo FTW!!

  4. Bruce

    Never had a sister, but I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to kiss them…

  5. CarrieA

    Still trying to figure out why Redemption = Death for DLF.
    Also, there’s a certain Jane Austen novel with similar interactions between the male and female lead, and it’s considered to be a great romance, not some toxic pairing. There are a number of things wrong with TROS and the sequel trilogy, but Reylo is not one of them.

  6. Darth GetinLine

    Rejecting Finn for Kylo? That proves it. Rey is a racist SJW!

  7. I’m honestly surprised how people are freaking out over the whole interrogation scene being signs of a “toxic relationship.” For one, they’re literally on different sides of a WAR. They’re not even in a relationship, they’re literal enemies. Torturing a captive for information is pretty basic protocol during wartime. Not to mention he didn’t even really torture her. What he did to Poe? That was torture. The antis would have a point–about their relationship being toxic if they were actually in a romantic relationship at that point to begin with.

    If I’m being honest, I’m not a Reylo. I’m neutral. (Just a tight hug would’ve been really nice for the finale. A kiss was overkill.) I’m just so dissapointed in how bad anti-reylos are making themselves look.

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