Comments for ‘Pirates’ Co-Star Defends Johnny Depp, Says Replacing Jack Sparrow Is ‘Criminal’

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  1. I agree. Replacing Jack Sparrow is Criminal

  2. Richard Dauphinais

    That is the cancel culture for you. All because of an allegation of domestic abuse Depp is now lost his job over something that he has not been found guilty of. He may have done it. Who knows. Now they replace him which is ok with me. But why must we know the sexuality of this new person. Unless we are going to see scenes of two women getting it on. Which we know Disney won’t allow anyway. Nobody needs to know. Just making a group of people happy is not a reason to change.

  3. Roger

    I have not missed a POTC yet, until now. No JD no Capt. Jack. Me no watch mateys.

  4. Kathy

    I will not be interested in seeing the movie without him!!! Not at a theater or at home!
    Big mistake to not have him reprise his iconic role.
    He is loved by his fans.

    1. Frank Cassese

      It won’t be the same without Johnny Depp and I won’t be watching it if he’s not in it ….big mistake and wast of money

  5. Maria Anton

    The movie would not be the same. Yes criminal it would be. There are some actors if replaced would not be noticed but Depp is not one of them. Sign my name to that petition. The Sparrow should stay.

  6. Lanie

    No. Do Not replace him!!!!


    This would be like Mickey or Minnie Mouse NO longer being the face for Disney. It’s simply NOT done!!! Johnny Depp IS Capt. Jack Sparrow and DISNEY OWES its’ success solely because of him. You remove him – you remove all of us who will boycott anything made under that title WITHOUT him!

  8. Luke Barry

    Jack Sparrow is what made the movie worth while. No Johhny Depp no views!

  9. Maddie

    I love these movies Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow you cart take that away from my childhood

  10. Maddie Ayre

    I love these movies Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow you cart take that away from my childhood

  11. Jack

    Jack Sparrow is the only reason I watch these movies. It would be pointless without him.

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